Lit NJO Luke Skywalker annoying!

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    I read this thread title as NJO Luke Skywalker Annyong. Hello.
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    I agree with most of the posts, in that I know its not that simple for Luke to win a war by himself... it just seemed so simple in TUF, with Luke landing, fighting his way through through a Vong army, and then fighting Shimrra and then he wins and that's almost it. Of course there was a lot of other stuff going on on Corucsant at the moment which is how Luke got so far, but still. It took a long while for Shimrra to even show up, as the books also stretched out enemy confrontations.

    I was exaggerating before, but on a more serious note, you'd think an entire galactic army would be enough for the Jedi to fight and occupy their time, but instead they spend a lot of time debating whether going to war is quite right, especially against a foe that may or may not exist in the Force, causing them to question their whole philosophy of all life being part of the Force, etc. It didn't help that there was a lot of friction between an incompetent New Republic and the NJO too. I just get tired of debates where defending people isn't the first natural thing to do. Well, Luke and the Jedi helped refugees a lot but much of it felt like a delaying action since there weren't many other capable people around.

    Well, that's not quite right, Kre'fey was quite good in the NJO (and still miss him actually). At least Anakin helped fill the lead character void left by Luke's inaction. Jacen had a lot of focus too but a lot of it was annoying (sure, swear off Force use) and Jaina at least served with the military and was the thick of the action quite often. If the NJO had had a solid structure when the war started, at least Luke could have been managing things like Yoda did, but the NJO was still too young by that point.
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    Well...Revan and Malak decided to take the fight to the Mandalorians and then it only lead to another devastating war(where a whole planet got obliterated, no less).
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    Holy necromancy! [face_laugh]
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    Any medium, any canon, any galaxy, Luke Skywalker does love a good whine.
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    Don't forget that he just loves standing over his sleeping nephew with his ignited lightsaber! Can't forget that too! LOL!
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    T'hell with Ben, the brat had it coming.
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    Yeah - Luke dithered too long. And he tended to stumble right into fairly obvious traps set for the Jedi by the Vong (voxyn queen? Take Ripley's advice and nuke/proton torpedo it from orbit, don't send a bunch of teenagers to do a Jedi Master's job).

    (Tenel Ka wasn't wrong about Luke being an unwise choice to send - the Vong would've ID'd him too quick - but just send Katarn. Poof. Job's done.)

    The one advantage that NJO Luke had over post-TUF Luke is that he still had moments of not being UTTERLY OOC and ... well, smacking of more than a bit of power-grabbery weirdness. But that's a whole other thread.
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    A few things-first Luke is the master and has more responsibilities than swinging his lightsaber around. Secondly he can't single handedly defeat the yuuzhan Vong that he doesn't even understand by himself.

    Third the nature of the yuuzhan Vong makes him and the other Jedi waffle in confusion and hesitation.

    Fourth the NJO's relationship with the New Republic is strained enough with Kyp and and his wild Knights running a around killing smugglers.

    Fifth Luke has a sick wife at the beginning of the series, students and his sister's children-his nephews and niece to worry over.

    Sixth-the philosophical discussion regarding the Vong and what to do about them are crucial in the arc of the series.