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MOD NSWFF Trailers and Bunny Plots

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by mrjop2, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Having been given the go ahead, here is the NSW Fanfic trailer thread!

    I figured, that Star Wars forums have their trailer thread, so why not us?

    So here it is!

    On this thread, you can post a trailer to your current non-Star War fan fiction. It's a great way to promote your story and trailers are always fun to write. The trailers can be:

    1. Just a plot bunny (an idea for a story that someone else can write)
    2. A story currently in progress
    3. A story you are about to start.

    My suggestion is to put which of the three your trailer is.

    With that said, have fun!
  2. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    I'll get the ball rolling!

    Author: mrjop2
    Status: In Progress
    Title: Superman: The Last Son of Krypton

    <Black screen fades into a cornfield.>

    Clark: ?I don?t know what my future holds, anymore,?

    Jonathon: ?Someday, your gifts will be used to the benefit of the world.?

    <Fade into Metropolis as a tornado begins to rip through the heart of the giant city. A red and blue blur is circling the tornado in opposition to the wind.>

    Jonathon: ?The path you must take will not be easy. You will have to give up everything you know and love.?

    <Fade into the scene where Lana Lang jumps into Clark?s arms and their lips lock in a passionate kiss.>

    <Fade into the scene that Jonathon Kent collapsing onto the dirt road. Clark runs to his father, screaming for help>

    <Fade into the scene where Clark kneels down at Lana?s front step to place a farewell card onto the front porch.>

    <Fade into the scene where Superman is hovering in the sky in front of giant full-moon, with Lois Lane standing on his toes. Lois is lost, staring into his dark blue eyes.>

    <Fade into the scene where Clark enters the Fortress of Solitude>

    Jor-El: ?There will be those who will seek to destroy you??

    <Fade into a still image of Lex Luthor as a child, laughing; and playing with a young Clark Kent>

    <Fade into a still image of an older and conniving Lex Luthor.>

    <Fade into a still shot of Metallo with his metal jaw and his glowing Kryptonite heart.>

    <Then fade into a still shot of Bizarro with his half pale and half white skinned face and red eyes.>


    Jor-El: ?A great evil is coming to Earth. You must be ready, for you will be Earth?s only line of defense.

    <Fade into the scene where Brainiac uses a fire safe to hit Clark on top of the head. On his hands and knees, Clark desperately throws a punch upward to punch the safe out of his hand.>

    <Fade into the scene where General Zod is standing in the middle of the streets of Metropolis. He is shooting heat-ray beams into towers and throwing cars>

    <Fade into the scene where a giant grey fist, with white jagged bones piercing the skin above the knuckles, comes punching through the ice>

    <There is a sound of a monster roar as the scene fades into Lois Lane is kneeling in the middle of the streets of Metropolis coddling a broken Superman in her arms and weeping.>

    <Fade into a still short of Superman?s torn and bloodied cape flapping in the wind while hanging on a piece of debris.>

    <Fade into the scene where Darkseid steps out of hiding in before Superman at the Fortress of Solitude>

    <Quickly fade into black.>



    Coming Soon: Superman: The Man of Steel

  3. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    I'll do one more. This one is a plot bunny, so anyone who wants to use this idea is free to do so. I am too busy to do this alone. I would be willing to team up with someone for this story as well.

    Status:Plot Bunny
    Fandom:Avatar: The Last Airbender

    It's been 7 years since the fall of the Fire Lord Ozai

    Legend has it that each nation has been blessed by the spirits with a special medallion. Rumor has it that these medallions have the power to grant it's owner the power to bend it's perspective element.

    An evil warlord is determined to find all 4 medallions, which would give him the same abilities as the Avatar, himself.

    The four nations will unite under the leadership of the Avatar to fight this new threat

    Soka and Suki are married
    Fire Lord Zuko and Mai are now married and have a five year old daughter
    Ty-lee is now the leader of the Kyoshi warriors
    Uncle Iroh still has his tea shop in Ba-Sing-Se
    Princess Azula has been banished from the Fire Nation up to this point
    Toph is now an earth and metal bending teacher in Ba-Sing-Sa
    Aang and Katara are still boyfriend and girlfriend

    - Aang and Katara are talking about marriage, but this new crises will put their relationship to the test

    - Azula comes home to defend the Fire Nation from this new threat

    - When Ty-Lee is critically injured by the warlord, Azula surprises everyone, and seeks revenge against the warlord, only to be swiftly defeated herself

    - It all comes down to Avatar Aang and the warlord who has successfully acquired all the medallions and have acquired the ability to bend all four elements.

