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    Votes are in: v4 shiny new version to go with the new boards. Be aware that as of now, v3 is still active as well. The thread in Movie-Saga has been locked.

    Everyone is welcome to participate in this thread - Obi-Wan criticism is fine; bashing is not. Our purpose is to discuss, adore and sometimes drool over Obi-Wan (there is a Ewan McGregor thread in JCC and an Obi-Wan thread to discuss the writing of Obi-Wan in our fanfics in FanFic Resource - oh, and one in the TV board as well).

    If anyone still has access to the temp boards and wishes to take the time to copy some of the more interesting DISCUSSION topics we had there, feel free to add them to this post. I'll be adding our "story" a bit later (that's the adoration and drooling silliness).


    Let the Obi-Wan appreciation start anew!

    Obi-Wan in TCW (Clone Wars TV show)

    FanFic Resource thread

    Ewan McGregor thread
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    Start over! Mmmmmm...

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    The silliness of many authors working for and against each other:

    Temp Board Follies

    "Let us be fair," Obi Wan grumbled. "You got us into this mess. So you can get us back out again."

    "What do you mean?" Anakin snapped. "It's not my fault!"

    "Well, I'm out of ideas at the moment," Obi-Wan said, the sound of his voice tight - a sure sign his patience was running short. "I've never seen such a - a -"

    "Such a kriffing horde of holonet reporters," Anakin filled in. "Quick, master, in here."

    "Oh, now I /know/ you're not the brains of this team," the Jedi master muttered, allowing his friend to drag him into the disreputable establishment just ahead.

    "Here, hide your famous mug behind this drink." Anakin snatched up a mug and thrust it into Obi-Wan's hands. "Oh oh, bottoms up, Master."

    "Isn't that your speciality, Poster Boy?" Obi-Wan snarked, smacking said bottom with one hand and smacking his lips with the other (it was a good drink).

    Anakin's tart reply was cut off by a searing flash of blue light as Obi-Wan whirled, saber cleaving an intrusive holonet cam-droid in two.

    "Hey!" Anakin yelped, the seat of his pants smoldering.

    "Those kriffin' droids are way too nosy," Obi-Wan explained. He craned his neck behind Anakin and "oh oh'd."

    "What - and get your nose away from there."

    "My nose has no intention of making close acquaintance with that part of your anatomy, Padawan! But your - ah - glowing lightsabers are now exposed to the holonet."

    Anakin's hand clapped to his rear. He only wore those because Padme liked to see her husband adorned in all sorts of lightsabers - the better to whit them down to one - the most functional one at that. He couldn't help the grin that spread over his face. Of course, Obi-Wan misunderstood.

    And for a moment, finally, it seemed as if they were alone. "If you'd like to admit what you did to garner such attention, please don't hesitate," Obi-Wan leveled a stern look at Anakin as he turned toward him.

    "Me!" Anakin exclaimed. "You were the one sneaking around with that blonde last night. Who was she?"

    Obi-Wan leveled a mastery glare at Anakin. "I did not sneak around; I do not sneak around. I, uh, was exercising caution - caution, a word you are not familiar with. Nor, it appears, is Senator Amidala."

    “hey, yousa troublemakers," the barkeep snapped crossly at the Jedi. "Get the hells outta here wit' those things!"

    "What things!" both Jedi snapped in unison. "The droid - scraps - are not ours," Obi-Wan added with a bit of a sniff.

    The aggravated proprietor slammed all four hands onto the polished countertop. "Take yer vaping brawl outside. Back alley. I already gotta citation this month."

    "We are NOT brawling," Obi-Wan growled, as Anakin grabbed him by the collar.

    "He's a mean drunk," Anakin apologized as Obi-Wan squirmed in his grasp.

    "I am not - I never - " Obi-Wan spluttered, outraged. He'd never been drunk in his life. Not once. "Anakin, I had one sip. ONE."

    "Yeah, well, you're a lightweight, aren't you, master?"

    “And that was a virgin Bombshell, I'll have you know"

    Anakin nearly choked as he steered his protesting friend through the back entrance. "That blonde?"

    "No!" Obi-Wan spluttered. "The drink, Anakin! And - oh, dear."

    They came up short, gawking at the spectacle in the "back alley."

    "Is that -?" Words failed the young Jedi.

    "Mace Windu wearing a blond wig - yes, it appears so." Obi-Wan rubbed his chin. "Oh dear, is it that time of month again. I told him never to bet against Yoda; I told him he would regret it."

    "Is he - wearing - high heels?"

    "And a purple boa around his neck, yes."

    "If that's Master Windu's idea of going undercover - he sure stands out," Anakin snickered.

    Obi-Wan stepped back, pursed his lips then moved next to Anakin. "So does your lighted - twinkling - undershorts. Really, what IS the Order coming to nowadays."

    "It's a drinking song and there over at the 4 words they need 150 lines to reach their goal of 6000 words," Obi-Wan started.

    "Like I lost my,"
    "Lightsaber young padawan mine,"
    "Ah I see master,"
    "Your lightsaber is your,"
    "Life. I know that you

    "It's the war," Anakin frowned, attempting to adjust his tabbards and tunic so Padme's secret gift to him wasn't flashing everyone. "It's making everyone crazy. We should be allowed to have some fun! We should all get a day, or night, off every now and then."

    Obi-Wan's expression didn't change, his mouth pulled into a tight line, a clear expression of consternation. Though in reality he was only trying not laugh at Anakin's ridiculous choice in underwear.

    "And stop looking at me like that," Anakin nearly shouted, glaring at his former Master. "You're the one who was traipsing around CoCo town with - " Anakin's eyes grew wide, as his head whipped around to look down the alley at Mace, then back to Obi-Wan. "You weren't -- were you with Mace?!" he asked, incredulous.

    "No!" Obi-wan glared right back. "There are many blondes in this city. And what were you doing in CoCo Town?"

    "Well, ah..." Anakin looked at the toe of his boot. "Um - wait a minute! I asked you first."

    "And it's a masters prerogative to turn a question back upon a learner - look at Yoda for his teaching methods."

    "HIs methods suck worse than yours."

    "Oh, Anakin, how eloquent. Maybe you should take lead role in the ever-so-delicate negotiations upcoming with the grammar Nazi."

    "Maybe it's time you allowed me to take the lead, oh wise-one. I - wait a minute." Anakin's eyes narrowed. "You are the master of deflection, master, but I'm wise to you. YOu know I can get the truth from Dex about your little soiree in CoCo town - or was it an assignation?"

    "Dex is far too discreet to spread vile rumor," Obi-Wan brushed this threat aside like a pesky fly. "And it was a diplomatic liason."

    Anakin smirked. "The Negotiator strikes again."

    "Perhaps if you applied yourself to the study of diplomacy, you would be able to dispense with juvenile props, such as your garish under-attire."

    Affrontonted, Anakin placed hands on hips. "And what kind do you have?" he threw back.
    The enigmatic smile he recieved in reply was strangely disturbing.

    Well, Anakin was nothing but a man of action anyway, so he ever so casually slipped his lightsaber free and made a slight motion towards the smaller man. However, The Negotiator was no slouch in the anticipate-Anakin department. With a careful flick of his fingers, Anakin's blade turned off before even heating its destination.

    "My undergarments remain undercover," Obi-Wan chided. A mischievous smile lighted up his eyes. "Assuming, of course..."

    Not to be outdone, Anakin threw back his chest and threw out a shocking suggestion. "How do I know you're not wearing feminine undergarments under your cloak - you may imply you're wearing nothing but skin, but you and Mace may have been quite a team earlier tonight."

    Obi-Wan merely grinned. "You will never know." With a definite swish of his hips, he slinked away. Anakin had to hand it to him: Obi-Wan definitely knew how to swish, swash and swagger.

    "That's it," Anakin grumbled under his breath. "I'm going to go have a talk with Dex. 'Diplomatic liason' my glow-in-the-dark a--" Anakin turned on his heel then, but distracted and disgruntled as he was, he hadn't noticed there was a man - woman - man standing right behind him, and he ran straight into a very broad chest.

    "Master! Uh, I mean - "

    "Anakin." Mace was completely unperturbed, not embarrassed in the slightest. "What are you doing in this district at this time of night?"

    The deep timber of Mace's voice, and his serious expression combined with the illustriousness of his long blond hair, was so odd Anakin found himself completely speechless. But only for a moment.

    "I think blond hair is so not your color," he snerked. "And Obi-Wan brought me, Master Windu. What brought you?"

    "Drinking again," Mace crossed his arms. "I told Obi-Wan you couldn't handle a drink."

    "Are you - with respect - insinuating that you are not standing before me with a blond wig and a purple boa? That I'm seeing things?"

    Mace took Anakin by the shoulders and spun him around. "Hmm, I think I am seeing things. Twinkling lightsabers - calling attention to your profession or advertising your - ahem - availability on the party circuit?"

    "Neither, in fact. And if Obi-Wan hadn't been drinking, I wouldn't be in this situation. Now, please, for the love of the Force, tell me you're undercover." Anakin folded his arms across his chest, not quite able to keep from smirking at the Jedi Master.

    "*That* is none of your concern," Mace told him in his stern manner. "And if you'll excuse me," he said looking over Anakin's shoulder, "I see my 'contact' now."

    "Fine," Anakin answered but Mace had already left. Anakin didn't bother turning around to look, he really didn't want to know. Shaking his head, he strode away in the direction of Dex's establishment.

    "Neither, in fact. And if Obi-Wan hadn't been drinking, I wouldn't be in this situation. Now, please, for the love of the Force, tell me you're undercover." Anakin folded his arms across his chest, not quite able to keep from smirking at the Jedi Master.

    "*That* is none of your concern," Mace told him in his stern manner.

    "Master..." Anakin hissed at Obi-Wan, who (had swished and swaggered his way back and) appeared to be enjoying this interchange far too much. "Get me outta this, would you?"

    The Jedi master's brows rose. "That would constitute indecent exposure, my friend."

    Mace snorted softly, setting the feathers of his purple boa fluttering. "We're already there, in my opinion. Skywalker - get back to the Temple and put on some regulation chonies. Before Yoda arrives, with his gimer stick."

    Anakin clutched at his neon-spangled assets, looking a bit pale.

    "And if you'll excuse me," Mace said looking over Anakin's shoulder, "I see my 'contact' now."

    "Fine," Anakin answered but Mace had already left. Anakin didn't bother turning around to look, he really didn't want to know. And now Obi-Wan had disappeared, too. Shaking his head, Anakin strode away in the direction of Dex's establishment.

    Much to Anakin's surprise, he saw Padme ahead of him, walking alone and unguarded. At night! Anakin called, but Padme never slowed down. He sped up and grabbed her by an arm.

    "Padme, it's not safe out. Mace is in drag and Obi-Wan is drunk and - hey - you're not Padme."

    "And you're a pervert - flashing your underwear at me!"

    "And I told you I am *not* drunk."

    Anakin whipped around to find Obi-Wan standing behind him, blue eyes gleaming and commanding all at once. "Master! Where were you! And what the kriff are you talking about?"

    "It was a *virgin* and I only had a taste."

    "Ohh!" the diminutive brunette, whom both Jedi had forgotten, gasped, her expression disgusted. "Perverts! How dare you speak of a lady that way!" And her small hand lifted, to slap Obi-Wan across the face.

    Out of respect, he let her.

    "It wasn't a lady," he explained, rubbing his reddened cheek. "It was -"

    "Ohhh!" She gasped again, cutting him off as she misunderstood once more. But this time Obi-Wan ducked.

    The brown haired woman stamped her foot in anger. "I'm getting a security droid!" she shouted and she ran off.

    At least Anakin was no longer 'exposed' as he was sitting on the ground, incapacitated with laughter.

    "But it wasn't a lady," Obi-Wan reiterated glumly. He lifted a finger and held it before Anakin's nose, a tactic learned from Qui-Gon which had always served to shut him up. Of course, it rarely worked on Anakin. "Not a word; not one."

    "C'mon, Obi-Wan - you let her deck you!"

    The glance Obi-Wan skewered his apprentice with was as glacial as the ice on Hoth - and simmering beneath, the magma of Mustaphar. "I thought it impolite not to allow the young lady to vent under the circumstances. Besides," he straightened his tunic.

    "Impolite to defend your honor?"

