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No Clone Wars in Canada!!

Discussion in 'Star Wars TV' started by Even__Piell, Nov 7, 2003.

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  1. boba_ferret

    boba_ferret Jedi Youngling

    Jan 30, 2002
    I made an earlier post regarding all this. I am Canadian and a Star Wars fan and I think we royally got f%$*ed. I tried all weekend to download these episodes and with no result. Lucasfilm,Hyperspace anybody just throw us a frickin bone!!!
  2. Duel_of_the_Fetts

    Duel_of_the_Fetts Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 2, 2003
    OK, the guys from Lucas Online have said that no direct links to any of the AOL hosted files (or bootlegs) are to be posted here.

    Wow, this is the most ridiculous thing I've seen. Considering how AOTC remained #1 in Canada at the box office after it lost that spot in the US, LFL sure knows how to thank Canadian fans, don't they? There's a way to get the files, but we can't post how to get them. This represents an insult to Canadian fans. They have to protect their business interests, sure, but this is treating Canadian fans as less important than other fans.

    I'm canceling all my SW related subscriptions (including Hyperspace), and I'm not paying a cent for SW stuff until I see Clone Wars freely available in Canada. Yeah, I have Hyperspace, but it's a matter of principle.
  3. StArWarSChIcK16

    StArWarSChIcK16 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 5, 2003
    goood thing i'm not a candaeian!!!
  4. Qui-Dawn

    Qui-Dawn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 8, 2000
    *quickly pokes her head into the thread* It's not LFL's fault, it's the CRTC that's to blame for our sad lack of "Clone Wars" right now. Sad thing is, this is hardly the first time that the CRTC has shafted us, and it surely won't be the last. And how telling indeed is it, I think, that only after all the hue-and-outcry erupted from Canadian fans, did Teletoon decide to mention that, oh, they *will* be airing the shorts....but only sometime in 2004. The sheer inanity and rank unfairness of the situation is assuredly not lost on any of us, I suspect.... But, yes - in matters such as this, with all their chest-beating complaints about "Canadian content" and the absurd so-called rationale that they use for depriving us of various excellent stations, it is *always* the CRTC to blame when we're left out in the cold, in such a fashion.

    And right now, may I say, one of the few things helping get me through this sad lack of the (televised) cartoon shorts - to say nothing of the ISPs being blocked, what utter unfair *madness* - is to just keep well in mind....the "Clone Wars" DVD release, coming sooner rather than later....even before year's end....the DVD release, our saving grace in these circumstances, I do believe. :)

  5. MichaelXMaelstrom

    MichaelXMaelstrom Jedi Youngling

    Nov 8, 2003
    re: It's the Canadian CRTC's fault that LUCASFILM and THE CARTOON NETWORK are banning Canadians from the Internet stream.


    it just doesn't follow. It's NOT logical.

    I was willing to believe that Lucas _wasn't_ deliberately targeting Canada with this policy, but it's pretty clear now that LucasFilm AND The Cartoon-Network ARE DEFINITELY TARGETING CANADA!!

    The Canadian CRTC has ZERO to do with the head of marketing at Lucasfilm telling us here --> in this thread <-- that no one can help Canadians watch Clone Wars. And they DELETED the help that was offered to Canadians and threatened everyone here not to help Canadians "or else".

    Zeusly, I don't care really, I mean I can find a way to get it privately (if we're going to be censored publicly) but it's the OUTRIGHT LIE'ING that is annoying.

    Who benefits from cutting Canadians off?

    The Canadian CRTC?
    The Canadian Cartoon Channel (Teletoon)

    I DON'T THINK SO. They both lose, because they both are being attacked and blamed.

    Who GAINS from cutting Canadians off?

    Lucasfilm - STRONG MAYBE - maybe they want to be able to force -Canadians to -pay- for Clonewars on Hyperspace - Lucasfilm's motive is maybe that they see banning Canadians from -public-access as a way to get Canadians over to's -paying- stream. At least that motive makes sense.

    (I cannot access the free supposedly public "small" Clone Wars stream at

    The Cartoon Network? -YES- they gain too, they want to send a message to the Canadian CRTC that there is a price-to-be-paid-for-trying-to-protect-Canadian-content (and protecting little Canadian stations like Teletoon means, guess what? yes, that The Cartoon Network can't broadcast in Canada directly.

    Gee, I'm supposed to believe that TELETOON is upset at us because THE CARTOON NETWORK can't broadcast directly into Canada?

    how DUNDERHEADED do the spokespeople from Lucasfilm and The Cartoon Network think everyone is? - they gain, Canadian Star Wars fans lose, they're BOTH blocking us Canadians, including censoring anyone from helping us, but they want us to believe it's the Canadian CRTC or the Teletoon channel's fault THEY BANNED US from seeing Clone Wars on the web?!?!

    PUH-LEASE. We're not that dunderheaded, try again.

