New Hamp NOVEMBER 2003 MEET #1

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by RikSMaximus, Nov 5, 2003.

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    On November 2, 2003 the MANCHESTER MANDALORIANS met at the CANTINA at 12:00 PM. We missed ya, TK! But we had a good meeting anyways (as always), even in your absence...What transpired:


    • Rik G. - RikSMaximus
    • Jim W. - Wenji_Manmac
    • John P. - Baron_Soontir_Fel
    • Cephas D. - Cephas
    • DJ M. - SithapprenticeDJ
    • Andrew B. - JangoFett3263827
    • Terrence G.
    • Matt H.
    • Jen H.
    • Jason

    Logo Design - Jim W. and I presented the group with the (nearly completed) MANCHESTER MANDALORIAN logo/T-shirt designs, with approval from everyone at the meeting. I'm going to get a T-shirt quote from my graphics guy, and Matt H. is also going to get a quote from someone he knows in the industry, so hopefully we'll all be in uniform soon...

    Bounty - As of November 2, 2003 we have 200 Republic Credits (that is, after Watto collects from some "deadbeats"!!)


    Show & Tell - Matt & Jen H. brought in some more of their customized action figures, and also some of their autographed coins. Matt also has a hookup on some great STAR WARS icon patches...Republic, Empire, Mandalorian, etc. They all look great and can be acquired through him...

    Video Games - Cephas D. brought in the sample disc of Rogue Squadron III for the Nintendo GameCube. It also included the semi-cheeseball but great-back-in-the-day STAR WARS Arcade Game, which quite a few of us experienced for a pretty good portion of the meeting! Makes me glad that I finally (just a week or so ago) found and connected up my A/V selector, which means we are now playing games with the power of surround sound...

    Customizable Card Games - I have absolutely no idea which game it was, but there was some STAR WARS CCG action going on for awhile with Cephas D., Andrew B., Jim W., and I believe even my boy Terrence G. tried to get in on the action!

    I'll see ya all soon...Rik
  2. RikSMaximus Jedi Youngling

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    Nov 15, 2002
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    Hey guys...

    Looks like STRAWBARY is going to let us count our November 2nd meet as our first of the three preliminary meetings. You know what that means? It means that if all goes as I expect it to, after our December 7th meet, we will hold the official title:

    Manchester, NH - Fan Force Chapter: MANCHESTER MANDALORIANS

    "It will be a day long remembered..."

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