    "Well, you weren't defending me. And I was hardly decked - in fact, it is you sitting on the ground; you'll get your 'lightsabers' dirty, young one. And weren't you to not say one word!"

    "I didn't," Anakin protested, grinning. "I said more than one - if you, Master-of-words, had said what you really meant - "

    "After all these years, Anakin, I know you chose to deliberately misunderstand me."

    "Well..." Anakin spread his hands. "It's a talent, you must admit."

    "Not one I encouraged," Obi-Wan growled.



    "Ah, what do you want to do about the security droid homing in on you?"

    "Let you destroy the thing - it's what you do best, isn't it? Unless you wish to scare it off with a display of your multiple lightsabers?"

    "Droids are for scrapping and..."

    "Droid parts Anakin? No way. Last time I had to wake you I stumbled over your droidparts littering "

    "Littering? I made a new droid for Master..."

    "Wundu yes and he complained about it from here to Force knows where. Painting it purple and adding that bald touch was too much. Oh dear..."

    "That's droidparts and more coming master. I saved your..."

    "Language, young one, language." But there was no real heat in Obi-Wan's retort. He casually wiggled his fingers and the security droid swerved into a wall, sparking and falling to pieces.

    "Hey," Anakin protested, "that was supposed to be my kill."

    "Supposed to, yes, but as usual, you were delaying too much for my tastes."

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey - did you just mind trick a droid - cool trick, teach me."

    "Well," Obi-Wan began, hand lifting to his beard as he looked down to consider it. "It's a simple matter of redirecting the electrical impulses in the circuitry -- Anakin, you already know this," Obi-Wan stopped himself, glancing up again. "Hey!" he shouted, for Anakin had taken off down the neon-lighted street, twin miniature lightsabers twinkling merrily on his rear.

    Obi-Wan pelted after his padawan and Anakin turned returning to pick up his droid-parts.

    Obi-Wan continued his lecture "I did padawan and now you cannot rile me with your 'I saved you ten times since Cato Neimoida' statement. And cool trick? It was just a bit of Force-manipulation and do what Master Yoda always taught me."

    "I see, like this." Anakin lifted the messy droidparts and zoomed them around Obi-Wan.

    "Frivolous use of the Force." Obi-Wan was able to sway the parts away when one or two came too near to his linking "You know I don't approve of..."

    "Master you are so predictable," Anakin roared with laughter.

    "ANAKIN! How many times have I told you not to run with your lightsaber lit!" Obi-Wan bellowed, then hid a smile.

    "Nine times not counting Cato Neimoida."

    "That was when you saved me with your lightsaber and... " Obi-Wan folded his arms in a very Obi-Wan Kenobi posture.

    "Lost it," Anakin smirked. "Don't lecture me."

    Obi-Wan's eyebrow rose challengingly. "When you need one, you'll get one, but this display of yours is quite unseemly. Do you wish your lightsabers splashed all over the Holonet? Master Windu will surely 'lecture' you more than I could ever hope to."

    "With his purple lightsaber?"

    "Perhaps - and perhaps a month's fresher cleaning in the creche."

    Anakin gulped and trudged back to Obi-Wan. "Fine, then," he groused. "So, how do I fix my pants?"

    Obi-Wan affixed his padawan with a stern eye, then unexpectedly laughed. "How about this?" He reached forward and tugged at Anakin's tunic which was riding high. Now properly in place, it hid the unseemly open seam. "There. The benefit of being always properly groomed and neatly dressed."

    "Why didn't I think of that?" Anakin groused.

    "Your mind is never on your grooming, that's why."

    "Is that such a bad thing, Master?" Anakin retorted with a smirk. "My thoughts are always centered around the Force. Isn't that more important than anything else?"

    "Not when your behind is flashing all of Coruscant. Balance my young friend."

    Anakin very nearly stuck his tongue out at the Master. "Better than you. I'm beginning to wonder if all you think about is diplomacy."

    "Diplomacy is the grease of life, my young mechanical friend. And the Force itself guides me, always, you know that."

    "And what guided Master Windu to a blond wig and purple boa?"

    Obi-Wan's mouth opened, then closed with a snap. He crossed his arms.

    "Don't tell me the Force, Master. No way, no how."

    "Don't be ridiculous, Anakin," Obi-Wan snapped back. "The Force is not frivolous."

    "I'd say Master Windu's choice is an abomination, not frivolous, myself."

    "Thanks," a dry voice said from behind Anakin, who jumped ten feet. "Haven't you learned to pay attention to your surroundings YET, Skywalker?"

    "Uh no master Windu," Anakin grinned sheepish when he saw the purple boa swishing this and that way and hiding a certain part of Master Windu's anatomy.

    "Your lightsaber seems to have lost its - ah - rigidity," he blurted out, unable to censor his tongue. Well, in this dim light, a swishing long "thing" in "that area" was worthy of a tease, and besides, it might serve as a distraction to being caught unawares. Then again, this was Master Windu.

    "Jedi recharge fast," Master Windu returned, unperturbed.

    Anakin gawked. Obi-Wan hid his mouth behind a hand. Then Mace Windu - grinned - and slapped Anakin on the back. "Gotcha!"

    "That stings," Anakin pouted when he felt the miniature lightsabers against his posterior.

    "Is that what the ladies say when they get a taste of your lightsabers?"

    Anakin's jaw dropped. Literally. "You're not Mace Windu," he accused the blond wig-wearing Jedi with a purple feather boa. "You can't be. Master Windu has no sense of humor."

    By now Obi-Wan was doubled over, leaning against a wall and almost choking while trying to restrain a laugh. Anakin had much the same look on his face as he was sure his wore while flying with Anakin - green alternating with white, though to be different, Anakin's included red, too.

    "That's it," Anakin murmured, his voice low. In the blink of an eye, his lightsaber was activated and swinging through the air. Feathers went flying, floating through the air around the three Jedi and Mace's boa lay, sliced clean in half on the duracrete between them.

    "Stars and galaxies," a soft feminine voice came from the darkness behind them. "What in the name of the Force is going on?"

    "Siri, can't you see that this is my padawan and his agressive negotiations with a purple boa," Obi-Wan grinned

    SIri raised an eyebrow. "I believe the boa was around Master Windu's neck - love the wig, Mace. When did Yoda give it to you?"

    "Uh -" Mace faltered uncharacteristicaly. "I borrowed it for the night."

    Siri nodded, but her attention had been drawn to Anakin and his once more skewed tunics. More importantly, what was below them.

    "Nice shorts, Anakin! Hey, Obi-Wan, don't you have a pair -"


    "Master," Anakin began, an amused smile beginning to curve his mouth. "Just how many blondes in this city have 'insider' information on just what you have... 'under cover'?"

    Siri frowned, and much to Anakin's delight, a flush crept up on Obi-Wan's cheeks complimenting the already red handprint. But he didn't get a chance to answer.

    "None of your business, that is."

    "Master," Anakin began, an amused smile beginning to curve his mouth. "Just how many blondes in this city have 'insider' information on just what you have... 'under cover'?"

    Siri frowned, and much to Anakin's delight, a flush crept up on Obi-Wan's cheeks complimenting the already red handprint. But he didn't get a chance to answer.

    "None of your business, that is."

    "Master YODA?" Several voices chorused in stunned unison.

    "Unless blatantly display they do, the business of others underclothing is not!" The old Jedi suddenly chortled, "Unless wish others to know. Master Obi-Wan - Siri's 'knowledge' - how came she by this?"

    Obi-Wan gulped. "A shared long mission; dirty clothes, needed to wash off the - "

    "Blood," Siri interjected. "Obi-Wan had a horrible cut along his thigh and there were no healers nearby. Surely you've seen the scar, Anakin?"

    "Master doesn't drop his trousers for me, Master Siri," Anakin informed the blonde Jedi. "I guess that's unique to you."

    "Padawan!" Three Jedi admonished as one.

    "I'm only calling like it like I see it!" Anakin retorted. It didn't work, as all three Masters continued to level stern, reproaching looks in his direction.

    Anakin shook his head. "I'm going home," he said. "To change." With one more 'are you happy now?' look shot in Obi-Wan's direction, he was gone.

    "Finally," three Jedi masters breathed in relief.

    "I swear he's been living in those clothes to keep Padme happy," Obi-Wan muttered under his breath, only to receive one of Siri's elbows in his ribs.

    "Shut up, Kenobi - you know as well as I that if she had her way, she'd have him out of those clothes, not displaying his lightsabers but his lightsaber."

    "Huh?" Obi-Wan stared at Siri, blinked, then turned red. Oh. Here he thought he was making a joke about Padme's fondness for his padawan but - oh dear. But -but - he mentally sputtered.

    "He wouldn't wear THOSE for a romantic assignation," he hissed, glad that street noise more than likely meant neither Mace nor Yoda heard any of this.

    "And what does a Jedi wear for a romantic assignation?" Siri cooed in his ear. She plucked at his obi and leaned closer to his ear. "And when I treated that thigh wound -you notice I didn't say just what your underclothing looked like."

    "That's because I wasn't wearing - oh,shut up, Siri!"

    At that moment, a security droid appeared at the end of the alleyway, waving a citation form. "Halt, malefactors! Where is the pervert that has been accosting innocent citizens.?"
    The Jedi masters shrugged and pointed out the direction in which Anakin had recently disappeared. The droid scooted on its way, eager to apprehend the vile disturber of the peace.
    "Blown your cover is," Yoda grunted, nudging at Mace's fallen wig with his stick. "Leave here we should."

    Mace and Yoda nipped back into the bar, the diminutive Grand master perched atop the Korun Jedi's broad shoulders.

    "Shall we join them?" Siri inquired. "Or have you had enough virgin Bombshells for one night, Kenobi?"

    He cocked one eyebrow. "I might be willing to move on to something...headier," he replied.
    She gave him a slow once-over. "You don't look like you're up to it at the moment."
    "I will do what I must," he assured her, smirking.

    "You will try," Master Tachi countered.

    Siri linked her arm with Obi-Wan's and the two strolled into the bar.

    "Another bombshell?" the bartender asked, reaching for a glass. "Virgin?"

    "No," Obi-Wan replied. "And make that two; the lady is with me."

    Mace looked the two Jedi over, sighed, and buried his face in his drink. "Both of them," he moaned. "I didn't hear that - I did NOT hear that."

    Whack! Mace jumped as Yoda's gimer stick found its target. "Drinks they were speaking of, Mace blond-wig Windu," Yoda admonished.

    "So sure are you?" Mace asked, now from the other side of the room.

    Yoda smirked. "Of drinks they spoke, I am sure. Of the rest..." he shrugged. "Who cares?"

    Mace gave a 'humph' in reluctant agreement.

    "One to speak," Yoda gave Mace an owlish look, "you are not."

    Mace sat down next to Yoda again without a glance in his direction. "We swore not to talk of that," he reminded the green-skinned Jedi.

    "And yet, the blonde wig you wore again."

    Mace had no reply.

    Happily ignoring the old folks, Obi-Wan and Siri sat a space away sipping their tasty drinks. Despite how the evening had begun, Obi-Wan had the thought that it was ending quite pleasantly as Siri leaned in close enough that he could feel the warmth that radiated from her.

    Leaning back in his chair, he took another drink of the frothy, pale amber beverage just beginning to feel the hint of a buzz from the potent alcohol. Not bad, he thought to himself, and t "Siri," Obi-Wan grinned "what are you doing? There was that wound."

    hen he felt the lightest touch brushing across his thigh.

    Shall we join them?" Siri inquired. "Or have you had enough virgin Bombshells for one night, Kenobi?"

    He cocked one eyebrow. "I might be willing to move on to something...headier," he replied.

    She gave him a slow once-over. "You don't look like you're up to it at the moment."

    "I will do what I must," he assured her, smirking.

    "You will try," Master Tachi countered.

    Siri linked her arm with Obi-Wan's and the two strolled into the bar.

    "Another bombshell?" the bartender asked, reaching for a glass. "Virgin?"

    "No," Obi-Wan replied. "And make that two; the lady is with me."

    Mace looked the two Jedi over, sighed, and buried his face in his drink. "Both of them," he moaned. "I didn't hear that - I did NOT hear that."

