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Discussion in 'Welcome New Users' started by Grevie, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. Grevie Jedi Knight

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    Hey there,
    As you can see, I am not entirely new to this board, but I have not posted anything yet... since... uuummm 8 years...
    However I have been an avid reader - especially the Episode VI Spoiler section.

    When I joined this community over 8 years ago to do the exact same thing - read what people thought about the "new" movie - I never imagined in my wildest dreams that we would be back to where we were almost 10 years ago, and I am more excited than ever.

    The only difference? We now have Twitter for even more Spoilers and behind-the-scenes stuff from people on the sets...
    Yay to a new era of spoilers!
  2. Jedi Master Kenobiwan Jedi Grand Master

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  3. Admiral Volshe Force Ghost

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    Welcome back!

    It is hard to believe that there are more films on the way. Glad you've chosen to return for the VII + beyond era!

    If you need any help or pointers for the new boards, post in here and one of us will try to help you out. :)

    Good luck and enjoy the boards!
  4. Skiara ~• Manager WNU •~ ~• RSA FFC •~

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    Welcome Grevie! :)

    Yep, 10 years ago it was supposed the finally last SW movies, but honestly, with so much money one can earn by new movies, it was just a question of time. :p Nevertheless, it's pretty cool that the long thirsty time is over now and we get feeded bit by bit again (aka getting spoilers). It's just cool to go through everything once more! :D Honestly, I even think that's one of the characteristics of SW (long waiting periods and high anticipation). :)

    Enjoy your stay and join our various discussions! :D
  5. Jedi General Gelderd Jedi Master

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    Welcome (back!) to the Forum, Grevie!

    Great to have you here - please get stuck right in, there's so much happening out there, your social life will vanish in no time thanks to this place! :D

    Enjoy your time here and see you around the boards.

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  6. Malcolm Reynolds Jedi Master

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    Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out.
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