    There is the idea. If someone wants to use it, go right ahead. If you want to co-write this story, let me know. If Not, I might not be able to get to this story until late next year, if I even get to it.

  4. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    I am in the progress of story boarding this story, and here is a little teaser based on what I see happening in my next story. Be warned, I reserve the right to change or omit scenes as i need to to better the story as needed.

    Between this site an, I would consider, my first story, my most successful story ever written. At the other, it is set to become my most read story of all time. My current leader on that site was THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (SPIDER-MAN 2) which was written 2004. It has a total of 3,185.

    My first story of this series, Superman: The Last Son of Krypton is currently at 2,429 hits and it is not even completed yet. So based on this success, I am going ahead with the next story of the trilogy as soon as my first story is completed. A quick thank you to all the active readers, and here is a sneak peak of what is being planned for part 2.

    Author: mrjop2
    Status: Coming soon
    Title: Superman: The Man of Steel

    <Black Screen>

    Clark: ?I knew that I was destined to be Earth?s mightiest hero??

    <Black Screen fades into scene where a young Clark Kent is standing at Lana Lang?s home, and putting a farewell onto the front porch>

    Clark: ??I never realized what I had to give up to fulfill that destiny.?

    <Fade into Lana Lang reading the note, and crying over it?s content>

    <Fade into the Daily Planet where Clark sees Lana Lang>

    Clark: ?Lana Lang? what are you doing here in Metropolis?

    Lana: ?You are looking at the new CEO of Lexcorp.?

    <Fade into scene where General Lane is addressing at a information military briefing at the Pentagon>

    General Lane: ?I have a fail-safe plan set in motion that will make Earth inhabitable for any 'visitor' with hostile intent.?

    <Fade into a large meteorite smashing through Smallville. After it crashes, a ship lays in the middle of a field. Stepping out of the ship is Brainiac>

    <Fade into General Zod confronting General Lane. Zod grabs Lane by his shoulder with such power, Lane is flinching in agonizing pain. Zod pushed him down to his knees>

    <Fade into Clark watching a special report on the television. On the television, buildings are burning in the background as General Zod is speaking into the camera>

    Zod: ?I have come for one man: Kal-El. I will continue to cause mass destruction until I get what I want. Come to me, Kal-El; and kneel before me. Do you hear me? Come to me!?

    <Fade into scene where Clark is having dinner and drinking wine with Lana Lang.>

    <Fade into scene where Cat Grant is talking to Lois at her desk>

    Cat: ?For your puppy-girl crush that you have of Superman, you seem awfully jealous of Clark Kent?s interest in Miss Lang.?

    Lois: ?Me jealous of Clark? Don?t make me laugh.?

    <Fade into the scene where General Zod is causing mass destruction in Metropolis. He is shooting heat ray beams from h is eyes into a skyscraping causing a giant explosion>

    <Fade into people watching a special report on the television at an electronic store. On the screen, the army is firing machine guns and bazooka?s at Brainiac outside the Pentagon.>

    Reporter: ?This has to the potential to be the biggest catastrophe ever to take place on American soil. The Pentagon is under attack from this robot-looking creature; and the military seem helpless to stop him.?

    <Fade into a military station where computers are sending out giant sparks all over the room.>

    <Fade into the scene where Brainiac is confronting Superman>

    Brainiac: ?I have control of all of Earth?s Nuclear missiles. Surrender yourself to me, or I will wipe the galaxy of these insects known as humans.?

    <Fade back into General Lane?s address at the pentagon>

    General Lane: ?I have several large stockpiles of Kryptonite strategically placed throughout the country. All that has to be done is to explode each stockpile, and a Kryptonite dust cloud will spread throughout the planet, rendering this planet?s atmosphere harmful to all a visitors to our world."

