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Discussion in 'Raleigh, NC' started by Jedi_Natalie, Apr 28, 2004.

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  1. Jedi_Natalie

    Jedi_Natalie Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 20, 2002
    Ok I've mentioned this a little bit before but I've started seriously thinking about new designs for the web site and have been overloaded with all kinds of ideas (when I get going with a project I can't stop thinking about it). Now I can't wait for school to officially end so I can start creating the site.

    I've gone through every FF web site to see what other FF's have done. I've contemplated many different designs. A couple new feature ideas I have are:

    Member Birthday Calendar
    Opening site will feature - news, upcoming events, recent events, recent comments, etc.
    The site will have a little more graphics feel as my other web site
    Menu will include:
    Home, About, Members, Join, Gallery, Forum, Minutes, Links, Birthdays

    However, I want everyones input and ideas especially our new members - when you came to the site did you have a hard time finding what you were looking for? Was there information you would like to see there?

    The more ideas and input I get the better the site will be - so let me know :) .
  2. Boba_Fett_of_Nine

    Boba_Fett_of_Nine Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 3, 2003
    I love ur site, but it would be cool to see a makeover. I'll try to suggest some ideas later when I feel a little more creative. I appreciate you guys adding me and others to the site on the members page. The cards look great. Keep that, its an awesome idea. Bye :):):)
  3. TallonKaardgamer

    TallonKaardgamer Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 9, 2002
    Forums are very important, and I really like the YaBB forum type. It's large enough to hold avatars for your personality, had tons of smileys and scripting capability, and plenty of room for new topics.
Thread Status:
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