    Whack! Mace jumped as Yoda's gimer stick found its target. "Drinks they were speaking of, Mace blond-wig Windu," Yoda admonished.

    "So sure are you?" Mace asked, now from the other side of the room.

    Yoda smirked. "Of drinks they spoke, I am sure. Of the rest..." he shrugged. "Who cares?"Mace gave a 'humph' in reluctant agreement.

    "One to speak," Yoda gave Mace an owlish look, "you are not."

    Mace sat down next to Yoda again without a glance in his direction. "We swore not to talk of that," he reminded the green-skinned Jedi.

    "And yet, the blonde wig you wore again."

    Mace had no reply.

    Happily ignoring the old folks, Obi-Wan and Siri sat a space away sipping their tasty drinks. Despite how the evening had begun, Obi-Wan had the thought that it was ending quite pleasantly as Siri leaned in close enough that he could feel the warmth that radiated from her.

    Leaning back in his chair, he took another drink of the frothy, pale amber beverage just beginning to feel the hint of a buzz from the potent alcohol. Not bad, he thought to himself, and then he felt the lightest touch brushing across his thigh.

    "Siri," Obi-Wan grinned "what are you doing? There was that wound."

    "Making it better."

    "It's long healed, you know," he said a slight smile on his face.

    "Maybe you need a second opinion. We could go back to the Temple and check - together."

    Obi-Wan was a grown man. But he was a bit naive as well, even at his age. "But why? That was over a year ago."

    Siri's hand tightened on his thigh, squeezing. "It hurts, doesn't it, Obi-Wan?"

    "Well, with you squeezing like that - oh, ah, um..." He squirmed. Either Siri's touch was magic, or the drink was warming his insides. Things were getting a bit heated. His nerves were prickling, stretched taut if he had to put a word to it.

    "Yes," he managed, in a tight voice before taking a gulp of his drink. "It is beginning to feel a bit - sore. Best to be cautious. You're right, Siri. We better go check it out."

    "And be sure, I'll kiss it and make it much, much better," Siri whispered into his ear.

    His hand slipped at the words murmured so intimately and the drink toppled off the bar spilling alcohol and whatever else made up a good bombshell (something a little sweet, something a little spicy) all down the front of his trousers.

    "Oh dear," Obi-Wan sighed.

    "Learn to hold your liquor, you should," Yoda chortled merrily.

    Obi-Wan resisted the urge to glare at his elder, even as Siri sidled closer.

    "Don't worry," she gave a quiet laugh. "You won't need those for much longer anyway."

    "Ah, it'll take a few minutes for Anakin to get to the Temple and return with a change even if you happen to catch him on the comlink just now," Obi-Wan grumbled, trying to wipe off the excess of liquid. Siri's hand reached out as if to help and paused.

    "May I?" she asked, a bit breathlessly.

    "Oh, for Force's sake." Mace leaned over. "Use the Force, Kenobi - create a wind vortex to evaporate the moisture. Or should I send Siri out to get some," he smirked, "adult pads?"

    "Obi-Wan deserves a break," Siri spoke up. "After all, he had to entertain that liaison *all* night, and then deal with Anakin and the holo-reporters this evening, and now you two! Here Obi," she said a bit softer, turning him toward her. "Let me take care of you."

    Obi-Wan swallowed, thinking *yes* but he had no time to voice his agreement before she was reaching for him.

    Carefully, she held her hand just above his lap, using the Force to rapidly evaporate the water.

    "Thank you, Siri," he said when she was done. It was better, but the rapid soaking then drying of the material seemed to have made it - tight.

    "You still look uncomfortable," Siri commented, smiling at him. "Let me take you. Home, that is. I need to check that wound, I think it's swelling."

    Looping her arm through his, Siri gave a gentle tug pulling him from his chair. As they passed the Grand Masters she leveled them with a threatening stare, just daring them to say a word.

    Mace shrugged. He was undercover anyway and really, who cared? Obi-Wan deserved a night off "Don't worry, Mace, I'll see to it that Obi-Wan is feeling 'up' to things shortly," Siri assured the bald Councilman. "Believe me, I'll have things well in hand once we get to his quarters."

    "I hope you do a better job than Anakin," Obi-Wan murmured.

    Mace took one horrified look at Yoda, then covered his ears with his hands, rocking back and forth. "I am hearing things; I am NOT hearing this, barkeep - another drink or two or three."

    "What? Listen, Anakin does not have the healers touch. I swear he treats every little scratch I get like I'm a droid, tightening nuts -"

    "Forget Anakin, Kenobi," Siri ordered. "Don't let that swell too much, too soon, either. We're going back to the Temple and you are going to prove you're a better man with one functioning lightsaber than Anakin with - what - ten flashing ones, which are all for show anyway - probably short out easy, too. I'll have to ask the Senator about the battery life."

    . The second they re-entered the alleyway, under the cover of night and blissfully alone, Obi-Wan spun Siri around pressing her between the solid outside wall and himself.

    "I am the better man." The tone of his voice, softly accented, was low but sure. "At least for you. And I am up to the challenge of proving it," he told her with a shift of his hips as he pressed closer.

    Siri couldn't help a little gasp at the contact, and his blue eyes flicked to her lips as she did.

    "Not that you will *ever*," he leaned close his lips just barely brushing over her cheek, "have *any* basis for comparison."

    Siri nodded, not quite sure she was capable of speech and Obi-Wan kissed the lobe of her ear once, in reply.

    "Now," Obi-Wan pulled back to look at her, a teasing glint to his eyes. "What were you saying about 'taking'... ?"

    Siri shook the momentary stupor from her head, and wrapped her arms around him, not willing to let him get the upper hand, not for long. "I am taking you home," she started, her hands slipping lower, "and you are taking off your dirty trousers. And then we'll see what else needs to be taken into hand."

    And with that she gave a firm squeeze.

    "I'm sure I'll be jumping for joy at your touch," Obi-Wan groaned. "You're already taking things well in hand, but this is hardly the time or place to, ah, get up to anything."
    Siri wiggled against Obi-Wan. "I think you're already up to things, but you're right, this isn't very romantic is it?"

    "My mind says no no matter what the rest is up to," Obi-Wan agreed. He took a deep breath and carefully stepped backwards. Thank the Force for Jedi discipline of the muscles, he was going to be able to walk straight. He took Siri's arm and they walked to a corner where they could flag a speeder.

    "You prefer Virgin Bombshells?" Siri asked casually.

    Obi-Wan touched her cheek and leaned forward, grinning madly. "A Bombshell is a Bombshell, especially if blonde and sassy, Siri."

    "And who is that?" Siri turned to see two men - one using a purple mushroom sized umbrella and the other carrying a large briefcase - approaching.

    "Oh boy," Obi-Wan paled "It's Inigo Montoya and his shrink Sunblocker."

    "Sunblocker and Inigo Montoya," Siri grinned "They allow us to make love. They are nice giving ideas."

    "I'm sure I'll be jumping for joy at your touch," Obi-Wan groaned. "You're already taking things well in hand, but this is hardly the time or place to, ah, get up to anything."

    Siri wiggled against Obi-Wan. "I think you're already up to things, but you're right, this isn't very romantic is it?"

    "My mind says no no matter what the rest is up to," Obi-Wan agreed. He took a deep breath and carefully stepped backwards. Thank the Force for Jedi discipline of the muscles, he was going to be able to walk straight. He took Siri's arm and they walked to a corner where they could flag a speeder.

    "You prefer Virgin Bombshells?" Siri asked casually.

    Obi-Wan touched her cheek and leaned forward, grinning madly. "A Bombshell is a Bombshell, especially if blonde and sassy, Siri."

    "And who is that?" Siri turned to see two men - one using a purple mushroom sized umbrella and the other carrying a large briefcase - approaching.

    "Oh boy," Obi-Wan paled "It's Inigo Montoya and his shrink Sunblocker."

    "Sunblocker and Inigo Montoya," Siri grinned "They allow us to make love. They are nice giving ideas."

    Obi-Wan was a bit affronted. "I don't need any outside ideas; the Force guides us, not - not shrinks."

    "Oh yes, so speaks the padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn. Listen to the Loving - er, Living - Force." Siri patted his hand. "Shall we send them away?"

    At that moment, the airtaxi arrived and Obi-Wan ushered her in quickly, wary of any interruptions that might delay them.

    Ever the gentleman, Obi-Wan opened the door and held her hand as she sat on the comfy airtaxi seat and as he joined her she tugged him closer, not wanting to let go.

    "Ahem that doesn't work," Obi-Wan mused. "Master Windu tried, Anakin tried, Master Yoda tried instead of do or don't and didn't use his gimer stick."

    At that moment, the airtaxi arrived and Obi-Wan ushered her in quickly, wary of any interruptions that might delay them.

    Ever the gentleman, Obi-Wan opened the door and held her hand as she sat on the comfy airtaxi seat and as he joined her she tugged him closer, not wanting to let go.
    "Ahem that doesn't work," Obi-Wan mused. "Master Windu tried, Anakin tried, Master Yoda tried instead of do or don't and didn't use his gimer stick."

    "Who told you that?" Siri was amused. "None of those three tried anything with me."

    "Oh - oh, no." Obi-Wan flushed. "Just a flashback to something - with Qui-Gon." His eyes saddened. Siri pressed a kiss to the closed lids.

    "Live in the moment, Kenobi, okay?" So saying, her lips moved lower and brushed his. As expected, his expression loosened and his arm went around Siri's shoulders.

    "Well, this isn't the technique I was taught to let go and live in the moment - but I far prefer it to Qui-Gon's exhortations or Master Yoda's gimer stick."

    "Speaking of sticks..." Siri grinned and moved a few centimeters back. "This is hardly the time or place - just hold me for now." So saying, Siri settled against Obi-Wan's chest as his arms came around her. They sat in a companionable silence in the back seat of the airtaxi.

    But the airtaxi made a sudden move when a bright yellow open airspeeder with Anakin behind the controls zoomed past.
    Obi-Wan moved against Siri.
    Siri tumbled in the backseat against the window.
    The airtaxi made another move.

    And Siri had one look at her companion and started to giggle. "You're green Kenobi."

    "Uh you know Siri. I don't like flying."

    Suddenly giggles turned to a sigh. "Oh, dear, you're going to need to lie down in a quiet room and refrain from any exertion for a while, aren't you? That padawan of yours spoils everything."

    Siri fumbled for a bag, just in case. She had hoped to fumble for something else, but no way was Obi-Wan going to be up for anything soon.

    But she was not totally dissuaded from her goal. Instead, she relaxed into the Force and meditated for a moment as the taxi moved through the air, hoping that Obi-Wan would join her in the calming activity that would also serve to regenerate him for what was to come.

    It was only a moment, and she could feel that Obi-Wan had joined her in meditation. In the Force their signatures, swirls of color, danced around each other, twisting and flowing together and an overwhelming sense of rightness filled her as it only had a few times before.

    As the airtaxi came to a stop, both Siri and Obi-Wan opened their eyes and turned to each other. Siri was delighted by the glimmer of happiness she saw in the depth of Obi-Wan's blue-greys.

    "Well?" She raised her eyebrows.

    "My recovery time is remarkable, I assure you," he said with a promising grin.

    "Just what I was hoping to hear," she replied, watching with delight as his grin widened and a familiar gleam appeared in his eyes.

    It was only a moment, and she could feel that Obi-Wan had joined her in meditation. In the Force their signatures, swirls of color, danced around each other, twisting and flowing together and an overwhelming sense of rightness filled her as it only had a few times before.

    As the airtaxi came to a stop, both Siri and Obi-Wan opened their eyes and turned to each other. Siri was delighted by the glimmer of happiness she saw in the depth of Obi-Wan's blue-greys.

    "Well?" She raised her eyebrows.

    "My recovery time is remarkable, I assure you," he said with a promising grin, taking Siri by the hand and guiding her out of the air taxi. "I'm feeling quite up to whatever you have in mind."

    "Just what I was hoping to hear," she replied, watching with delight as his grin widened and a familiar gleam appeared in his eyes. The two entered the Temple, nodding to fellow Jedi as they headed for the residential quarters. "You know, I really am looking forward to removing my pants - dry or not by now - they itch something fierce," Obi-Wan murmured.

    "Are you sure it's the pants that is the cause of that?" Siri's eyes danced merrily. "Oh, and by the way, I was hoping I would have the honors of - making you more comfortable - in your skin."

