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    Hey guys and gals we are having a new years eve and house warming party sunday night the 31st (duh) Anyhow it starts at 7pm and goes till whenever. I know this is last minute but work has been hell and Amber has been sick so we were going to cancel.

    It is a pot luck type of party so bring a dish for everyone to enjoy call me on my cell for directions but basically it is way far out on Valencia heading west like 7 miles west of I-19.


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    Ok just to let you know if you need directions call me... (Amber--481-8911) as Chris is at work. We would love it if anyone cane stop by. The festivities are "kid friendly" so feel free to bring the kiddies. I have lots of snacks and a half dozen bottles of champagne...ring a ding ding. Look forward to seeing ya there...OR here as it were!![face_dancing]
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