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    Mod Announcements Thread

    Jan 2016 - We're looking for volunteers for the awards! Go HERE for more info.

    We're also hosting a Mod challenge which means you can win color, or torture the mods with new colors and icons. See the Dare Challenge HERE.

    2/15/16 - We need volunteers for the Awards! Go HERE for more information.

    12/11/15 - There is going to be a new tagging system for the story boards. Please read about the new system HERE!

    9/21/15 - It's SW fanfic vs. NSWFF - Vote in the first FanFic Olympics!
    See the stories HERE

    1/18/15 - HERE is the thread with the new policy regarding linking in resource.

    1/3/15 - HERE is a thread Discussing the pimping and promoting policy. We would like as many participants as possible.

    1/3/15 - HERE is a thread discussing the Awards for this year(?)

    11/11/14 - Sigh ups for the 8th Annual Winter Holiday Fic-Gift Exchange are now open until Dec. 2nd

    9/13/14 - Mod's Dare Challenge now posted in Resource. Win colors, torture fellow fanficcers. Join the fun!

    2/16/14 - Now Voting Before/Saga! See THIS thread in resource for more info!

    1/16/14 - Award nominations now going on in Resource... please participate!

    12/1/13 - Announcement/Questions from the mods in Resource. Questions regarding awards, announcement regarding challenges.

    7th Annual Fic-Gift Exchange is now going on in Resource! (12/1/13) Time is up, but you may still be able to participate

    9/8/2013 - New Mod challenge posted in Resource: Fanfic Clue! Sign up by 9/16!

    6/3/2013 - There is now an Awards Survey in Resource... we would love your participation!

    You can now find a "State of the Fanfic" thread in Resource. Please everyone take a minute and read, there is some important info we feel you should know!


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