    Oh, you'll get the honor," he assured her. "If you can hold on just another moment, I'd prefer it was away from prying eyes, however."

    "Mmm," Siri smiled up at him, unable to resist the desire to slip her hands around his waist. " Of course, Obi-Wan. What should I hold on to?" she teased him, nimble fingers sliding along his belt toward the buckle at the front.

    Just as she reached the buckle, Obi-Wan gave a very deliberate cough. Looking up, Siri realized that they were passing a throng of younglings and their instructor, and she had to bite back a giggle at the very unimpressed look that Jocasta Nu shot her as she and Obi-Wan passed.

    The moment they were out of earshot, Obi-Wan slanted a look of mock-sternness her way. "Such a bad example to set for the children," he chided.

    Siri rolled her eyes at him. "Only because I got caught."

    "Scandalous," he said with a chuckle as he motioned towards the nearest turbolift. "You're incorrigible."

    "Yup; you know, don't you, that Nu was only pretending disapproval? She envies me, Kenobi, envies me; that was a devouring look she shot at you; the disapproval was for the one apparently about to get you." Siri giggled.

    "C'mon, Siri, Nu approves of very little."

    "And some," she battered her eyes, "not so very little, either - her gimlet eyes see all - heck, now I'm jealous of her."

    As the turbolift doors closed behind them Siri pressed Obi-Wan up against the far wall, much as he had done in the alley. She was relentless even though she knew the bar was likely pushing uncomfortably into his back. He didn't seem to notice.

    "I'm curious," she murmured, her hands slipping with purpose, down his front again. "Just how 'not so very little' the situation can get." She was looking up at him through her eyelashes now, and his head tilted toward her.

    "It's no mystery," he replied, his own hands rising to grip her waist. "Not to you..."

    "It seems we always get inturrupted," she pouted, leaning closer until her mouth was hovering so near to his.

    "Yes," he agreed in a low voice, then the corner of his eyes crinkled in undisguised mirth, "but there was that one time..."

    "Hey!" Siri pretended to pout. "I tried to give you some TLC but you insisted on falling down on the job."

    "Falling down?" Obi-Wan chuckled. "I was on meds and recovering from a fairly serious injury. Not even the Force was, ah, up to things on my behalf."

    "Hm," Siri pursed her lips, not entirely placated.

    "At least you had the opportunity to, ah, survey the goods," Obi-Wan added, mischief lighting his blue eyes as he grinned at her.

    Siri couldn't help but smile back; her fingers lifted to trace the sides of his face, her hands smoothed over his shoulders, then down his back and around his waist again. "No injuries to speak of this time, Kenobi. No excuses."

    "No excuses, no interruptions," he agreed.

    The turbolift dinged then, signaling the arrival at their floor and much, much more. They smiled at each other, both knowing Obi-Wan's quarters were now only steps away.

    Two steps later both stopped in dismay as Obi-Wan's door swooshed open. "Beat you here," Anakin cheered, leaning lazily against the door jamb, clad in pyjamas. "I just made the popcorn and started the vid - come join me. Oh, and Siri, you can have my bed - your quarters got flooded by a faulty sprinker. Aayla was kind enough to bring your nightclothes and a change of clothing over; she was going to host you, but I said I was going to pull an all nighter so my bed would be free."

    In a flash of motion, Obi-Wan activated his lightsaber, aiming to slice Anakin clean in half.

    "Whoa, Master, stop flashing your lightsaber," Anakin burped. "I swear I stopped flashing mine, see - look." A finger hooked in his waistband, started to move - down - but a gesture of Siri's had his finger frozen in place.

    "Obi-Wan, dear, the padawan is going to sack out in the common room all night long," Siri hoped Obi-Wan got the message. Apparently he remembered that Anakin ended up dead to the world after stuffing his insides and downing a few drinks. It would be no problem to throw a sleeping suggestion on him - heck, they could float him out into the hall, out the window, into Mace's spare room - anything.

    "I was - just - er, practicing," Obi-Wan said quickly. "I was thinking of, er, sparring with Master Tachi."

    "In the hall?"

    "Um, no."

    "Well - just be sure it doesn't sputter out, 'kay? The battery felt like it needed recharging when last I had it."

    "You - ah - what?"

    "Siri, I'm a good padawan, truly. I do my best to keep my master in tip top shape, even his equipment."

    Obi-Wan spluttered. "You - when - what -"

    "There's no way you were oblivious Master - didn't you feel how careful I was handling it - you know I just give mine a quick polish but yours gets the full wash and dry treatment."

    "That's enough talk about my equipment Anakin," Obi-Wan muttered, brushing past the tipsy young man to enter their quarters. Anakin made a face at his Master but stepped aside for Siri, sweeping his arm out to welcome her into their quarters.

    "What's wrong with you Master?" Anakin frowned.

    "Nothing. I'm just anxious - to go to bed. It's been a long, hard - day."

    "Oh." Anakin's frown deepened, as if he was trying to figure out what he was missing. Siri hid a laugh behind her hand.

    "Start the holo-vid. I'll get you another drink," Obi-Wan offered, winking at Siri. He turned to go into the kitchen and Siri followed close behind.

    When they were alone, Obi-Wan turned to her with a warm smile. "Tea?" he asked. "I don't know about you, but I'd like to have a clear mind for tonight."

    "Mmmm," Siri murmured. "Sounds good. I don't know how much longer I can wait to test out your equipment though," she teased him.

    "Ten minutes."

    "Ten minutes?"

    Obi nodded. "And he'll be out like a light. You'll see. And then I can flick your switch."

    Siri answered with a saucy grin and a playful swat to his behind. "I'm going to hold you to that, Kenobi."

    "I hope you do a bit more than hold it," Obi-Wan answered with a grin. "My equipment wants to get out and about - and into things, if you know what I mean. A Jedi and his lightsaber - upright guardians and always ready to serve as milady commands."

    "Hey, Master, about bringing me a refill?" Anakin's voice came from the other room.

    "It's coming, it's coming," Obi-Wan called back. In a whisper to Siri, he added, "Soon, very so Siri grinned to herself as Obi-Wan left to ply Anakin with more alcohol and finished with the tea. Heading back to the common room, two steaming cups in her hand, she stopped at the sight. The lights were low, holo-vid playing, comfy couch - the perfect romantic setting except Anakin had settled himself right in the middle.

    Frowning, she looked to Obi-Wan who shrugged apologetically. "Ten minutes," he mouthed to her. With not much choice, she took a breath and passed Obi-Wan his tea.

    "I saved a spot for you, Master Tachi!" Anakin exclaimed.

    Siri sat down, resigning herself to being patient just a little longer.

    In fact, ten minutes later Anakin gave a loud snore.

    Siri turned, happily and met Obi-Wan's eyes over the passed out Padawan.

    Obi-Wan quickly rose to his feet and extended a hand to Siri. Halfway to her feet, she paused, stuck. Anakin had a tight hold on her. Siri tugged, gently. Siri tugged, hard. Siri wrenched herself free only to be again caught in a strong grip as a groggy Anakin murmured, "Don't go, Mom. Love you."

    Not fair! Obi-Wan and Siri cried in silent unison.

    "Mom..." Next thing she knew, Siri was sitting on the couch with Anakin's head on her lap, both his hands tightly gripping her arms. "Stay with me, Mom - sing me - a lullaby."

    "I don't sing," Siri hissed under her breath. "What I want is to sing a round of Hallajuah's when I run my equipment check on your master."

    Ah whatever I will sing," Siri grinned and began in her most melodious voice "Over there in your bed and nice things"

    "Hummmhymmm," Anakin hummed and started to snore.

    "He is ready," Siri grinned

    "And now we drop him there," Obi-Wan floated his padawan with the Force towards the bedroom of said padawan.

    "WOW he can live in that mess," Siri opened the door and tripped inadvertently on one of the droidparts - wheeled and more - and slittered towards the bed.

    "Whoa Siri," Obi-Wan whispered "That's his bed" and he dropped - after taking a jump to avoid yet another droidpart - the padawan on the free part of the bed.

    Anakin turned on his side - sleeping undisturbed by master Tachi who had managed to land just at the footend of the bed - and had his long legs over her waist.

    Siri extricated herself from the embracing legs, just as Obi-Wan was fluffing the pillow. And she saw something. "Does he sleep in that?"

    "That's his sleepwear," Obi-Wan grinned. "It was my birthday gift for him after he presented me with ... oops."

    Siri got a mischievous grin, bolted from the bed and ran towards the common room followed by an Obi-Wan who was softly muttering "shouldn't have told her that about my sleepwear."

    "I heard that - and you don't need any sleepwear, Kenobi," Siri quietly shouted back. "Now get in here so we can get you out of those stained leggings and - oh, hi, Master Windu and Mace - what are you doing here? Now?"

    "Movie night it is; brought the pizza I did." Yoda slipped past her and settled on the couch. "Where's young Skywalker - opening another bottle?"

    "Oh, he's passed out," Siri replied easily. "I guess your movie night is cancelled, since your host has been put to bed. So, g'night, nice to see you again tonight, see you tomorrow."

    Yoda was having none of it. "Obi-Wan, out of those pants you get and into your gundark pj's."

    "Okay," Obi-Wan agreed with alacrity, grabbing Siri by the hand and diving for his bedroom, mouthing to Siri, "We can escape out the window."

    "That's even better," Siri looked towards one of the walls where a piece of grating was showing an even better escape.

    "Duct-crawling?" Obi-Wan suggested "Why has it to be that?"

    "Because that way I can follow you - and get a nice view from behind." Siri patted the behind in question. "Front, back, it's all magnificent."

    "Well, if it gets us out of here..."

    Siri turned back to Obi-Wan, who looked none to pleased. "What's wrong?" she asked in a concerned voice, touching his arm.

    "I'm fine Siri. Just feeling a little - blue. And uncomfortable. Before we do anything I have to get out of these pants."

    "Well, you certainly are not going to crawl through the ducts butt-naked, Kenobi - you might scratch something and put it out of commission." Siri put her hands on her hips and thought, tapping a toe on the floor. "LIsten, can we get Mace and Yoda drunk?"

    Obi-Wan snorted. "Yoda can hold more liquor than the rest of the Temple all put together."

    "Switch the vid to something that'll drive them out screaming?"

    "Nope, tried that once. Yoda just whacked the machine with his gimer stick and scowled at it - machine hasn't worked right since."

    "Mind trick Mace into putting a move on Yoda?"

    The two Jedi stared at each other; grins of equal size spreading over their faces. "Go ahead, Kenobi - you're the expert at mind tricks." Siri pushed Obi-Wan to the door. Luckily, both Jedi were engrossed in the vid, backs to the two conspirators.

    A corner of Mace's purple boa rose in the air and gently wafted up and around to caress the green troll's ears. Yoda sighed happily. "My sweet Yaddle, erogoneous zone you know that is - wait - Mace, Yaddle you are not. Stimulate me you should not!"

    "Stimulate YOU?!" Mace jumped to the far end of the couch. "I'd rather kiss Skywalker."

    Siri covered her mouth, chortling. If nothing else, they might get blackmail material on the two senior Jedi.

    A bottle upended itself above Mace's head.

    "Yoda! You little troll!" Mace sputtered and gasped under the sticky liquid.

    "Size matters not," Yoda replied unperturbed.

    "You're small enough to stuff in something if you don't behave."

    "More power in my little toe than in your head, baldy!"

    "Baldy, it's my pride and your hair, huh that's just a few wisps of white and uh master ... don't ... tiiclllleee grrrrr"

    "Tickle I do not,"


    "Not I do."

    "You little green mayhem."

    "Mayhem I am not," Yoda closed his eyes with a mischievous smile. He sensed the intentions of the two young masters. And he waved his hands.

    "I don't like flying this way,"

    "Yes you do," Master Yoda grinned. "To your apartment you go" and he waved again to open the door.

    Mace floated into the corridor.

    Yoda turned his head. "Pure love, allowed by the Force it is. Mischievous behaviour it is not." And with that the door closed behind Yoda. But not before he had Siri and Obi-Wan giggling on the floor after a bout of tickling both.