    <Fade into Turpin confronting Gene
  5. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    No visitors yet, but I will throw this out anyway.

    this is a bunny plot. I really want to write this, but I might need help. Anyone willing to co-author this with me let me know. If not, the first chance I'll get, I'll do it on my own. I have a good part of this story story boarded already, but I'm always fixing the fine details up.

    The Fandom: How To Train Your Dragon
    The Title: Trial By Fire

    The Plot: Taking place a few months after the first movie. In this story, Berk is visited by the most feared and respected Viking chief of another village. His name is Ivar the Majestic. He, and a group of his finest Viking warriors (Including his number one vike: Bitwolf) causes a stir in Berk. The Viking of Berk, upon hearing of his coming, hides all of the dragons, due to Ivar's extreme hatred for dragons. Hiccup is unhappy with his father's treatment of the dragons and that he will not tell him the truth.

    Bitwolf has a son, Holmfast, who is a young, handsome viking which quickly catches Astrid's eye and causes jealousy to brew up in Hiccup. No sooner does these vikings visit when a Shadow Lord dragon, one of most dangerous and evil dragon known in existence, finds it's way onto the Island, looking for food. To make things worse, Bitwolf true intentions of coming with Ivar is known only by his son. Bitwolf has heard of Hiccup's ability to control dragons, and wants to know the secret of how he does it. His ultimate desire: Control the Shadow Lord dragon, Kill both Ivar and Stoick and to rule both villages as the Viking king. His son, is in charge of three things: 1. Win the heart of Astrid away from Hiccup 2. Discover Hiccup's secret in controlling his Night Fury and 3. Bring the boy to ruins by ruining the relationships he has with his dragon, his father, Astrid, and the entire village.

    I have done quite a bit of research for this story already. Let me know if anyone is willing to help me write this. If not, I will try to get to this sometime this year.
  6. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Here are a few scetched out scenes for a story that I am planning to write next.

    The Fandom: How To Train Your Dragon
    The Title: The Outcast Lands

    (Scene 1)
    The fog was so thick, none of the Vikings could see past an arm's length ahead of them. No one dared to say word; they were all too nervous. Stranded on a strange island, they had no idea where they were or where they were heading. All the vikings kept their axes and swords in hand; even Hiccup had his knife ready. Nerves were on the edge as they slowly pushed on forward.

    "I'm really beginning to freak out, now!" Fishlegs whined softly.

    "I'm not afraid," Snotlout said, trying to appear brave and courageous. "If there's anything out there, I'll tear it to pieces with my bare hands!"

    A hauntingly soft, feminine chuckle echoed all around the Vikings, causing all of them to instantly tense up. There was something else in the mist. "What was that?" Astrid asked, her eyes were bigger than Hiccup had ever seen them. He could not blame her; his eyes were probably the same way.

    "Perhaps it was just the wind?" Hiccup thought the suggestion was stupid the moment the words came out of his mouth.

    "Camicazi!"The strange voice in the mist continued to taunt the group of Vikings. There was no doubt that they were being watched, and played with.

    "Our chances of survival just dwindled to below one percent!"

    (Scene 2)
    "There can be no doubt that this is the Outcast Lands!" Gobber said nervously. "This Island is haunted, I tell you! There is nothing here but pure evil! Loki, himself, would not dare walk this ground."

    "Haunted?" Stoick tried his best not to laugh and mock his old friend, despite how hilarious his comments actually were. "There's no such thing as spooks, or demons. This Island is not haunted."

    "Oh really?" Gobber said with a challenging tone to his voice. "There's no such things as spooks just like there was no such thing as a Boneknapper, huh?"

    (Scene 3)
    Toothless was spiraling downward out of control. Without Hiccup on the saddle, there was nothing he could do to save himself. Astrid did not have to do much of anything to tell the strange dragon what to do. The dragon pulled right up besides Toothless; getting as close as she could without being taken out by one of Toothless' flailing wings. The dragon grunted and moaned, speaking in fluent dragonees,and Toothless responded by fighting gravity and not spiral. The dragon was telling Toothless what the Astrid's plan was to save him.

    "Okay, jump!"

    Taking a deep breath, Bitwolf leaped off the back of dragon and landed perfectly onto the saddle on Toothless's back. The saddle was particularly designed for Hiccup's handicap, so it was very awkward for him to settle in and get his feet on the peddles.

