NJO Charity Dinner -Nov 5

Discussion in 'Shenandoah and Central Virginia' started by ForceMedic, Oct 17, 2005.

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    The NJO is putting together a charity dinner for The Smile Train on Saturday, November 5th at 7PM. There will be live entertainment, including a special musical guest.
    Tickets are NOW ON SALE.

    Here is the link to the thread if you are interested in learning more about it:
    [link=http://boards.theforce.net/NorthEast_Regional_Discussion/b10088/21928965/?1]NJO Charity Dinner [/link]
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    For those of who don't know the smaile train is an orginazation that helps kids with clept lips and plates with surgery. For more informtion on that go to www.smiletrain.org.
    The NJO asks if you can't attend the dinner, and you still want to make a donation you can make it through Paypal. The info for that is at the link above.
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