O.C, CA Novemeber Meeting Minutes and Social Event Recap

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    Meeting Minutes

    Meeting Schedule: Should we have Meetings Rotate between Saturdays and Sundays?
    Poll is up for Voting

    October Event:
    Fall Festival went well.
    Should we do it again next year? We'll need more wranglers to break down the booth before the Parade. Need more Promotional Material. Maybe a Sponsorship, Cystic Fibrosis?
    Should we do a craft booth instead, next year?

    This will be a light month. Toys-R-Us? James has been looking into this type of Event.
    Mid Dec. will be the next Meeting.

    January: Holiday Party and Gift Exchange

    February: TBD

    Lightsaber Tournament

    Club News: Phil on The Dark Side Chats with Darth Bruticus
    Online Comic book coming out. Art being done by Sylar.
    This will be posted on the Main Site

    Don't forget to sign up for the Relay For Life Committee

    Attendance: Phil, Lori, Shades, Don, Lu, Amy, Sandra, Matt, Ewok

    Social Event:

    After the Meeting, we went over to Cypress College to see Adam and Ewok in The Three Musketeers.

    Adam, as D'Artangan was the lead of the play and did a great job.
    Ewok, as the somewhat bumbling Cardinal's Agent was good, and the 2 had many scenes together.

    The Play was enjoyed by all of us. The small theater was very intimate and made the audience feel like part of the show.

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