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  1. Chibi_Krayt Jedi Youngling

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    I like "regular Joe" characters but coming up with reasonable, mundane-sounding (non military!) occupations takes more time than I'd prefer.

    Here are the few I've thought of so far, with examples (when I know of any):
    • Animal caretaker (eg. person who took care of Jabba's rancor)
    • Animal trainer
    • Bodyguard
    • Bouncer
    • Cook (Dexter Jettster)
    • Librarian (maybe? The Jedi had dedicated librarians, eg. Atris)
    • Majordomo
    • Moisture farmer (the Lars family)
    • Security guard
    • Shuttle pilot (dude from Rogue One)
    • Slave (kiddie Anakin)
    • Speeder repairman (Bralor?)
    • Teacher, instructor
    • Vendor - for armor, weapons, gifts, or any old random stuff (Watto, I guess; SWTOR is full of vendors)
    Iffy occupations--things droids would probably do, but some communities might still have normal folks:
    • Butler
    • Deliveryman
    • Maid
    • Nurse
    • Plumber
    • Taxi driver
    • Translator
    • Waitress (Dexter's waitress)
    Flashy occupations, too "interesting" to make it on the list above, but maybe still useful to someone:
    • Assassin
    • Bounty hunter (Bossk)
    • Council member (Jedi or Sith)
    • Detective, private eye
    • Doctor
    • Emperor (Marka Ragnos, Vitiate, Valkorion, Palpatine)
    • Emperor's Hand (Mara Jade)
    • Emperor's Wrath (Lord Scourge)
    • Enforcer (Canderous)
    • Geneticist
    • Jedi - consular, knight, librarian, master, padawan, sentinel
    • Noble, lord
    • Pirate (Hondo)
    • Politician
    • Princess
    • Queen (Amidala)
    • Senator (Bail Organa)
    • Shaman (Talzin)
    • Sith - acolyte, alchemist, apprentice, inquisitor, sorcerer, warrior
    • Smuggler (Han Solo)
    • Spy (Theron Shan)
    Help me add on to my list, please?
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  2. Findswoman Jedi Grand Master

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    I have a character who's an insurance agent, one that's an antique dealer, and one that's a retired floor manager in a munitions factory. I've come across stories here with librarians, innkeepers, restaurant owners, cabbies, nurses, and various salespeople. But...

    ...I suspect that this is the sort of thing that should go in the Fanfic Writer's Desk thread rather than getting its own thread? (Mods?)
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  3. Ewok Poet Jedi Grand Master

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    I think it would make a cool thread of its own, but I'm not a mod.

    I have characters who are teachers, museum curators, engineers, musicians, a future documentary director...
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  4. mavjade It's so FLUFFY! Fanfic Manager

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    If it were a question, yes it should go in the Writer's Desk, but since it's an index of sorts, and possible discussion on other types of occupations in a GFFA, I think we can let it stand as its own thread for now.
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  5. Tarsier Jedi Master

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    If we're just listing occupations, I'll mention two of my favorite Star-Wars-specific occupations: slicer and information broker. I would consider those relatively "flashy" occupations, but I would say that about several of the occupations in the first list....

    Here's some more ideas from the wook.
  6. Cowgirl Jedi 1701 Jedi Knight

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  7. Gamiel Force Ghost

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    Dec 16, 2012
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    Some academic & trader occupations -

    Merchant; bookkeeper; trader; scriber; lore keeper; scholar; legate; acquisitionist; purser; archivist; academic; sage; researcher; broker; advocate; solicitor; lawyer


    Some less then honest occupations (if some of them can even be called occupation) -

    Thug; reveller; gambler; henchmen; killer; muscle; beggar; pirate; robber; thief; rogue; black jack; knave; bandit; crook; desperado; rustler; buccaneer; brigand; outlaw; scoundrel; freebooter; opportunist; chancer; gentleman of fortune; cutthroat; rummager; scavenger; pit-fighter; privateer; informant; scum; rake; rakehell; hellraiser; libertine; fixer; reaver; reveller;

    B.T.W. what type of occupations count as fancy?
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  8. divapilot Jedi Grand Master

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    Is anyone (hint: @Chibi_Krayt) actually going to put these in some kind of an index?

