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OKC, OK Notice to all JediOKC Message Board Users!!! Important!!!

Discussion in 'MidSouth Regional Discussion' started by ASkywlkr, Mar 19, 2003.

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  1. ASkywlkr

    ASkywlkr Jedi Youngling

    May 30, 2002
    Hey Guys and Gals!! I just wanted to make a quick post to let everybody know the state of our message boards. We recently have had a dropoff in the number of posts. Whether that has anything to do with (pick one) - school, spring break, the slump in toy releases, the lull in new Ep. III info, busy lives, etc., we, as a club need to make sure our boards stay lively.

    Therefore, we want you to know that you can post whatever you want to discuss on these boards. Not everybody collects Star Wars toys. Just want to talk about the movies? Fine. Books? Great. How about anything else not Star Wars. That's fine too. Sci-Fi movies, other collectables. Whatever. We all have different interests too! We just want to make this club as fun as possible...for you!!!!

    In addition to this statement, and in response to what we, the council members have been discussing in our meetings, we want to make it known (if you didn't know), that these message boards (both Force.Net and JediOKC) are yours. All four of the council members which serve JediOKC (Xwing25 (Jason, pres.), Darthwalls (Rick, vice pres.), RedneckJedi (Len, secretary) and Skywlkr (myself, treasurer), have been elected by you. We are here for, not only ourselves and our interest in Star Wars, but for you the fan club member. If you have any suggestions or...even complaints...let us know. We want to still be around for years to come.

    We have recently been trying different events to try to get members together in an atmoshpere away from our typical club meeting. Family dinners, Lasertag, movie nights, etc. If anyone has suggestions for additional activies, let us know. We (the council members) have families also. So we know you (and sometimes we) can't make it to all of the club functions. But we haven't seen many of our "members" for a very long time. Need a ride? Make a post. I'm sure some of us that do regularly go to meetings, etc. could try to pick you up. Meeting/Event times not working out for you? Let us know. We can look into it.

    The most important thing to go away with after reading this post, is that you are the reason this club is here. We want to see your interest in JediOKC grow, not disappear. Do you have friends or family that have interests in Sci-Fi, Star Wars, collecting, etc. Bring them to meetings or at least introduce them to the message board.

    We, the JediOKC Council Members, thank you for you continued involvement in this club.

    Brian Weeks, Treasurer
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