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None of Us Perfect 2/9

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by elismor, Sep 5, 2002.

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  1. elismor

    elismor Jedi Youngling

    Aug 26, 2002
    See disclaimer in part 1.


    None of Us Perfect Part 2
    Elismor July 2002

    Finally. Finally he was going to be given a mission. The army of the
    Republic was already beginning to deploy in preparation for battle
    with the separatists. Plans were being made. War was brewing. And he
    had spent the three days since his conversation with Eliel in a
    curious state between bursting with anticipation and dropping from
    exhaustion. Even though the Jedi had yet to be dispatched into the
    Clone War, as it was being called, Obi-Wan Kenobi lacked the luxury
    of relaxation.

    First, there had been a mad scramble to find Anakin and...discuss the
    news Eliel had shared about the Padawan's love for the Senator from
    Naboo. He'd failed, though. Without so much as a by-your-leave,
    Anakin had taken it upon himself to escort Padme Amidala back to her
    homeworld. Their ship had been departing even as Eliel was dressing
    him down for his loyalty to the Republic.

    Then, there was a series of attempts to reconcile with his old
    friend. All were rebuked by Master Ando, who also took the
    opportunity--every time--to reprimand him sternly for the state Eliel
    was in on her return from their conversation.

    Between his visits to the Healer Hall, Obi-Wan had been sent on no
    less than a hundred errands for Master Yoda and Master Windu; running
    messages between the Jedi temple and the Republic Executive Offices
    in a manner that was, he thought, more suited to a lesser trained
    Jedi. Or, better yet, to one of the apprentices currently slotted for
    just such duties. Anakin would have run the messages gladly, he
    thought. The boy had a rapport with Chancellor Palpatine and probably
    would have enjoyed the chance to deliver correspondence about what
    would surely go down in history as a major event in the galaxy.

    But Anakin was on Naboo. Playing footsie with the Senator in some
    peaceful meadow, no doubt.

    Obi-Wan drew in a deep breath and gathered himself, easing calm
    through his body as the blood flowed through his veins. There would
    be time to deal with Anakin later. Right now, he was about to get
    his orders. He'd been summoned to Yoda's chambers at first light,
    before he'd even had time to grab a bite to eat. This must be

    Master Yoda was deep in concentration when Obi-Wan was escorted into
    the room and he took a moment to simply study the venerable Jedi. Few
    of the Order had been lucky enough to witness what Obi-Wan had on
    Geonosis--it was rare that Yoda took up his lightsaber in battle.
    Rare and... stunning. To look at him, one might be hard pressed to
    guess that the small creature--barely two feet tall--was a mighty
    warrior. But mighty he was.

    "A visit I have had," Yoda said, suddenly, his large eyes turning to Obi-Wan.


    "A visit," Yoda repeated, pursing his lips together for a moment,
    "from your old friend Jensei. Discuss your Padawan, we did."

    Obi-Wan's heart plummeted into his stomach, taking the opportunity to
    do a neat flip-flop in his chest along the way. This wasn't an
    assignment for the war. It was to be another reprimand; probably a
    sterner one than Ando could ever hope to deliver.

    "Worried, she is," Yoda continued. "Something in the boy, she
    senses. Spoken with you of this, she has."

    Obi-Wan nodded. "Yes, Master Yoda. Eliel believes..." he trailed
    off, searching for a way to phrase what his friend had shared. In
    the days since their conversation, he'd spent a considerable amount
    of time trying to discern just what she had been asking of him.
    Certainly, she'd made it clear that she wished to help Anakin deal
    with his emotions. But, beyond that, he wasn't sure what it was she
    had in mind.

    "Believes young Skywalker is in danger, she does. Correct, she is."

    He lowered his eyes. "Yes, Master Yoda."

    Yoda sighed and moved toward Obi-Wan, his cane clacking softly on the
    marble floor. "Difficult it is to see the boy's future. Clouded the
    Force is around him. An excellent job you have done with him,
    Obi-Wan. An easy student,
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