MidWest November's Mid-Rim, and it's hardly late!!

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by Jedi_Dajuan, Nov 1, 2004.

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  1. Jedi_Dajuan Administrator Emeritus

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    November Mid-Rim Tribune!!

    TOP NEWS! New Mods
    Sebulba-X and Jedi_Dajuan have been promoted as RSAs over FanForce Celebration III and the Mid-West respectively. Be on the look out for Seb's infamous Ban Hammer!

    Be sure to give Xmaveric of South Bend, IN FF your congrats. He got married this past October. Think the happy couple would like SW action figures as a wedding gift?

    RIP Bowling Green, KY
    Bowling Green, [link=http://boards.theforce.net/Bowling_Green,_KY/b10439/]The Vette City Fetts[/link] has been moved to the inactive forum category :( If anyone is interested in reviving the chapter let an RSA know.

    CR comings and goings
    [link=http://boards.theforce.net/user.asp?usr=597759]Qui-Gon Ludo[/link] has taken over the reigns of the Greater Cincinnati Tristate Triforce from their old CR padawan_schlicher. Be sure to give Ludo your support and encouragements and thank Shlicher for all his hard work.

    Milestone Birthdays:

    Events and News by Fan Force:
    • [link=http://boards.theforce.net/Chicago,_IL/b10152/]Chicago Force [/link]: Chicago, IL

    • November 5, 7:00 p.m.: Chicago Force (D6) RPG Club; Sheridan & Rosemont
      November 6: Kawokian Karaoke at the Blue Frog Bar & Grill
      November 15: Star Wars Meetup.com discussion
      November 12-14: WindyCon at the Radisson O'Hare
      November 20, 1:00 p.m.: Chicago Force SW: Book Club at B&N Schaumburg; 3pm Fudruckers Luncheon
      November 21, 3:00 p.m.: Chicago Force SW: Collector's Club at Graham Cracker's Comics in Wheaton

    • [link=http://boards.theforce.net/Quad_Cities/b10401/]Quad City Jedi Order[/link]: Quad Cities

    • ...chirping crickets...

    • [link=http://boards.theforce.net/Bloomington,_IN/b10417/]Hoosier Alliance[/link]: Bloomington, IN

    • November 13, 7:00 p.m.: General Meeting at the East 3rd St. Barnes & Noble

    • [link=http://boards.theforce.net/Evansville,_IN_/b10324/]E'ville Jedi[/link]: Evansville, IN

    • November 13, 4:00p.m. General Meeting at Comic Quest
      November 30, 6:30 p.m. Book Club Meeting at Borders
      December 22, 5:30 p.m. Comic Book Signing event with Nathan Butler, Author of Star Wars Tales no. 21 "Equals and Opposites." at Comic Quest.

    • [link=http://boards.theforce.net/Indianapolis,_IN/b10164/]Indy Knights[/link]: Indianapolis, IN

    • November 3, 7:00 p.m.: General Meeting at the Rathskeller. Social time begins at 7, and the official meeting at about 7:30. Head to Indy¡¦s [link=http://www.indyknights.com/]website for more details.[/link]

    • [link=http://boards.theforce.net/South_Bend,_IN/b10171/]South Bend Fan Force[/link]: South Bend, IN

    • Nothing new on the meeting front, but SB is working on a new banner for their board. For updates or to offer tips and suggestions [link=http://boards.theforce.net/South_Bend,_IN/b10171/17244912/?4]head here[/link].

    • [link=http://boards.theforce.net/Des_Moines,_IA/b10469/]Des Moines[/link], IA

    • November 19, 7:00 p.m.: General meeting at the Cup o' Kryptonite on Fleur.
      Des Moines is working on finding their name and doing the last little bit to become official.

    • [link=http://boards.theforce.net/Louisville,_KY/b10165/]Louisville Alliance of Star Wars Enthusiasts[/link]: Louisville, KY

    • No future meeting news from Louisville, but we do have pictures from their Halloween meeting. :^0 These are some awesome costumes. Very creative I must say. [link=http://www.oseland.com/gallery/SWHalloween]Check out their gallery[/link].

    • [link=http://boards.theforce.net/Richmond,_KY/b10471/]Richmond, KY[/link]

    • ...chirping crickets...

    • [link=http://boards.theforce.net/Ann_Arbor,_MI_/b10645/]Ann Arbor[/link]

    • First meeting down, two to go for Official-dom!

  2. DonC Jedi Master

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    Congratulations on the promotion, Dujuan. And good job on the newsletter, as always.
  3. RexGetz Jedi Youngling

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    Congrtas Sebulba-X and Jedi_Dajuan. Keep up the good work.
  4. darth_nemisis Jedi Master

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    I have a question, what is a RSA?

  5. Jedi_Dajuan Administrator Emeritus

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    RSA=Regional Support Admin

    Basically an RSA is a FanForce Mod. For example, I moderate the boards of half (around 14 or so) of the Midwest FanForces. My partner, Krash, moderates the other half. We also Update the FanForce.net page with meeting dates and other important information.
  6. Xmaveric Jedi Master

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    I guess I should have read your thread in our forums...

    Quit good detective work you have done Jedi_Dajuan :)

    Thanks for the congratz!
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