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I.E., CA Note to IE members *Please Read* - MJF

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by Sith_241, Mar 9, 2003.

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  1. Sith_241

    Sith_241 Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 23, 2001
    From now on please keep the all social posts in the 'Social thred' so other threads arent full of chatter, or in the words of Garvin Dreiss "Cut the chatter red 2!"
  2. Mara_Jade_Fan

    Mara_Jade_Fan Jedi Knight star 6

    Feb 1, 2002
    Sith_241 is correct. You need to create one social thread, and keep all off-topic social discussion in that thread. Your board is becomming cluttered with frivolous threads, and I am also recieving complaints about it from people via PM and email.

    The board seems like a social thread and far from any noticeable Star Wars related site. The goal of the forum is to introduce new members in the Inland Empire to FanForce and to Star Wars and it's many facets - currently the IE board's image is a handicap towards that end. A little bit of organized pandemonium would be in order here. People are requesting that the board be a bit more structured and serious.

    For example, get rid of the polls such as "Who is hotter." I am told that the social aspect of the threads was discussed at the desert meeting, and it was agreed that it would be confined to the "social thread." That hasn't been happening... EVERY thread is a social thread. There are people out there who wish to join your group, but are being put off by the language and the junior-high school banter. I don't mean to sound condescending, or sound like your mother, but I have had several people of all ages contact me saying the exact same thing.

    My suggestion to you is to check out some of the other boards that have been around longer - San Diego's, Orange County, Phoenix, Denver... and see what they are doing with their forums. If you want to have a board that is basically a social board - create a seperate board aside from fanforce where you can do that. If you want to cuss, do it on that board, not on the fanforce board. Keep this board for fanforce business and for the recruiting of new members.

Thread Status:
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