    (Scene 4)
    Stepping out the giant cave was Hiccup's worse nightmare. With a deafening, and bone chilling roar, Furious revealed himself at last. Hiccup could not believe his eyes; Furious was a Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus, just like Green Death, the dragon queen he had faced over on Dragon Island; but this dragon was bigger, uglier, and apparently more temperamental.

    "Holy beard of Thor!"

    (Scene 5)
    The wave came crashing down on the boat. All the Vikings held on with all of their might. Astrid held on to boat as tightly as she could, but the wave of water proved to be too much. She bellowed out a scream as the water picked her up and threw her overboard.

    "Astrid!" Hiccup screamed.

    As the wave had cleared, Hiccup ran to the side of the boat to see Astrid struggling to keep afloat in the deadly ocean water. She would not be able to stay afloat for very long. These waves would quickly crash down on her and drown her. Without thinking, he climbed up onto the side of the boat.

    "Hiccup, don't!" Stoick shouted.

    Either he didn't hear him over the thunder and the wind, or he just plain out ignored him, Hiccup did not reply and he leaped into the ocean to go save Astrid. Nothing more was important at that very moment than to save Astrid. He was not about to leav
  7. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    Sounds cool!
  8. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Well, I have plans for yet another fan fiction. I have already started storyboarding it, and hoping to start it in the near future. Here is the basic bunny plot of it though. I don't have a trailer for it yet, but I'll get one up soon. Setting up this story to be a trilogy, though I may or may not do the second and third stories. Not sure if I'm interested in tackling yet another trilogy of stories. This is kind of what they can do for Transformers 4, which they will do. I might consider collaborating.

    Current working title: Transformers: Rising From the Ashes

    The decepticons are crushed. The Autobots remains on earth, and with N.E.S.T, they continue to help out with Earth's conflicts. However the peace is short lived when an archiologist and his deliquent son make a startling discovery. They unearth prehistoric transformers: two robotic dinosaurs with Autobot symbols branded on their bodies. The son, makes an even bigger discovery which can bring earth's to it's ultimate demise: a mechanical rock saturated in dark energon. This discovery sets into motion the resurrection of the Decipticons, as new leader takes control by the name of Galvatron. Now he and the Decepticons will stop at nothing to recover the dark energon, and destroy the autobots once and for all. The problem is: something even bigger is controling Galvatron; a threat that may be too big for the Autobots and Earth's forces to handle.

    Meanwhile, Optimus Primes leaves Earth to start his long journey to return to what remains of Cybertron. Stepping down from the leadership of the Autobots, he passes the Matrix of leadership to a suprising young warrior named Hot Rod, much to to objection of Optimus's brother, Ultra Magnus. The young warrior must learn to conquer his fears and take up the leadership mantle, and unite the Autobots to fend of the new Decepticon invasion.
  9. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Here's a Bunny Flot for Someone.

    It would have been a Stark Trek 2009 story. It would have started during the original Star Trek time line when a geneticly enhanced Klingon Overlord named Voughn (the only geneticly enhanced Klingon and a long lost product of the old Eugenics war) leads an attack on a planet, in an attempt to aquire what he needs to build a super weapon. However, he his stopped and killed by the Vulcans who come to the planet's aid. After learning what he was attempting to do, they agree that this knowledge needs to be lost, and that no one was to know about these events, including the Federation, in order to prevent such a weapon to ever resurface. Spock is among the Vulcans, and agrees that He will not tell the Federation of what had transpired here.

    The story continues in the new alternate universe. When Nero destroyed Vulcane, there were no forces to stop Voughn from aquiring the parts that he needs, and he becomes a very serious threat to the galaxy. Ambassador Spock, the elder version who became stranded in this new timeline) realizes this growing threat to this galaxy and reimergest to the Federation where he informs Admiral Pike, and young Captain Kirk and Spock. He tells them everything about the dangerous Klingon warlord, including his enhanced intelligence and strength which makes him one of the greatest threats that the Federation has ever seen.

    Now Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are up against Lord Voughn and his Klingong crew for the fate of Alpha quadrent.

    In the end, after Voughn is finally defeated, the battle has an unknown consequenc. It awakens a group of people who were suspended in stasis pods. One of them, awakend from his long sleep, is none other than a young Khan!