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NYC Village Halloween Parade - 10/31/02

Discussion in 'King of Prussia, PA' started by Calixte, Sep 17, 2002.

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  1. Calixte

    Calixte Jedi Youngling star 4

    May 3, 2002
    Alright folks, here's the official news from the CO of the ECG. I'm going to need a count and which costume you are wearing by October 1.

    From Frank:
    Hey TROOPS!

    Halloween is just around the corner and I just started a sign up sheet on the Database for all the members who will attend this years Halloween event. I'm sure this year will be much much bigger and more fun!

    This years Theme is called "PLAY" ...You know that's what the ECG stands for PLAY!! So Let's go out and play on Halloween night.

    Check out the website..

    THis year Halloween will fall on THurs Oct 31st , so I think it's safe to say take off that Friday ! It's an all nighter!
    I will work out some details with floats , vehicles, etc. for the parade. If anyone has ideas or contacts , I'm open to suggestions here.

    First week of October I will give out all the details and plans for this years parade. So stay tuned!

    For now please sign up in the Database section of the group board so I know of a head count. This is very important because it'll help out with the planning for dinner etc.
    If you have a problem with accessing the database or can't because your not on the ECG list please email me directly So I can add you in.

    Also SPAT will hold a VAcc party before then so you guys can get parts or new costumes made.

    Thanks everyone and hope to see you all there!!

    Frank Usamanont
    Commanding Officer Tk 823
    501st Empire City Garrison, NY

  2. Calixte

    Calixte Jedi Youngling star 4

    May 3, 2002
  3. Calixte

    Calixte Jedi Youngling star 4

    May 3, 2002
    ok, i've got me, natasha and turo on the list for this event. anyone other takers? i need to know asap to give the list to the ecg co...

  4. Calixte

    Calixte Jedi Youngling star 4

    May 3, 2002
    Ok, here's the latest:

    Check in our hotel as soon as we arrive. We need to be at dinner by 4:30 or 5 IN COSTUME. Then at 6pm we hop on the train and do the parade which starts at 7pm. After that we will be hanging with the ECG. Apparently we go to Halloween parties and 'appear'...don't have all the details yet. Anyway, will be a very busy day so get your rest the night before.

  5. Calixte

    Calixte Jedi Youngling star 4

    May 3, 2002
    Please email me or PM me if you are NOT on my list to go to this and want to sign up. Thanks!

    The latest from the ECG CO:

    NYC Village Halloween parade with 501st ECG
    October 31st 2002

    Hello Everyone Happy Halloween,

    I'm please to announce our 4th year doing the NYC village Halloween parade! Like in the past years it has been a huge success and I'm sure this year will be better than the last! I like to welcome you all, old and new that will be participating with us in this year's parade! It's going to be a memorable one!

    This year event we will doing our annual dinner before the parade march at this new place we discovered called the

    1650 Broadway
    Corner of 51st

    This diner has a very unique touch to the atmosphere?.singing wait staff!! Make your request for your favorite songs, they'll sit at your table and really crank out the tunes for you! Really FUN, you guys will get a kick out of it!

    We will all meet in front of this restaurant at 4pm. If you sign up for the dinner, please be sure you be there no later than 4pm. We will be running on a time schedule so we can get seated and get our food and can all be on time to line up at the parade by 6pm. Everyone will have to take care of their own bills for dinner.

    For those that signed up and not going to this dinner, please email me directly and let me know so I may take you off the dinner list. If you are not going to the dinner please meet everyone at the line up on 6th ave and Spring St. downtown in the village at 6- 6:30pm. This is the starting point for the parade.


    Those who are coming out of town, we have booked a hotel in the midtown area. Not too far away from where the parade ends. The hotel is

    B E S T W E S T E R N
    17 West 32nd Street, New York, New York, United States, 10001
    212-736-1600 Fax: 212-563-4007

    Rooms are rated for $129 a night with two queen size beds, $119 for two people? Parking is $25 for 24hrs. ECG has booked one room for some people to share and for storage of your belongings. If you would like to book yourselves a room, please call the above number for reservations now. This is a great price for Manhattan.

    We will meet at this hotel at 3pm or a little before for any costumer/ troopers to change and or to store stuff. We will then proceed to the Restaurant from there to meet with the rest of the party.

    After our Dinner we will all make our way via the FUN ride on the subways?(that's an event in itself! )

    When our parade ends we will all converse together at the end of the route and head to our hangout for refreshments at

    The Cutting Room located 1 block from the end of the parade route. From thereafter we are invited to a special party?location to be determined.
    Please bring adequate ID so you won't have any problem getting in. Cutting room don't check ID's from what I remember. But other bars and clubs around the city do. So please be aware of this.

    Break down of Itinerary

    2:30 - 3pm meet up to change or drop off stuff at hotel ( optional )

    4pm - meet up for dinner at stardust diner ( anyone that signed up )

    6 - 6:30 meet up on 6th Ave. Spring Street for parade line up

    If anyone have questions or concerns about the parade, please let me know. You can email me directly or call me.

    Thanks for your participation and looking forward to a GREAT TIME!!! Please forward to participating parties, thanks!

    See you on HALLOWEEN!

    Frank Usamanont
    Commanding Officer Tk 823
    501st Empire City Garrison
  6. Mil-jata

    Mil-jata Jedi Youngling

    Jul 22, 2002
    Ok guys and gals, Looks like I'm in for the halloween thingy, and the AOTC imax event.
  7. Calixte

    Calixte Jedi Youngling star 4

    May 3, 2002
    Please PM or email me your full name, costume and whether or not you want to go to dinner with everyone before the parade at 4pm on Oct 31. I have to send all this info to the ECG.

  8. Calixte

    Calixte Jedi Youngling star 4

    May 3, 2002
    Thanks to Tim, Natasha and Arturo for marching the parade! We had an awesome time. Had dinner with about 40 other FanForce, Rebel Legion and 501st costumers at Ellen's Stardust Diner at 51st and Broadway. Then walked as a group, in costume, through Times Square and to the metro station. The metro let us ride for free...maybe b/c of the ECG's really big guns?? LOL Frank, the CO of the ECG, proceeded to guide us onto an Express train which caused us to go past the stop we needed in the village so we fired him. ;) Reboarded and got to the parade line-up. It was typical NYC craziness and chaos but we all had a good time. Ended the night at The Cutting Room - a nice bar that let us in cover-charge free.

    I'm hoping we can get a bigger group to go up from here next year! Stay tuned for pics!
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