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Hawaii Oahu FanForce Charter

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by Pac-El, Mar 27, 2010.

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  1. Pac-El

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    Aug 28, 2008

    Ratified on March 27, 2010


    ARTICLE I. Oahu FanForce Formation and Organization
    ARTICLE II. Purpose
    ARTICLE III. Motto
    ARTICLE IV. Non-Discrimination
    ARTICLE V. Membership
    ARTICLE VI. Membership Dues
    ARTICLE VII. Membership Classes
    ARTICLE VIII. Official Meetings
    ARTICLE IX. Events
    ARTICLE X. Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol, and Weapons
    ARTICLE XI. Code of Conduct
    ARTICLE XII. Misconduct
    ARTICLE XIII. Solicitation
    ARTICLE XIV. Underage Members
    ARTICLE XV. Website
    ARTICLE XVI. Aliases
    ARTICLE XVII. Guests
    ARTICLE XVIII. Costuming
    ARTICLE XIX. Right to Amend

    ARTICLE I. Oahu FanForce Formation and Organization

    The name of our organization is called the Oahu FanForce and is the official chapter of the international Star Wars fan organization known as FanForce, a division of, and covers the island of Oahu in Hawaii. We are a "not-for-profit" club of Star Wars fans and costumers who celebrate all things Star Wars. Interested people on the neighboring islands are also welcome to join. Our club was established in May of 2001 and became an official chapter of FanForce on July 5th, 2001. This charter was ratified March 27th, 2010. The Oahu FanForce is not affiliated in any way with Lucasfilm, Ltd., or its subsidiaries.

    ARTICLE II. Purpose

    The Oahu FanForce shall:

    1. Gather together Hawaii-based Star Wars fans who are members, and people interested in becoming members, of Oahu FanForce.

    2. Hold Star Wars and Oahu FanForce related meetings, and events.

    3. Be involved in occasional external charitable events in order to make a difference in society and give back to the community.

    4. Attend Star Wars related movie premieres and special events.

    5. Have fun exploring our fandom in all things related to Star Wars.

    ARTICLE III. Motto: Make A Difference

    On February 8th, 2010, the Oahu FanForce adopted the motto "Make A Difference". Through its involvement in occasional charitable events, the Oahu FanForce will strive to "make a difference" in the community through its involvement in, and/or attendance at, external charitable events.

    ARTICLE IV. Non-Discrimination

    The Oahu FanForce is not affiliated in any way with Lucasfilm, Ltd., or its subsidiaries. The Oahu FanForce does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, religion, physical handicap, sexual orientation, race, nationality or ethnicity.

    ARTICLE V. Membership

    Per FanForce rules, membership is open to all ages and NO ONE IS REQUIRED to own a Star Wars costume to become a member and join in on the fun. Select members of the Oahu FanForce, however, ARE costumers. If a member has a Star Wars related costume or chooses to create a costume for his or herself for use in our "formal" events, then please see ARTICLE XVIII. To become a "forum member" of Oahu FanForce you must:

    1. Be a current resident in Hawaii. (Although the Oahu FanForce's specific region is the island of Oahu only and that events are scheduled to happen on Oahu, membership is also open to residents throughout the Hawaiian islands.)

    2. Create a character username on the main FanForce boards located at

    3. Post on the Oahu FanForce board to announce your new membership.

    4. Attend our events and meetings regularly, after you've completed the steps above, to become an "Active Member".

    5. Understand and agree that you will probably be photographed at meetings and events from time-to-time. Your likeness and your voice that is captured in these images (photo, audio and video) will be used to promote Oahu FanForce. We mean no harm... it's all part of the fun. For privacy purposes, your real name will NEVER be used on any video production, audio production, print advertisements, or on the internet by Oahu FanForce.

    ARTICLE VI. Membership Dues

    There are NO membership dues.

    ARTICLE VII. Membership Classes

    There are two membership classes:

    1. Active Member: describes a Hawaii resident member registered on the FanForce boards who activel
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