    "Pure?" Obi-Wan snorted. "Not so 'pure' after we've finally had some time alone, right?" He offered Siri his arm to escort her when -

    "Um, hey, what's the commotion?" A groggy Anakin stumbled out his room. "Don't know know why I thought the popcorn would be under my pillow - aahh!"

    A groan of pain sounded under the prone padawan. "My ribs," Obi-Wan gasped.

    "S-sorry, Master, didn't see you down there - why, I'm down here, too." Anakin sounded pleased to be on the same floor as his master. "Nice cushion, Master." He patted Obi-Wan's face and tried to stumble to his feet, planting a foot in Obi-Wan's stomach and tumbling once more to his "cushion."

    "Ohhh - he's totally flattened and decommissioned me," Obi-Wan groaned, trying to writhe free.

    "Anything I broke, I can fix," Anakin boasted.

    "You're not getting your hands on me," Obi-Wan grumbled, accepting Siri's hand and getting painfully to his feet. He clutched his ribs, face white with pain. He glanced at Siri and sorrowfully added, "Neither are you, I'm afraid."

    But Siri had gone through far too much today to be so easily dissuaded, so she took a deep breath. "Have I told you that I've spent some time studying with some of the best Healers in the Order?"

    Obi-Wan and Anakin looked at her in surprise, and she elaborated, making to unfasten Obi-Wan's belt, tabards and tunic as she spoke. "Oh, yes. I thought that my skills needed to be rounded out a bit more-" Here, she shot Obi-Wan a wink that Anakin did not see. "-so I signed up for extra healing lessons."

    Obi-Wan's chest was now bare, and she fought back the urge to ogle him, instead putting on her most professional, Jedi-Masterly expression and concentrating on healing his injuries with the Force.

    After a moment, she glanced at Anakin. "Your master needs quiet. I'll help him to his bed and keep an eye" and other things "on him."

    "I can sit with him," Anakin offered.

    "No, I, ah, thinks he needs the feminine - that is, healing - touch," Siri countered. "Why don't you find somewhere else to spend the night so that Obi-Wan doesn't have to worry about you - in case he moans or something. In his sleep."

    "I'd hate to wake you up, Padawan," Obi-Wan agreed quickly. "You need to rest, not worry about me."

    "Well, okay, Master. I'll just haul myself to some empy quarters somewhere and start that vid again - but be sure to call me if you need me."

    While Anakin gathered a few things, Siri helped Obi-Wan to his room and gave him an extra strong dose of healing, being careful not to dampen his nerves too much. By the time the lines of pain on Obi-Wan's face had smoothed out, Anakin was slipping out of the door,

    "Finally," Siri cheered. "Now, Kenobi, I believe I have a pair of pants to slid off you - Kenobi! Damn, I overdid it after all. Kenobi, wake up - wake up. You don't want me to do this all by myself do you?"

    "What are you doing?" Kaagi Adin, followed by Aaqu Maerhin entered the bedroom. Kaagi was carrying his doctor's bag and Aaqu was guiding a hoverchair inside.

    "Oh no," Obi-Wan giggled, quite relaxed because of Siri's ministrations. "Healers, they sense my distress and come a running towards poor me."

    "I have healed him with the Force healer Adin and healer Maerhin," Siri stated.

    "And that includes that," Kaagi grinned with mischief apparent in his silver grey eyes. He had seen the pure love between the two when they were just little initiates. "Years ago it was three year old Kenobi helping a crèche master to change the diapers of baby Tachi."

    "Not that," Siri muttered. "He is healed."

    "Come Aaqu," Kaagi winked with his left eye. "Let's examine the healing and leave those two to what they are planning."

    "Healed perfectly," Aaqu used his sensitive hands and gave a stern nod to Obi-Wan "And you keep it easy and let her do the removal of your pants. There is - this time - no glueing of Kenobi for me to do."

    "Please Master Maerhin," Obi-Wan grinned.

    "You heard the healer; lift your hips," Siri commanded. "Mmmm, Kenobi - the Force dry must have shrink-wrapped you - they're stuck. Let me yank 'em -"

    A strangled yell stopped her. "You're yanking too much - if you want anything left to play with, for the love of the Force, be careful!"

    "You don't like it a little rough, Obi-Wan?" Siri looked up at him with a coy grin as she pulled at his trousers more carefully, inching them over his hips.

    "You know exactly how I like it, Siri," he grinned. "Yanking is a bit unnecessary, don't you think."

    "Hmmm," she murmured appreciatively as she finally pulled them all the way off. With a broad smile, she lifted her head to meet his perfect blue-grey eyes.

    "Well, it's too bad your padawan will never know your one lightsaber is far more - inviting - than any number of his sparkling, twinkling ones - I guess he figures he needs the enhancements, but clearly, we know who is the master of the form." Siri dropped a gentle kiss upon Obi-Wan's forehead. "Now, before we fully activate it..."she wiggled, coyly, a clear invitation for his skillful fingers to seek further, considering she was still fully clad. She let her fingers do the walking, only to have Obi-Wan hiss almost inaudibly.

    Attuned to his every means of expression, Siri's eyes narrowed and followed to what was twitching in her hand. "Oh, Force now what! You overdid the Force blow-drying down there, didn't you? That is a burn, isn't it - or abrasion from your pants?" Siri flopped on her back.
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    This was @earlybird-obi-wan last posts to the story:

    "She sure has," Kaagi was roaring with laughter "and what she is planning will take care of that burn. Come Aaqu, there is nothing we can do here."

    "No except sedating Obi-Wan maybe," Aaqu rummaged in Kaagi's doctors bag to pull out a large plastform syringe, a very large one

    "Master Maerhin," Obi-Wan muttered and followed with his eyes the healer when he went to the kitchen-unit and came back after filling that syringe with water.


    "Now I am wet," Obi-Wan grumbled.

    "Me too," Siri smirked and catched the syringe in her hands. "But this will be fun."

    "Don't get too wet," Kaagi threw another plastform syringe and ran away with Aaqu.
    Obi-Wan caught that syringe, had it floating to his kitchen sink and filling with water and poised it at Siri's behind.

    "Wetting my appetite," Siri giggled and copied Obi-Wan's use of the Force.

    And my last:
    For a few moments they played, squirting each other with little streams of water, laughing and teasing, until Siri tumbled into his arms and they both fell back to the bed.

    "I think I'm ready for you to use something else..." Siri murmured, brushing her lips over his, and wriggling a little on top of him.

    "Oof!" Obi-Wan groaned as Siri's leg pressed against a, still, very sore part of him.

    "Oh, poor Obi," Siri cooed, shifting to his side. She glanced around the room to confirm that they were in fact finally all alone and she locked the door with a definitive click. Then she smiled, settling her hand over him. "Let me heal that burn for you, so we can get on to the main event."

    Obi-Wan sighed and closed his eyes as he relaxed back on the bed.

    Carefully, with a gentle touch of her fingertips she used the Force to soothe the sensitive skin. Obi-Wan sighed again, deeply, as the pain ebbed. But as the pain faded, other sensations began to take its place. It was quite... stimulating. Obi-Wan fought not to let the feelings overwhelm him too soon.

    After only another minute, he felt completely better and ready to go so he turned swiftly, pulling Siri underneath him and pinning her to the bed.

    "All better," he grinned, kissing her soundly. She smiled back when he pulled away.

    "What time is it?" he asked, beginning to drop a trail of kisses across her jaw and down the column of her neck. She squirmed underneath him, but he did not yield, so she glanced over his shoulder to the chronometer on the wall.


    Obi-Wan pulled back to grin at her. "We beat our time! Last week we didn't get to bed untill well past midnight!"

    "Mmmm," she nodded. "And no broken fingers this time! Those are harder to heal."

    "And we didn't have to deal with an irritated Quinlan Vos, innebriated and wearing a pink flowered dress."

    "And -" Siri began, but Obi-Wan cut her off with another ardent kiss.

    Siri had no other thought except how much she loved Saturday nights, as long as they always ended right here.
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    Thanks Ash - and I'd love Sat. nights, too, if they included an Obi-Wan.
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    "Wow, Obi-Wan, you're really rocking my boat tonight," Siri gasped as everything began to rock - and they were hardly beyond the caresses and kisses stage as yet.

    "I hate to break it to you, but I can't take the credit for it; the whole Temple is shaking." Obi-Wan sat up, all his senses now alert as he diverted more attention to his formal brain rather than the one too many men were accused of.

    "I knew you were good, but that good -" Siri's sentence was cut off by Obi-Wan's finger on her lips.


    "I thought it was an Obi-quake," Siri muttered, but more than willing to ride out the quake where she was. One quake or another, she planned a rollicking good time this night.
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    Was away in Germany when this story got started and then didn't feel like reading 20+ pages to find out what had gone on in my absence, so it's great to read a compiled version here. It's been a long time since I had so much fun reading such a crack!fic. :)

    Though, it seems that there are several paragraphs in the main story post that have been pasted twice?
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    Well I'm going to respond to a post from the V.3 thread, seeing as not all of us are fanfic writers :) :

    LOL I know I like to think he could. If for no other reason than I think Sidious would overthink himself with Obi-Wan. Not because Obi-Wan isn't smart, he's very smart but that's just it, smart doesn't necessarily mean you have to do things in a complicated way and Obi-Wan seems to avoid that when he can, imo. I think that's a part of the reason why Obi-Wan survived as long as he did, both during the Clone Wars and after. I think Sidious would have been going around in a fight, trying to be all clever and talking smack and Obi-Wan would have been focused. Maybe the real problem is that Yoda kept underestimating Obi-Wan. :D

    Also thanks for the TCW links.
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    Obi-quake!!! Heck yeah. They do always say the big one is coming...
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    And Siri is (hoping) to get it! Ahem. @Valiowk: Yeah, the quick cut and paste job with posters overriding each's a mess.

    Guys, I copied SOME of the more interesting, ah, discussions from the temp thread (except the last one on how maybe Obi-Wan could have kept Anakin to the light - someone else can tackle that if they wish). I'll break this into at least 2 posts and I did not bother to attribute posts so it may be a bit disjointed, but this will capture some of the highlights.

    Obi-Wan in TCW:

    I don't mind that Obi-Wan gets beaten up as long as it does not make him look incompetent, which was sadly the case in season 4: first his not so well thought of attempt to free the Governor of Kiros and then he walks blindly into an obvious trap and is disarmed by cry the wannabe sith, Savage Opress, who should be no more than a midday snack for a jedi of Obi-Wan's caliber.

    Hopefully they'll treat him better in season 5, though after listening to Filoni's reasoning I doubt it.

    1. Perhaps some of the writers thinking comes from ROTS when Anakin is joking about the number of times he had to rescue Obi-Wan, but in my opinion (which I took from the book ROTS) that was because Palps kept setting up situations to send the team to trying to get Obi-Wan killed, but as Val said one time, Obi-Wan is like the proverbial cat with nine lives...he just keeps coming back. That just had to be the most annoying thing to Palps... Plot bunny, anyone? I could see a humorous story about Palps/ Sidious setting up all these traps to get Obi-Wan killed, and then his reactions when Obi keeps coming up not dead...

    Ok, seriously, someone has to write that. It's too good an idea to pass up!

    I would attempt it but having only just got back into SW fiction, I'm not the best person and I don't really write humour...

    That would be really funny in the right hands. I'd love to read a fic like that. Because that's what it really seems like, I do think Palps kept trying to make Obi-Wan dead and bloody hell, he just kept turning up alive!


    Filoni: You want Obi-Wan? There’s your Obi-Wan (as he's being beaten to a pulp). <evil chuckle>

    Re: Obi-Wan:

    He has to shoulder the burden, all the time, in SW (cites slavery & undercover arc)…knowing he didn’t finish the job; he left Anakin alive and because he does, how many terrible things happened...

    Then Filoni sets up this hypothetical exchange when Obi-Wan returns from "killing" Anakin:

    Yoda: Did you finish him?

    Obi-Wan: Absolutely.

    Yoda: Are you sure?

    Obi-Wan: Relatively sure.

    Yoda: Relatively sure?

    Obi-Wan: I left him on the lava shore, barely alive.

    Yoda: sighs. (Clearly disappointed in Obi-Wan's lack of follow through)
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    Obi-Wan and Siri/"the girls"

    Siri, a MarySue? I don't think so, but certainly an author "plant" for a potential romantic interest (as I initially felt Satine was).

