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Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by feltak, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. feltak Jedi Youngling

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    Due to some person illness issues and a string of family and close friend passings, I had to take a long time off from many of my hobbies. Thank god all issues have been resolved, and I am ready to get back behind the podracer.

    To reintroduce myself since I have been gone a while, my name is Rocky I am in my early 30's, live in Corona, and have been a member since sometime in 05. My favorite SW movie is Return of the Jedi, and my costumes include Sith, Chewie, a Blue Lantern, and my current project is a partially assimilated borg/mando (tougher than first planned).

    I will be attending Comic Con this year all days, and am trying to work out the Anahiem con later this month.

    I was hoping to make the meeting this month but was out of state, but hope to meet up with everyone at the next local meeting.

  2. LordMarduk Jedi Knight

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    Hi Rocky I'm Jessie maybe we can chat about the Sith costume I would like to make one I just need some guidance
  3. han-shot-first IEFF President & Minister of Propaganda

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    Welcome Welcome Welcome!!! Stay stuned for a junkload of threads coming that will have all that we've got planned. We'd love to have you show up and participate in the many upcoming events! :)
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