    You wanted a reaction from Canadians, you got one, but it's not the one you're trying to convince everyone it should be.

    It is LUCASFILM (they posted in this very thread! threatening everyone NOT to help Canadians!) and THE CARTOON NETWORK (they're blocking Canadian Internet users!) that are stopping Canadians from being able to watch the new Star Wars.

    I'm going to write to my CRTC alright, but I'm going to tell them that if The Cartoon Network tries to sell any of their programs to Teletoon Canada, that they shouldn't allow them to buy them for awhile.

    I don't care what the reason is, fill in the freakin blank, I just want to make sure that the Cartoon Network gets slapped down hard in Canada for what they're doing to Canadian Star Wars fans right now.

    Why? because the ONLY THING that bullies like The Cartoon Network ever learn from, is someone standing up to them and making them pay for how they treat others.

    Lucasfilm, I'm less po'd at, there's not much financial gain for them in this move, there aren't that many Canadians (we only have 1/10th of your population in the U.S) so I think they must be trying to enforce the Cartoon Network's policy, likely because they (presently) have a deal with The Cartoon Network to air the new Star Wars, so Lucas is caught in the middle.

    (I doubt they're worried about pirating either, there are stream-capturing programs for sale everywhere, so the biggest threat comes from people that -have access- to the stream at The Cartoon Channel or StarWars Hyperspace - in other words, there's NO REASON to ban people from sharing the stream URL's EXCEPT to stop Canadians from being able to watch the new Star Wars)

    I get it now, This is ALL ABOUT The Cartoon Network trying to bully the Canadian CRTC into
  6. Clone_of_Myself

    Clone_of_Myself Jedi Youngling

    Nov 12, 2003
    Well this thing really sucks!
    I'm actually from Hungary, a very small bit of the world, but they have Clone Wars on CN and it's translated as well, so I don't understand why they do this with you guys in Canada.
    I hope you'll get to see the Clone Wars soon, it's quite good, worth watching.
    If you can not download it, I know a URL for chapter 1, but won't write it here. Mail me (soon there will be more than the first, but with some days delay to the american premiere).
    May the force be with you!
  7. LawgSkrak

    LawgSkrak Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 23, 1999

    Do NOT use the public boards to facilitate the aquisition of the cartoons online. Thank you.[/color]>
  8. Qui-Dawn

    Qui-Dawn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 8, 2000
    Ow, my eyes. :) Actually, it's my understanding that it *is* the CRTC primarily-if-not-wholly to blame for this entire with other things, such as their repeated and absurd insistence on "Canadian content", and their persecuting attitude towards those who attempt a paid satellite hookup (as is my understanding) - well, there's no doubt that we can lay the blame for this one solely at the step of the CRTC....and to some extent as well, Teletoon, as you say. One wonders if perhaps, for some utterly inane and incomprehensible reason, they just didn't know or never expected that the "Clone Wars" shorts would be so avidly, eagerly anticipated and watched....though how they could claim ignorance of that fact, I really don't know, since fans have been saying for many months that we wanted the shorts up here too. So methinks that they can't exactly be protesting that they never knew, because by all logic and common sense....they did. And yet they screwed us over, regardless. *annoyed*

    Moreover, I also think it's more than likely that Lucasfilm, in any statements that they may have made regarding this off-kilter situation, is essentially only trying to avoid a messy legal tangle....because there's no question that the CRTC could make things very, *very* difficult if they chose to, and indeed, it *is* just the way they operate. To wit how they keep refusing to allow such high-demand things as straight HBO programming, for instance, to be broadcast here....even when there *is* such obvious and definite, clear-cut demand for it....even when people say they want it....the CRTC simply hides behind the smokescreen of "more Canadian content" and ignores all the pleading and imploring and common-sense entreaties. Of course....if, like me, you've been forced to suffer through some of what the CRTC undoubtedly deems true "Canadian content", your only reaction is a justified "*Ugh*!" and an increasing desire to run far, far away. :) it any wonder we look elsewhere, I tell you.... :)

    Fact of the matter is, yes - we've been royally shafted here. But I also like to believe that the more we speak up in vehement, fierce protest about it, railing at the CRTC, Teletoon et al - the more it becomes clear to them that we are a legion of *extremely* disgruntled consumers and viewers, and more to the point, *fans*, besides....if we raise enough of a ruckus....then, blast it - they'll simply *have* to listen. Teletoon, it is obvious, has already been forced to. And so while we're suffering through the sad lack of the "Clone Wars" shorts now....well, just chalk it up to our government inanities - wouldn't be the first time they've flipped totally off their rocker and lost all touch with reality - and, also, I think that if we keep making it plain, just how immensely displeased we are....that they *will* listen. Because the *last* thing they wanna be doing is getting on the wrong side of the viewers and consumers they *do* need, to do business....