    Usual definition of a MarySue: In the center of all action, never does wrong, always does right, is the perfect and wonderful person..." or as Wiki defines it: is a fictional character with overly idealized and hackneyed mannerisms, lacking noteworthy flaws, and primarily functioning as a wish-fulfilment fantasy for the author or reader. It is generally accepted as a character whose positive aspects overwhelm their other traits until they become one-dimensional

    Siri might (might!) have been created to counter Obi-Wan, but she was not presented in JA as a MarySue (don't remember so much in JQ). Deb's right - she was presumptuous, arrogant, mouthy AND capable - hardly a paragon of virtue, and she and Obi-Wan learned over time to balance each other in caution and impetuosity.

    I can most definitely see them as reluctant allies and slow to friendship, then eventually into a deep and close friendship. I can see them remaining that way, or kind of as how Taria Damsin is presented in Wild Space (a very close friend who shares a physical relationship without a deep remantic tie) although I see that as a bit of stretch - but possible if not probable. I can also see the friendship evolving into an unspoken (more canon) or spoken (EU) romance if the set up works.

    Taria, though - I can't quite wrap my mind around her and Obi-Wan, and I wonder how much of that is due to the presentation of the Jedi/Obi-Wan as more warrior-monk than human male.
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    @ruth baulding: A little short she whipped up:

    1. The Muse Strikes Back.

    “Are you sure this is the right place, master?”
    Obi Wan’s eyes narrowed. “The Force is very disturbed here… yes, this is it.”
    They smashed through the ventilation grating in one fell swoop, brown and black cloaks sweeping about their boots as they landed, back to back in guard position, ‘saber hilts in their hands.
    Nobody paid any attention. The various sentients milled about idly, carrying steaming cups of argees, stacks of flimsi, small datapads. They shuffled in and out of work cubicles like industrious X’Ching artisans, not registering the sudden intrusion of two Jedi Knights into the midst of their quotidian routine.
    “I think we’re losing our touch, master.”
    Obi Wan shrugged. “It’s not our typical warm welcome, I’ll admit,” he replied dryly. “But I’m sure the blaster bolts will start flying soon.”
    They strode along the central aisle, Obi Wan in the lead. Anakin stared at the people glimpsed through opening s in the dura-plast partitions. “Master… everyone here is a Mando-commando or a Darksister,” he hissed.
    “Costumes,” the Jedi master snapped. “Use your feelings, Anakin. If these were really our foes, would they be so indifferent to our presence?”
    The young Knight had to admit his friend and mentor had a point there. Plus, a lot of these folks frankly didn’t look fit enough to be a threat in hand to hand combat. It looked like Dex’s was the catering joint of choice around here.
    “Our true enemy lies ahead,” Obi Wan decided, his features hardening into stern lines. “There.” He pointed to the frosted glass panels of a large office, behind which obscure veils lurked the mastermind responsible for so much of the galaxy’s suffering.
    “He’s gonna pay for what he did in Season Four,” Anakin growled, prosthetic hand clenching hard about his weapon’s hilt.
    “We will take him together,” the Jedi master instructed, sotto voce, using the Force to rip the door off its hinges.
    They stormed through the entry, plasma blades snapping into vibrant blue and green life, the Force gathering about them like twin thunderclouds.
    “Whoa!” the occupant of this inner sanctum exclaimed when the Jedi barged through his door. His wide features split into an impish grin. “Anakin! Obi Wan!” He scrabbled about , shoving chairs in their general direction. “Come in! Sit down!”
    Obi Wan’s blade came up in a fierce Soresu opening stance. Anakin closed one fist in the air. “We don’t need your hospitality, Filoni,” he gritted out, savagely, beginning to close off the dark haired man’s airway.
    The unfortunate director struggled, his cheeks turning red as his feet left the floor.
    “Put him down, Anakin,” Obi Wan hissed. “We have a job to do. And we need answers.”
    The villain was dropped unceremoniously to the ground. He massaged his throat and hurriedly retreated behind his desk. “You’ve got it all wrong!” he gasped. “You guys are the heroes. I’m your biggest fan.”
    “Really?” Anakin had had his fill of this barve’s stinking poodoo. “What’s with the slavery ….and the deception?? And for Force’s sake, Darth Maul??”
    Filoni put his feet upon the desk and leaned back, feigning calm. He spread his hands before him engagingly and offered a boyish smile. “The viewers love that stuff. It’s awesome.”
    “Perhaps,” Obi Wan interrupted him, “You would care to explain the public threats you issued regarding the near future?” He fixed the director with a fulminating look.
    Filoni quailed only a little, to his credit. “Look,” he wheedled. “I only kick your ass because you’re awesome enough to take it.”
    “Really?” One of Obi Wan’s brows rose, ironically.
    Chuckling, their interlocutor ran a hand over his stubbled cheeks and tilted his broad-rimmed hat backward on his head. ‘You can be polite to me…. Or I can whack the Duchess in Episode one, act one scene one. Your choice, Kenobi.”
    “In the name of the Galactic Republic, you are under arrest,” Anakin told him, stepping between his master and this raving lunatic. “Your ratings are about to take a plunge.”
    “I am the ratings!” the maniacal director shrieked, leaping to his feet and pressing a hidden security alarm beneath the desk’s polished edge. “You underestimate my power.”
    Into the cramped confines of the office tottered a monster spat from the lowest Sith hells: a protocol model security droid torso fixed atop Darth Maul’s discarded legs, still clad in their black trousers.
    Even Obi Wan was speechless.
    The horrible melding of nightmare and machine wobbled toward them, threatening to dissolve the galaxy into a pool of implausible absurdity. The Jedi fell to their knees, sabers clattering to the floor as they writhed in agony, in sheer disbelief, in acute horrified mortification….
    The vision shattered and was gone. Only the serene, incensed air of the Archives remained. Master Yoda leaned upon his gimer stick, regarding the pair of them critically as they gasped to regain their breath in the aftermath of the terrible illusion.
    “Told you, I did, that dangerous this holocron is. Full of spoilers, it is; a product of dark arts and forbidden practices. Into the vault, will I replace it now. Pry not further into the future. Always in motion it is.”
    “Yes, master…” the miscreants muttered, helping each other back to their feet.
    “Deal with Filoni myself, I shall,” the Grand master muttered darkly, hobbling away on his gimer stick, his wispy hair catching the last rays of the dying sun.
    Obi Wan and Anakin bowed to him as he departed, and exchanged a worried look. Because no matter what Yoda said, season five was still coming soon. And they both had a very bad feeling about it.
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    On Obi-Wan and leaving Anakin for dead:

    1. Charlie said:

    Authors like to designate things and take them for granted.. And because of this if the author isn't careful they can unwittingly have their character do things that are morally questionable but since they are supposed to be the "good guy" they are never called out on it, because in the author's mind they never did anything wrong.

    Ben was the designated "good guy" of the story and was thus presented as a person with good motivations and good character, but if we take the implications of everything involved, I think the motivation of vengeance pops up. Making him not the best guy.

    More or less, you are saying what I have said numerous times about GL's decisions and his rewrites/retcons. You have a most valid point, especially the bolded parts.

    I happen to disagree with you about the vengeance, my interpretation of the character's motivations.

    But the implications of a clone army, Ben's "POV" (which, by the way, I think is valid if not exactly a bit of a stretch), lack of mention of any attempt to free Shmi.... I doubt these ever occurred to GL. Or if so, he dismissed them as unimportant, taking time away from the plot, something the viewers wouldn't notice...

    Because we are supposed to know the Jedi/Obi-Wan/etc. are the good guys, we are supposed to accept they are doing the right thing despite how some may interpret the presentation of the actions - because the "correct interpretation" is GL's in the end (I fear I said that badly, but I hope you get my point).

    You are of course free to interpret a story apart from any known authorial intent. In which case, we have the sole (almost) surviving member of an ancient sect still planning to destroy the current destructive tyrant ruling the galaxy, and encouraging a boy who happens to be born with special powers to take this burden on himself. Luke's hate for the Empire seems to flow from hsi natural goodness, though; and even at face value only, isn't it poosible to ascribe a perfectly reasonable (neither right nor wrong) motive for killing Vader, besides vengeance? Taking out the top leadership of an extremely oppressive tyranny is generally motivated by principle, rather than personal grudge. I'm sure when the Rebel allaince thought Vader was on baord the first Death Star, they weren't squeamish about taking him out, either. In other words, to have a piqued concern for eliminating Vader does not seem to require vengeance as a motive at all. Would the Rebel Alliance's motives in general be described as vengeful on the face-value level?

    1. Charlie said:

    I have a question: Is it possible that Ben had lost his way after Revenge and simply became obsessed with ending Vader's life because of regret for not doing it when he had the chance?

    The way I see it, the reason Obi-Wan is adamant that Luke kill Vader in the OT stems not from a desire for revenge but as a necessity: the oppression of the Sith had to be destroyed, and Vader was one of them. In Obi-Wan’s mind, Vader was irrevocable lost to the dark side: not only had he witnessed Vader cut down fellow Jedi and small children, but more importantly he saw him choke his heavily pregnant wife. The Anakin Obi-Wan knew and called brother would never do such a thing, and so to him Anakin had died and could never be brought back (remember not even his “Angel” could make Anakin turn from the dark path). Only Vader remained, and Obi-Wan had no reason to believe Vader would spare Luke (unless Luke join him).
    Charlie said:

    He instills a vengeful attitude in Luke by telling him that Vader betrayed and killed Luke's father.

    I don’t quite agree that he instils a vengeful attitude, because Luke never knew his father - he never had the kind of bond with him that children have with their parents as they grow up, therefore the pain of his father’s loss is not that of a child that looses a beloved parent, but of a child that never had the experience of a father-son relationship. And though I certainly believe Luke was angry with Vader for ruining the opportunity for Luke to know and experience having a father, I don’t think the hurt is deep enough to instil a desire for revenge – nor does Luke’s reaction to Obi-Wan’s revelation indicate this in my opinion – actually Luke’s seems more upset about Vader killing Obi-Wan than learning that Vader killed his father.

    If Obi-Wan truly wanted to instil vengeance in Luke, I don’t think he would have merely have told Luke that Vader betrayed and murdered his father, but also how he strangled his mother while she was heavily pregnant with him, and how he contributed to her death.

    I think the reason Obi-Wan told Luke what he did was because he wanted to protect Luke until he had completed his training: if Luke learned about Vader’s true identity he would feel compelled to seek him out, which, could lead to only two outcomes in Obi-Wan’s mind: 1) Luke’s death, or 2) a third Sith.

    I always got the impression that Obi-Wan and Yoda intended to tell Luke the truth about Vader once he finished his training, and that they did not plan on Luke facing Vader until such time.

    Charlie said:

    He never warns Luke about the Emperor or is ever concerned about whether he lived or died. Despite the fact that it was the Emperor who had destroyed the Jedi, enslaved the galaxy and caused Vader to fall. Yet Ben seems so unconcerned with him. His focus was mostly on ending Vader's life and he trained Luke for this purpose.

    Maybe because if Luke ever hoped to challenge the Emperor, he first had to get past Vader; so to Luke, the most immediate threat/problem is Vader and hence the one he needs to focus on.

    That's how I see it, but as with most things, it is a matter of perception.

    When Vader goes to find Ben on board the death star, he seems to be intent on killing the man. Does that qualify as vengefulness, or merely a realistic response to a threat? And if the latter, why is the inverse not true? Surely a man who just obliterated millions of people in one blow and has left a decades-long bloody swath behind him, and has the entire machinery of the Empire to back him up is just as great a threat as a single old hermit with a laser sword?

    The insults and taunts exchanged during that battle seem to indicate that both of them have some unfinished business on the mind, which leads me to wonder why "vengeful obsession" isn't predicated of both, under this paradigm.

    In other words, why is Ben to be critiqued for wanting to finish business, but Vader is not?

    But no one really knows how they will respond in a real circumstance until they are in it.

    I don't see Ben as vengeful at all, though. Now, the rather "unfortunate" thing is we have "A New Hope" before we have "The Return of the Sith", but to me, Ben, although you could see regret and sadness in it, saw the duty that needed to be done. His former apprentice was a monster, coldly murdering anyone who stood in his way, putting fear in the hearts of millions, etc. Maybe Obi-Wan had nearly 20 years to "beat himself up" for his weakness and attachment that prevented him from finishing the job on Mustafar, maybe every time he heard news about a new atrocity performed by Vader it was a slap in his face and a reminder to him about the fact he couldn't outright kill his best friend and brother.

