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Spok, WA (Not So) Crappy Valentines Day: Part Deux

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by JarusSarn, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. JarusSarn

    JarusSarn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 10, 2004
    I realized that I had failed to commemorate the crappiest day of the year, this year; like I did [link=]last year[/link] (probably due to being busy). I found this year to actually be the best Valentines Day of my life, because for once, I was spending it with the one person in the world that I truly care about.

    Sometimes things have a funny way of working themselves out. I appretiate that part of life. This Febuary 14th, I took my date to the Mirabeau Park hotel's restaurant, and had a delicious, expensive dinner, after that, we stood and embraced in the exact spot where we met, it was a wonderful feeling.

    So, this may be a little bit of a belated post, but it's still as true as ever. Kelli, I love you more than I can ever tell you. You give me purpose and meaning. You pick me up when I fall, and you pull me back down to earth when I start floating away. I didn't know what love really was until I met you.

    Kelli Renee Voth, I love you forever. @};- [face_love]

    And to all you guys/girls out there still looking for love, as us smugglers often say... "keep your pecker up", there's someone for you, I promise. ;)
  2. Daramin_of_The_Way

    Daramin_of_The_Way Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 30, 2004
    All together now:
    AWWWWWWW [face_love]
    In all seriousness, having known John for a while, it gladdens me to no end that their relationship is going well. May God richly bless you both.
    Warning: the following is extremely long :)
    As for Valentine's Day, mine was good, but the best part didn't happen until this Monday. More on that later (cue suspenseful music ;))
    Anyway, I spent part of Valentine's Day with my dad driving around Spokane on various errands, due to a deal I made with my mom; I take dad to a doctor's appointment in Spokane, she bakes me a cake for prayer meeting that night. Deal!
    So, after getting lost (only once) in Spokane (feel free to make jokes) and beating my dad at "Name that Song" (our favorite game. The radio was tuned to the station I listen to the most. Usually we listen to Oldies and he wins almost every time) I head to Charter Academy to pick up my sister and say "Happy Valentine's Day" to a good friend. Didn't go as planned, because my friend was leaving. Slightly disappointing (more suspenseful music).
    I'm rambling now, so I'll skip ahead, past the part where my mom baked a delicious cake (which earned her a rose from my pastor's wife @};-) to Wednesday, where many of you saw my Valentine's Day signature (if you didn't, let me know).
    I decided to blow up the icon for my friend as a Valentine, along with what I used in my sig. Ended up having to recreate the picture, since the icon pixilated to nothingness when enlarged. A graphic artist, I am not.
    Moving ahead again to this past Monday, my friend and I planned to spend the whole day together watching movies and generally avoiding homework. So, I get into her car, hand her the card and chocolate, to which she laughed at the card, then we went to her house where she gave me a hand made Valentine as well. Surprised me, to say the least. Then we watched movies, including one episode of Firefly.
    So, while I have no idea where this friendship is going, it was the best of Valentine's Day in a long time.
    Whoo, I'm done now.
    Who's next?
  3. Raph1613

    Raph1613 Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 15, 2004
    Congratulations Everybody!

    ...but especially you, John. You were so down and depressed last Valentine's Day. Isn't it amazing how different things can be just one year later? Took Kelli long enough to figure it out, didn't it? :)

    I think it's very cool that you went back to the spot where you two first met. A meeting that most likely wouldn't have occurred without the now-dead InCon.

    [moment of silence]

    So, the (very) last InCon AND the local FanForce. Talk about beating the odds!!

    Sounds to me like it was meant to be.

  4. Daramin_of_The_Way

    Daramin_of_The_Way Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 30, 2004
    Alfredo, I've been meaning to say this, but your reply was very poetic =D=
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