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Discussion in 'Jacksonville, NC' started by beafet, Jan 16, 2003.

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  1. beafet Jedi Knight

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    Mar 12, 2001
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    Alright, we got a website, it is still a work in progress, but there is something there now. The address is


    So check it out.
    Any suggestions, dont hesitate to PM me. Thanks

  2. CrazyMike JC Collecting Manager and RSA Canada

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    Dec 4, 2000
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  3. JediKnight_Jerri Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 7, 2002
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    Thanks beafet!!! You did a great job on the site!!! :)
  4. Master_SweetPea Jedi Padawan

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    Nov 18, 2002
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    awesome job you have done. More content we are in need of.
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