    And, hey - I've known for a long time that the CRTC, as Obi-Wan would say of all politicians, is "not to be trusted". It's a rotten shame that we're stuck with them....but neither do I think we're helpless here. I've got to believe that. :D

  9. LawgSkrak

    LawgSkrak Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 23, 1999
    The rebellion begins !!!
  10. MichaelXMaelstrom

    MichaelXMaelstrom Jedi Youngling

    Nov 8, 2003

    Yes Admiral Lawg! I second that, Long Live The Rebellion!!


    (sorry Sir, relapse)


    Michael Xavier Maelstrom
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Earth, Sometimes.
  11. joebuck

    joebuck Jedi Youngling

    Oct 27, 2000
    Whats funny is how much amarican tv is shot here in canada using canadian actors and locations and citys and sets.

    Xfiles - the last two seasons or so

    yet none of these shows can be called canadian... even if the guy who came up with the idea for superman was canadian, smallville is still an amaracan export.

    IT's all a joke like molson canadian. like they invented loger beer.
  12. MichaelXMaelstrom

    MichaelXMaelstrom Jedi Youngling

    Nov 8, 2003

    'aye, that's just it - no Star Wars fan cares about the backroom politics or powergames that these big companies play - what we all care about is watching, and being _able_ to watch the new Star Wars.


    Just like every other Star Wars fan from -everywhere- around the Earth.

    When The Cartoon Network singled out Canada and said,

    "we're blocking _Canadians_ from being able to watch the new Star Wars" - CARTOON NETWORK as reported by

    That's what has caused the outrage.

    The Cartoon Network Singled Canadians out.

    'Natch what you care about as a Star Wars fan is that you are being targetted and BANNED from being able to see the new Star Wars toon by the Cartoon Network.

    From there, you ask "why?" and we can figure out it's power-politics at OUR (Canadian Star Wars fans, and ALL Star Wars fan from anywhere in the World too) Expense.

    since if the Cartoon Network can target Canadian Star Wars fans, who says they can't or won't target ANOTHER COUNTRY next?

    Bottom Line: anyone who points the finger at anyone OTHER than The Cartoon Network (who is the one doing the Canadian Star Wars fan blocking and banning) is falling for the politics instead of looking at the issue.


    No insult meant to anyone (Dawn especially) but the I'm not interested in playing politics, or getting into a discussion on Canadian vs American content, especially since that's not really the issue.


    It's the power of free distribution, that few people would trust to self-interested organizations with their own agendas.

    When Free Publically Available Streams that are s'posed to be for EVERYONE are banned from -anyone-, EVERYONE should be upset.

    (and the good people, I notice, from around the world, are!)

    Because guess what? if they can do it to Canada, they can do it to someone ELSE, including States within the U.S the Cartoon Network is having a problem with, the U.K, Australia, etc, etc, etcetera, you name the country.

    imo, Good People have to stick up for eachother.

    Bottom Line: it's the CARTOON NETWORK that is arbitrarily deciding who can or cannot watch Star Wars on the Web.

    They are the ones deliberately causing the problem and robbing Canadians of being able to see the New Star Wars.

    This time it is Canadians they attack, who's it going to be NEXT time?

    This kind of selective censorship is WRONG.

    Anyway, THE REBELLION has begun! there are those that are helping Canadians see the New Star Wars, these are good people from America, Canada and around the world!

    Special Thank You's to the Rebels, you are the best of the best!

    Michael Xavier Maelstrom
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Earth, Sometimes.

    DARTH_MAC Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 23, 2001
    As a proud Canadian I can appreciate that the CRTC tries to help Canadian artists. However I do not like rewarding individuals who get publicity just because Canadian radio or TV has to hit a certain percentage of Canadian content. The CRTC has ruled before that some stuff is not considered Canadian because it was produced by Americans even though the musician was Canadian. My biggest peeve is how we miss all the good Superbowl commercials and instead have to watch some lame Canadian Tire commercial about a sale on icescrapers. The CRTC can bite my a**. The delay in the showing of the Clone Wars cartoons is probally because if shown know it would exceed the percentage of un Canadian programming allowed by the CRTC and thus had to be rescheduled to another time. This is just speculation on my part but what else could be the reason?
  14. DarExc

    DarExc Jedi Master star 1

    Jan 27, 2002 doesn't only block Canadians, it blocks people that don't live in the USA, likely because it doesn't want anyone that isn't in the country where they pay for the channel to see the things they payed to air for free.

    They simply see if your computer is set in the USA or not and if its not, no access. Just like people in Germany with thier computer set to being in Germany can't see sites with swasticas incase they turn into nazis again. I'm sure it will air later for us Canadians or we'll see it some how. I Wont be paying for hyperspace, I payed for a month of it and thought to myself, why am I paying to read advertising and quit it. If its not good enouph to be aired in Canada, I don't wanna see it.
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