    Here are the jobs I have used in my various works:
    restaurant owner; writer; journalist; data collector/documentarian; communications coordinator; Physician's assistant; dentist; doctor; medic; hairstylist; factoryworker; shopkeeper; bookkeeper; sailor/fisherman; baker; engineer; lawyer; jeweller; politician; teacher; vinter; chef; hotel worker.

    I have also seen artists, entertainers and actors/actresses.
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  9. Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus

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    Tax Auditor (almost as fearsome as Vader!)
    Daycare worker

    And things I've used in my own stuff:
    Documentary Film maker
    Cemetery manager
    Artifact conservator
    Producers/Directors/Actresses (I did a whole story set in the GFFA's Hollywood, lost now...)
    B&B owner

    And even if many things are done by droids, someone needs to clean, maintain, program and repair them.
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  10. Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager

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    Hmmm. I have a character who was a government worker - an advisor in a ministry of Education who proofread data-texts (textbooks). And another who was a civil engineer.

    Also, I think it would be great if someone could make some sort of "Non-Force-User/Non-Military" type thread to discuss these types of characters who have the above sorts of jobs (I almost added non-politician, though several people have mentioned that as a "non-fancy" sort of occupation). Then we could link/merge it with this thread.
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  11. Chyntuck Force Ghost

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    Jul 11, 2014
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    Great idea for a resource!

    My current writing project revolves around a beauty salon, so I have every possible related profession: hairdresser, manicurist, masseur, tattoo specialist, etc.

    Also: accountant, engineer, doctor, medic, artist, poet, essayist, dancer, musician, opera singer, regular stormtrooper, orderly/batman.
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  12. Gamiel Force Ghost

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    Dec 16, 2012
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    Some law-/order keeper professions: sentinel; guardsman; watchmen; guard; protector; enforcer; marshal; sheriff; judicator; detective; interrogator; inquirer; warden; keeper; revealer; magistrate; inquisitive; investigator;

    Here are some more law-/order keeper profession titles used in some non-SW works: waywatcher; legate investigator; thief-taker;
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  13. Gamiel Force Ghost

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    Dec 16, 2012
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    Some shadowy professions (probably count as fancy): Assassin; shadow warrior; stealth walker; ninja, shinobi; kunoichi; spy; mystic agent; secret agent; shadow agent; slate-agent; infiltrator;

    Some outdoor/animal interaction professions: Hunter; stalker; gamekeeper; poacher; seeker; finder; chaser; pursuer; bounty hunter; animal wrangler; survivalist; [animal] handler; big game hunter; beastmaster; huntsmen; beast keeper; ranger;
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  14. Gamiel Force Ghost

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    Dec 16, 2012
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    Some maker/maintenance professions: Miner; mason; engineer; smith; blacksmith; programmer; chemist; technologist; technician; hydrologist; reclaimer; mechanic; artisan; artificer; fabricator;

    Some travelling/exploring professions: Navigator; explorer; pathfinder; scout; pilot; guide; trailblazer; shipmaster; helmsman; bosun; shipwright; rating; boatswain;

    * Some occupational/organisation titles (probably all fancy) that has appeared in my brain without any real context. Use them as you want.
    - Gentleman-at-arms
    - Fabricator-jarl
    - Trade-admiral
    - Void musketeer
    - Philosopher-accountant
    - Tech-barbarian of the nomadic gun tribes
    - Lady-of-War for the Tank Knights
    - Holy programmer-geishas
    - Blacksmith-queen
    - Miner knight
    - Wayfinder-witch
    - Slaver-sorcerer
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  15. earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master

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    I have used fire-fighters, surgeons, therapists, mindhealers, special agents, factory-owners and workers in my fics
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  16. Findswoman Jedi Grand Master

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    I'd like to add one: arts management! I.e., the people who do the administrative work for things like theater/opera/dance companies, musical artists/ensembles, music festivals, art galleries, anything of that sort. My own fanfic portfolio now includes—and I am not making this up—a Gungan who works in this area. :p
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  17. DARTH_MU Jedi Master

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    trash man/woman (the ones who take care of your garbage/recycle bin)
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  18. gizkaspice Jedi Knight

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    biologist, lab assistant (basic), counselor, vet, social worker, mascot, pet store keeper.
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  19. Mistress_Renata Manager Emeritus

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    Data entry. Comm systems technician. Payroll clerk.
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