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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by LightSide_Apprentice, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. LightSide_Apprentice

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    May 22, 2001
    Please pardon our dust as we repair the rules threads following our server migration.

    Non-Star Wars - Role Playing Forum (NSW-RPF): RPF Policy, Rules, Reforms, Announcements

    Please note that the nature and content of these rules is a collaboration and revised version, both of previous policies that were in place at the creation of the RPF, and those that have been added as amendments or modifications for various reasons since that time. Due credit should be given to DarthAttorney for original policies that were set as the foundation for the RPF, and Protege-of-Thrawn for building upon that solid foundation. Likewise, I would like to recognise the efforts of NaboosPrincess, who has lived up to the high standard that has been set by her predecessors; her contributions have been equally valuable in fostering a prospering and just community.

    Growth within the RPF, in the number of active Role Playing Games (RPGs), increasingly common flows of membership, and the types of games that are visibly open for all to create and enjoy, has led to the design of a second such community. Where the original RPF was designed to specifically accommodate Star Wars RPGs, a position which has since changed, the new RPF will be tailored to meet the increasing demand for non-Star Wars RPGs, whether they be based on Science Fiction, Fantasy, History, Adventure, Comedy, or something else entirely. The original RPF will remain as it is: A Star Wars Role Playing Forum.

    Established Worlds, Realms or genrés

    It is worth noting that any pre-established or published material, whether film, literary or otherwise, is not treated as canon* unless explicitly stated as such in the opening thread of an RPG, or in a subsequent post by the author/creator/Game Master (GM). Canon vs. Non-canon debates will not be tolerated. It is the GM's preference as to where their particular game falls, and the players' decision as to whether or not they are willing to accept the GM's preference, as shown by their desire to join or avoid any given RPG.

    *Canon material or concepts refer to the position or belief or support in what is widely accepted, what is known to be authentic or otherwise established, as a set standard. For example, Luke Skywalker destroying the Death Star in the film Star Wars: A New Hope is canon because it is established as an event of that film. A non-canon example would be Luke Skywalker being destroyed by the same Death Star. We generally accept the former as canon because that is what has been established, whereas the latter example is more accurately referred to as an alternative reality or universe.

    [B]Official Rules for Role-Playing[/B]

    These are the modified rules originally submitted by DarthAttorney at the dawn of this forum, updated by Protege-of-Thrawn, revised by NaboosPrincess and LightSide_Apprentice for the new forum, and since then re-updated by Imperial_Hammer and Saintheart. Credit for creating the foundations from which we continue to build and expand is granted to our predecessors.

    [B]1) [I]Terms of Service[/I][/B]

    All normal rules of the JC apply: no flaming, no trolling, no spamming, no spoilers, no innapropriate sexual content etc. For the record, the current policy on sexual content prohibits i)homosexual allusions, inneundo or explicit scenes, ii)heterosexual scenes of an explicit nature. iii)anything that doesn't fit into either of the above can be safely assumed as prohibited. Any occurances of such behaviour (in or out of character) will be dealt with by a mod. For any questions regarding JC rules, it is important to be familar with the JC Forums [link=[url]]Rules[/link][/url] and [link=[url]]Terms[/url] of Service[/link], and if issues are still not resolved, users are advised to send a PM to the forum moderators, [link=[url]][/url][B]Penguinator-176[/B][/link], [link=[url]][/url][B]darthramza[/B][/link] or any other available Mod for clarificat>
  2. LightSide_Apprentice

    LightSide_Apprentice Manager Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    May 22, 2001
    Please Note: The above Rules are Forum specific, and will all be moderated in the RPF as would the normal TOS elsewhere. Infringements will be treated as any other infringement, and may lead to banning if not adhered to.

    Also, the above rules are all subject to modification or expansion without notice, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates. If there is any drama, please feel free to PM either one of us. Keep a watch on this thread for updates, as changes and modifications to the rules will be posted here and/or edited into this first post where applicable.


    [link=]Penguinator-176[/link] (RPF Manager)
    [link=]darthramza[/link] (RPF Moderator)

    [color=red]Please do not post within this thread needlessly, as it is intended primarily for announcements, particularly with regards to rules and policy. Should you feel the need to discuss anything you see here, feel free to send a PM to the respective party, or to bring any topics for discussion to an open forum, such as one of our community threads.[/color]>
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