    But I don't see his motivations to Luke as vengeance, but more like "It needs to be done." In a way, "Finish what I couldn't do." I can see Obi-Wan heartbroken words at the end of Mustafar perhaps being a plea for Anakin to turn back to the light...(and the heartbreak in that scene was so palpable), but perhaps over the years he saw Anakin/Vader not only NOT turn back to the light, but instead grow more powerful and evil in the dark so by the time Luke came into the picture, Obi-Wan had pretty much become convinced the only hope for the galaxy was the death of Vader and the Emperor. He likely ceased to even think of Vader as Anakin after a while, that's why he could say that "Darth killed your father," ..because to him, he did.

    1. Yes, twenty (all right, nineteen, whatever the Official Chronology dictates) years later, Darth Vader is not merely a person; he is the embodiment of both an oppressive political regime, and the nexus of a vast spiritual imbalance felt acutely by any Force-user. He remains the "Chosen One" in the sense that he is the key and fulcrum to the galaxy's balance, both outward and inward. Honestly, for Ben Kenobi to want anything /other/ than his (this dark avatar's) defeat, or destruction, would be a dereliction of fundamental duty and personal vows of service to the Light.
    Vengeance has to do with perceived personal wrong. That I would hope had long ago been forgiven. But the real and universal harm to the common good... heavens. That just begs to be addressed. Vengeance has nothing to do with it.
    I think focusing on Vader vs Ben as a merely personal battle between two men does great injustice to the entire context, and skews the issue badly. Vader's role and function as SIth Lord par excellence so far outstrip any personal identity he may or may not retain that it is indeed true to say "Vader killed Anakin."
    Ah well, maybe we are beating a dead Sith here.

    1. Well, yes, but in some ways it's not debatable, at least not if we must limit ourselves to a face-value interpretive paradigm. Without author's intent, symbolic meaning, or role/function within a story, it's pretty much just an existentialist heyday - you can impose whatever motives you like upon the bare bones of a story, really. Interpretation and criticsim are possible when you accpet the structural, mythical, psychological, and narrative rules and principles. So ... sure, from a /certain point of view/ I guess you could look at it that way.
    Not that I do. !!!
    I think one of the challenges Ben Kenobi presents , for a modern audience, is that he doesn't display a lot of human emotion or passion. He's kind, certainly, he's determined, he's a little wry, a little cynical. but you don't get the impression of a man driven by human emotion. Luke of course is VERY sympathetic this way, but his mentor-figure is just a tad !! removed from passionate reckless youth. His removal from the immediately understandable probably makes him a bit of a "blank" spot for some viewers... the sagely mentality is just too odd. Zen masters are frequently portrayed as "mad" in the Buddhist tradition, too - their motives are not easy to intuit for a normal, especially young, person. So in the absence of any "handle" by which to grasp character - one which is definitely there for Luke, Leia, Han, the bad guys, etc, - Old Ben invites a palimpsetic over-write... "Old Guy Loking For Revenge" just being one variation.
    /My/ revenge is apparently to talk too much. Can you tell I'm irked, beneath the calm surface????

    Similar to what you espoused, a reserved personality is all too often accused of cold dispassion and can be considered an unsympathetic figure by many. Neither Obi-Wan or Ben reacts with any hint of chest-thumping anguish (with the one exception the ROTS "You were my brother" anguish which shows the depths of his pain since it's never been so outwardly displayed) - pain is inward, joy is inward, satisfaction is inward. I've often noticed extroverted, emotional folks are the most likely to dislike Obi-Wan/Ben and gravitate to Anakin although this is far from a given. (Myself, I'm an introvert with extrovert tendencies in certain situations).

    Combine a naturally reserved personality with a Jedi upbringing and you get - Obi-Wan. I like Bail's description in Wild Space: "...and that startling streak of ruthlessness." I wanted to object then found myself agreeing - Obi-Wan can focus on need/purpose (heck,he's a general, in war I should hope so) if the situation demands it, although that doesn't mean he's not sympathetic (this is a scene post the space station where he's trying to get information from Bail's dying contact about the Sith). He can just deliver the goods (and if necessary, beat himself up on the inside).

    So unless a viewer/reader is able to see the SUBTLE signs of emotion, one assumes there is no emotion there - whatever the emotion.

    Well put, Val, and your mention of Wild Space reminds me how close to /disliking/ Obi Wan Bail is inthe beginning of that story. He references "Jedi hauteur" more than once and he. too, mistakes outward dispassion for lack of com-passion. I thought it was on the whole an insightful character study, and there /is/ a startling streak of ruthlessness - ruthless quashing of personal feelings for duty. I've always found the scene in which Obi Wan stows away on board Padme's ship in order to find Anakin/Vader to be another fine example of "ruthless" behavior. That's taking no prisoners at an emotional level, to be sure.
    I find it... admirable. Frightening, but in a good way. And that makes the tears on Mustafar all the more gut-wrenching.
    Wish we could take some kind of survey (extrovert, introvert, linear vs associative thinker, age, occupation, upbringing, all of it, and get the STATS on Obi Wan fandom and hater-dom. Somebody needs to take that on in the name of Science, you know?

    As for frightening - in a way it is. In someone less noble, less gentle-hearted, more arrogant, such ruthlessness could lead to abuse of a situation - the "someone who will make others obey to make things right" type of absolutist thinking Anakin somewhat references in the picnic scene in AOTC. In this, the Jedi Order's saving grace is that duty is based on the will of the Force, not will of a man, although when the Force is clouded...

    I just finished 4 days of reading a 3 part story over on ff.n where the AU premise is how the Order has gone astray - and how it and the gov't will be reformed. It's taking a more extreme view of the Order as actually presented in the movies & canon - in other words, just a tiny step aside from canon and it IS plausible (I'll PM you unless others are interested in the possible discussion).

    So Ben COULD have set Luke up as an instrument for the Sith's destruction - but I don't believe that it could be reduced to that. An instrument of the Force - well, possibly, but even that's a stretch. Yes, he sees Luke as the next generation of Jedi and a Jedi's duty is to destroy the Sith per the will of the Force; I would not dispute that. But he does see Luke as more, as a human being, with his own conscience and sense of duty as well, although he probably has little compunction in helping to shape that - all humans help shape others just via contact.

    ~~Referencing a removed story “elsewhere” on how a small twist in POV can change things:

    In short, the Code has been far too stifling and in Anakin's (author, too, supposedly) POV, forced Obi-Wan to devalue himself. I phrase it like that because Obi-Wan is the same, humble, deprecating Jedi we're used to in canon, only the author is explaining his humble nature as lack of self-worth foisted on him by an uncaring Order. The Order has been growing afraid of Obi-Wan and Anakin's closeness, even from the very beginning of their master/padawan relationship (which begs the question why they elevated Obi-Wan to the Council if they mistrusted him) - that's all background stuff, though.

    Because Padme dies things go different than in canon and "good triumphs." Obi-Wan and Anakin, along with two unexpected ex-Jedi D) plan to reform the Order into a Force-based Order, rather than hierarchal organzation. It's an interesting read if one likes a twist on the known.

    Only if wanted will I go further (probably via PM not to dethread this), but I found this small twist in POV to be compelling, chilly and possible - but not one I subscribe to. We've all read of the posters who believe the Order ignores crying babies to prevent attachment and all that, haven't we? I can't believe that - it is too far of a stretch and in this world we know infants deprived of nurturing grow up terribly affected.

    We also know that many believe the Order forces its members to eschew emotions entirely, not just control and release them, but demands that there be no emotions. Even in the 1st part of Wild Space, we can see this in profic - how Obi-Wan feels less than a Jedi for his emotions that he struggles not to have, and Yoda is, I fear in that 1st section, not a very comforting or sympathetic Yoda. Had this characterization continued, I would not be a fan of KM's books but luckily she backs off.

    So we can talk about if/how/does the Order force conformity on its members and at what personal cost, and to keep with the thread, keep the emphasis on Obi-Wan (what would he be like if not raised a Jedi).

    As for personalities gravitating to which fictional characters, I admire Obi-Wan and "noble" folks like him. I'm a lot like Anakin (impetuous, quick to anger, quick to take offense, defensive, volatile, moody, broody, and not afraid to express grumpiness - exasperation - etc [or just unable to control the expression of]). But, like Obi-Wan, I'm also pretty reserved (most of the time) and don't easily display the softer emotions; I'm wry, dry-humored, sarcastic, etc. I'm very expressive in my fics because I'm writing them in isolation, not in public where I'd have to "own the emotion."

    So, I understand where both characters are coming from, but I'm more emotionally sympathetic to Obi-Wan. He's far more prone to being misunderstood, with those misunderstanding not really interested in understanding. They see him hurting Anakin and/or others by a lack of warmth, a sense of duty that stifles his humanity, and a man willing to stifle other's (Anakin's) humanity in the name of some nebulous duty/responsibility. I can SEE their viewpoint without agreeing. I can see why they think his personality doesn't emotionally support Anakin - but what about the reverse? Just because he doesn't complain or show his own inner hurts, doesn't mean he has no internalized emotions.

    And tragically, the only two times in the prequel trilogy when you see Obi Wan display open emotion, there is nobody (alive) around to see or respond. The short scene after the Mustafar battle where he drags hsi hand over his face in the cockpit is heartbreaking, but there's nobody present but C3PO

    Still, I think either demonizing the character or even indulging in excessive pathos (making /him/ into a victim) is a bit of an overreaction.

    And - randowm thought - why is there no Force Choke smilie face? I think it would come in very useful in posts. Somebody needs to speak to The Management.

    And yes, that hand-drag is so very telling because of all the times we don't see Obi-Wan emotionally reacting other than with his eyes and/or body posture (fantastic acting, Ewan!). When he does, we KNOW he's feeling more than he restrain. I'd also add that slap/clasp to Threepio's shoulder when reboarding the ship - almost as if he's feeling a kinship with a droid, or wanting the touch of something, anything, even if programmed artificiality.

    I'm afraid a lot of Obi-Wan fans do tend to make him into a victim, something I'm careful to try to avoid (overdoing). Fate does work on him (Qui-Gon's distance due to Xanatos, etc.) but he forges ahead regardless. He lives, not suffers - but we see the scars. Healed wounds, but scars and I hope I get that across in my stories. Just like others have their own wounds and their own scars, but don't wallow.
  15. Valairy Scot Chosen One

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    On potential discussion topics + Obi-Wan and romance/plot bunnies/and rampart wild imagination:

    Potential discussion topics:

    So - discussion? Obi-Wan: victim or conqueror of problems? Tested by trials to make him stronger or bring out his strength?

    Or - how much weight (from a lot to none) do you give canon relative to the JA books (not necessarily every little detail, but to Bandomeer, Agri-Corps, rocky relationship with Qui-Gon due to Xanatos, Tahl, Siri...)?

    Or - his actual relationship with Taria - started when and why (what "mutual need")?

    Or - Satine?

    Victim or conqueror? A man who dies smiling and disappears into the Force is a conqueror. As for the rest, he prefers to think of it as /not winning at the moment./ The character is plagued by hardships, or should we say forged in the fire? Makes a darn good story.

    JA... well. Very fun concept and I think Watson is to be forgiven because the books were commissioned for a really young audience and that would cramp anyone's style. Not particularly attached to them as "canon" - because they aren't DARK and gritty enough for my perverse tastes. That's just an individual quirk, though.

    The "ladies"? Hmmm. Having written fanfic with all /three/ of them featured, that's a hard choice.
    I tend to think Taria was a superfluous addition to a well-established backstory. But of course one has to speculate. Mutual need - well, my thought there was either post Naboo (duh) or else around the time of Tahl's death, when Qui Gon (in non-canonical JA timeline) has his brief fling with darkness - both being occasions of emotional "need" for Obi Wan. Maybe.. When I wrote a short piece about Taria I pushed it back to the earlier time becasue Obi Wan says to Anakin during the clone wars, "it was over along time ago" and I interpreted that to mean more like fifteen to twenty years than ten. Purely whimsical rubrics, I know!

