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Discussion in 'MidSouth Regional Discussion' started by Rand_Coyn, May 7, 2001.

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  1. Rand_Coyn Jedi Youngling

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    Hey everyone, I havn't met many of you yet, but I decided I'd try my hand and open up a new discussion. What does everyone think of the original trilogy vs special edition? Personally I like 4 and 5 special edition, but I think 6 is much better original. let me know what you think.
  2. jango-joe1 Jedi Padawan

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    Apr 25, 2001
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    Hello, I don't think that the original episodes are better than the new ones. It's like judging a book by chapters and not the whole thing. But if it comes down to it Episode 4 & 5 are my favorite.

    Jango-Joe :cool:
  3. Amidala Starkiller Jedi Master

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    I prefer the special edition. I like the over all cleaner look of all three films. I tried to watch the THX vision a while back and I was shocked at how bad some of effects looked. A New Hope looked about the same but some scenes in Empire and Jedi were awful. Like the snow battle and Cloud City in Empire. I guess they only looked bad in comparison to newer movies.

    Some of the things changed were great. The new ending of Jedi was unbelievably better (I even liked the new music). I liked the Mos Eisley approach.

    Admittedly some things should not have been touched.

    1. I didn't like the dialogue changes.
    2. The scene in the wampa cave was fine the way it was.
    3. Jabba in the docking bay. If GL wanted to use it fine, but at least do it right.
    4. And we all know Han shot first.

    But I guess I just have soft spot for the special edition. I never got to see Star Wars in the theaters, so when the special edition was my chance.
  4. SlytherinHouse Jedi Master

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    Apr 20, 2000
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    I think that's something that critics will hopefully realize when Ep3 comes out. TPM can't be viewed as a stand alone movie. I personally feel that once all 6 movies are done as a saga, it will be able to be viewed as a true epic. Think about it, what really sets apart the Star Wars saga from The Iliad or the Odyssey? (Rhetorical question)

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