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new story.

Discussion in 'Ann Arbor, MI' started by Warmaster_DaVis, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. Warmaster_DaVis

    Warmaster_DaVis Jedi Master

    Nov 7, 2004
    I'm writing a story that takes place during the NJO series. It is mostly about the Hapans and the Chiss.
    Please tell me what you think


    Since the massacre of the Hapan Fleet at Fondor, the Yuuzhan Vong have avoided Hapes Territory. The Yuuzhan Vong believe that the Hapans are weak and not worth conquering. This is because of the atrocious act the New Republic committed by slaughtering them in order to wipe out the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion Fleet. In truth, Centerpoint Station had been fired inaccurately because Thracken Sal Solo didn?t have the expertise to fire the Hyperspace Repulsor correctly.
    The Hapans were a proud race and they made excellent warships, especially now that the New Republic had given them ?quick recharge Turbolaser? technology. The Hapan Fleet at Fondor had consisted of mostly Nova-Class Battle Cruisers and Battle Dragons. Even though these are powerful ships in their own right, they were not the largest and most heavily armed in the mighty Hapes arsenal.

    Plagued by untold terrors in the Unknown Regions, for decades, the Chiss Empire has developed its own unique variety of warships. Based on Imperial designs, given to them by Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Chiss produce ships that can out fly and out perform many ships of similar class. The Chiss Clawcraft has shown to be very effective against most other vessels and against Coralskippers. The Chiss have advanced weapons and have been nearly unaffected by the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion thus far.
    The Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet is in charge of patrolling Chiss Space and defending planets. The CEDF sent Jagged Fel into New Republic space to gauge the potential threat of the Yuuzhan Vong. After Jag reported back about the situation, he decided to stay with the New Republic Fleet and help fight the Yuuzhan Vong. Little did the CEDF know that their troubles with the Yuuzhan Vong were just beginning.


    When a ship exits hyperspace there is a plume of blue or yellow light around the craft. The light just appears as the ship enters realspace and appears to the untrained eye to be an explosion. The explosion of light is a natural occurrence that happens when ships revert to realspace. An actual explosion is not natural and generally has negative effects on the ship and its crew.

    As the Zeta-Corvette, Sneak, exited hyperspace it was not alone. Large-winged creatures with black beady eyes were hungrily eating through the hull. Grutchins are a starfighters worst nightmare. The Sneak only carried six fighters to begin with and only one made it back to the hanger. Sneak now had three grutchins burrowing through the armor plating. There were four grutchins attached to the hull when it had entered hyperspace ten minutes before, but one of them had blown up when it ruptured the engine compartment
    Tumbling end over end, Sneak only had emergency lighting and minimal life support online. Without engines to make a coarse correction, the sleek patrol craft would begin to burn up in the sun within three days.
    After spotting the burst of light from his seat on the bridge of the Nova-Battle Cruiser, Fury, Lieutenant Jona Betla got up and went to the starboard viewport.
    Peering through his electrobinoculars, Betla notices something, cloaked in shadow. Uncertain of what it is he calls to second officer Derik Logan, who is working the sensor station, and tells him to scan for radiation out to starboard.
    ?What?s up Beatle,? his roommate, Logan, teased. ?Did you see something??
    Even though Betla despises that nickname he decided to respond anyway. He explained the situation to Logan, and then returned his gaze to the starfield. He knew these stars very well because he grew up on Hapes and had spent the last eight years on this ship patrolling the borders of the Hapes Consortium.
    As he looked more closely he noticed a light that appeared to be moving. The light was a reddish color and was winking erratically in and out of existence.
    ?Logan, do you have
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