    As for the blondes, I'm putting my vote in for Satine becasue I know Siri has at least two staunch and eloquent supporters right here in the Hang Out, and every pacifist needs her champion.

    liked Taria...I liked the way she was written in the Wild space books.., and I don't dislike Satine...the stories Ruth wrote about that mission was very well written and could easily have been "canon" to what the CW were...and I could see it happening in the context of her stories...

    But you know me... Siriwan.. Anyway, I liked what Ruth said about Obi-Wan. I've been thinking about it..and although he was "victimized" at times, he was never a "victim" ...he always rose above whatever hit him, he always learned from it, gained wisdom, strength, always took the higher ground. Even with the devastation of Mustafar, although it certainly shook him to his core, he never wavered his commitment as a Jedi. Always and above all, he was a winner, even though at times he looked like he was in point: the final duel with Vader in A New Hope.

    I give lots of credence to JA and JQ even though they were written for juviniles...she was commissioned to write Obi-Wan's back story and the early years of his and Anakin's teamup, and although we might wish there were more to it (Ruth is doing such a wonderful job of making up for the lack ), I consider them to be part of the Canon of Obi-Wan's life (Siri and all

    ~~Plot bunnies multiplying

    don't really think this (but again, speculative AU fiction can be fun), I could see one of the older (legal age) handmaidens "comforting" Obi-Wan on Naboo - it starts out as (trying to restrain tears) into a hug then - . Lucky handmaiden. In fact, I've sort of played with that scene along with another "cultural invention" that blesses Sabe/Sache/whichever it was and her new husband...<raised eyebrows and grin>.

    If folks think other folks wouldn't find it offensive, I could try to find it & play around with it more.

    Also, a Whacked Universe story where Obi-Wan is plenty "entertained" while stuck on that ship waiting for Qui-Gon.

    All AU because Obi-Wan "having his fun" COULD be canonically possible, I'd say improbable.

    There's a good topic for drooling over talking about.

    Oh, and if Ruth hadn't both beat me to it and done a far better job than I ever would have, I might have considered the fire beetle incident or Collifini plantation stuff from Wild Space. I'm just not imaginative enough (or quick enough).

    Ah, well, I'm afraid the prevalent view that informed my initial view of Obi-Wan was that of a chaste and duty-absorbed padawan/knight/master who cruelly deprived his universe of a long and illustrious line of Kenobis. I have no problem with an Obi-Wan who enjoys life (and women ) but it always seems more speculative than anything - sure, it works, and yet -

    Although I've seen some posters scoff at the idea of a chaste Obi-Wan (he's young, healthy, male...) some folks are either just somewhat uninterested (by choice or biology) or not enough interested. I just finished a trio of stories where incidental to what occurs in the story, Obi-Wan essentially made himself uninterested through the Force, suppressing any future "urgings" in order to more faithfully devote himself to the Force (and oh, boy, what a totally whacked bunny that created - @ruth baulding, didn't I once mention something like that to you, inspired by something YOU wrote?).

    Now to think of a pun title along the lines of Obi-Wan's, ahem, handiwork(maidens) - Maidens No More? Some stories are big on Obi-Wan's "talented hands" as well as lips for satisfying the womenfolk.

    Fair point. fair point. All the swaggering around with the lightsaber would be... just.... too much. I think they tried, though. When Obi-Wan is speaking to Qui-Gon via comlink and he says, "I hope this works, master..... " and then adds, with a /very/ wry expression, isn't it? "...Or we might be here a very long time." - doesn't that just scream "help these women are driving me to distraction" ??

    Now to think of a pun title along the lines of Obi-Wan's, ahem, handiwork(maidens) - Maidens No More?

    "Maiden Voyage" of course. Har har har.

    Obi-Wan was either very frustrated (couldn't or wouldn't indulge and/or driven nuts) or very satisfied. Or maybe just not up to any more hijinks (ha ha). Or maybe the "wry" was hiding the hope?

    Okay, let's really get the hornets buzzing? A lot of the M stories (excluding the Ani/Obi slash) go on the supposition that Obi-Wan is a playa for the males. Why? Based on the character or on some strange twist based on the actor (just like a lot of us see Obi-Wan the character as very much in opposition to the youthful public persona of the actor).

    So playin' around on the ship, does he limit himself to the handmaidens? There are pilots and guards, too, probably just as drooly-eyed over our Obi. Are they bound to be disappointed?

    Note: I'm really playing this tongue in cheek, so hopefully no one's feathers get ruffled

    Oh, sure, Val. I mean, the REASON Qui Gon took Jar Jar Binks with him into town - was simply to keep the Gungan from ogling his Padawan any further. Clearly. You will note that ObI Wan displays a certain lack of civilty to Jar Jar. Obviously the result of unwelcome advances.

    And the whole gambit with "you put this hyperdrive back together" is another ploy to keep said Padawan safely occupied below decks.

    Do you think Obi-Wan begged Qui-Gon to protect his beloved padawan's bodily integrity?

    Obi-Wan is so obviously capable of such great compassion, and to me that also includes *love* - real, good, pure light *love* - but as a Jedi he's compelled to keep it completely reigned in 'on screen'. Still, though, I know it's there. And as a diehard hopeless romantic... I don't see him as a 'playa' (Though he kind of looks that way because everyone naturally ends up writing someone different for him) But I guess I do write him as ... ahem, 'good' at what he does, so yes, if you mean it that way. But it's because of that subtle deep emotion that we get glimpses of - and as shown evident by his 'You were my brother!' that he's capable of a great deal of love.

    There's a lot to be said for writing Obi-Wan as the consummate Jedi - there's so much to explore there with all the obstacles one would have to face while trying to remain 'perfect'. I'm just a sucker for the happy ending, or at least some happy moments.

    Re: Playing on the ship - There are probably pilots, workers maybe? etc... He can't possibly please everyone can he? (You know the old saying...) I kind of like the idea of one poor girl missing out on the fun... because she's working? Or shy... Maybe she could get a sequel

    Maid(en) No More?

    Maid(en) Naboo (so ok, it's Tatooine, and they're not in the ones, ah, "in" but - you get it)

    Hmm, I don't remember ardavenport writing such a story and I could swear I've read and enjoyed all hers. Calling @ardavenport.

    First Knight - um, Obi-Wan accidentally agrees to do the honors of, ah, consecrating an arranged marriage. He's mortified when he finds out the duty, Anakin is - comfortable with it (he's at that age where you almost expect him to egg Obi-Wan to, ah, higher fits of glory) and Yoda says in this case, ok, go with the flow, man. Consequences arise and ultimately Obi-Wan is evicted from the Order for conduct unbecoming of a knight. 3rd in the trilogy is unfinished. Blah. by Aerwyn Whitesun.

    @serendipityaey: oh, yeah, you've got your crazy side (@ruth baulding, your Taria story is far tamer than some of serendipityaey's). Excellent, but Obi-Wan is rather, ah, vigorous, wouldn't you say, serendipityaey? Knows what he likes and what others likes, and happy are all parties.

    Oh, I quite agree - I was entirely devastated at the thought of the noble Kenobi genes expiring in the GFFA. Whose DNA is most necessary, needed and all that. Imagine the descendents of that fine line, not constrained by duty to a lonely, loveless existence, but spreading good and cheer to all throughout (and here I really do NOT mean spread that kind of cheer that way).

    More rabid plot bunnies!!!!!!

    Obi-Wan's draped, exhausted, over the busted hyperdrive, and a sad handmaiden wistfully asks, "When is it MY turn?" Obi-Wan either pushed himself to total collapse - or runs screaming to Qui-Gon.

    But still - non-chaste Obi goes over both the gals and guys? Does a blindfold random pick an hour?

    ~`Obi-Wan and the “Love Manual”

    So, to be less serious here - Obi-Wan reading a sex manual with one eye, muttering to himself, "Stroke her cheek with the back of your hand," looks up, "check." "Kiss her cheek, trail kisses along her jawline." "Check; she REALLY likes that - whoa, is she supposed to moan like that" flicks to index, finds moaning, reads, brightens. "That's good!"

    So Qui-Gon wanders in and sputters, "Obi-Wan! Put that manual down. Live in the moment. Listen to the Loving - er, Living Force and go with the flow, live in the moment you moron."

    Darn it - I HAVE to do a Whacked U sex manual story now. It's too late at night, though, but I am inspired to get started on it. You fellow fans MUST <subtle hand wave> be sure to keep this mood going long enough for stories like the above bunny, The Sith Stops Here, etc. to get moving.

    @ruth baulding - you - you - must stop pussyfooting around and sneaking in posts while I'm typing! Besides, Qui interrupts and Sam would only share hair and like Anakin with sand, Obi-Wan & friend with cat hair - well, it does get EVERYWHERE.

    Maybe that (sex manual) story should be Anakin & Padme, though

    I don't think Anakin would stop to read the manual

    Maybe a comparative study? Obi-Wan studiously carries out every direction in the manual, step by meticulous step, "Now, darling, wait a moment... I want to get this just - right -" while the lucky lady starts to get a little anxious to get on with it...

    And Anakin is full speed ahead, "I know what I'm doing, Padme! Don't you love me?" "Yes, Anakin, I love you, but you skipped steps 3-15..."

    How're the boys making out with that sex manual? It also reminds of Moulin Rouge... "I'd prefer to do it standing - No, you don't have to stand! See, it's quite long, what I do, and I'd like you to be comfortable."

    They move on to chapter two:

    Obi-Wan looks at the manual - His blue eyes narrow, he turns it upside down, and then right side up again - "Well, that can't be right," he mutters, his hand lifting to rub at his bearded jaw... But throwing caution to the wind, he does as the manual instructs, careful to move with perfect precision, just the right motion. To his surprise the lovely lady's expression blossons to joy - "Ohhhhh," she sighs.

    Anakin eagerly flips to the page with the diagrams, ready for action. 'First step: tell her you love her, tell her how beautiful she is' Inwardly, he gives an impatient huff, but she had insisted he use the manual, so - "I love you, Padme. You are so beautiful." Padme beams, her eyes light up, and then she's pulling him to her for a long kiss. Hey, he thinks. It's working! Definitely using that one again.
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    I think it may be prudent for me to introduce myself here properly, something I don't think I really did on the Temp boards. You guys don't really know me and I just really just jumped straight in. So yes, I'm hlc1988, or you can call me 'Heather' if you like.

    What can I say? Erm, lets see, I am studying Diagnostic Radiography at university. I'm nearly halfway through my second year (and really I should be writing my assignment now instead of writing this post out :p) and I am quite enjoying it.

    I originally was a member of this board many many many years ago... well I think the last time I must have visited was back in 2005 possibly... and then I moved onto other things to like and stopped visiting (shameful of me :p) and for the last 7 years I'm been embroiled in Doctor Who fandom and Harry Potter fandom though I am much more active in DW then with HP. Star Wars was my first love... I was 10 when my older brother forced me to watch Star Wars. I have a distinct memory of him saying to me that I'd like it and I was adamant that I wouldn't (I was only 10 and I was into disney stuff and couldn't even imagine liking something like this) nevertheless I sat down and watched it and 2 hours later I said 'that was really good!' and we promptly watched ESB and ROTJ. Back then my favourite character was Han Solo, I didn't like the character of Obi-Wan... not until the prequels started to come out and that was a year after I got into Star Wars. I vividly remember going to see TPM at the cinema and I liked it.... and then with Episode 2 AOTC in 2002, for some reason Obi-Wan stood out to me and I started to take more interest in his character. Also Ewan helped it too. :D

    I became quite interested in the Obi-Wan and Anakin dynamic. That always intrigued me how two 'brothers' could turn on one another and become bitter enemies... To this day ROTS still makes me cry because it is just so sad. I can't really explain it. I was always disappointed that the films didn't really explore much of Anakin and Obi-Wan's relationship and how close they were. We saw a bit of it in ROTS but not much of it which is a shame.

    Unfortunately in 2005 that was when Doctor Who hit me and I forgot Star Wars and I left fandom. 7 years I've been not interested in it and then we ended up buying the blu-ray versions of the films in 2011 and we watched them again, I enjoyed them, and then I started to read my Star Wars books again - the NJO, LOTF and FOTJ series - and as I got near to the end of reading NJO earlier this year I started to gain more of an interest and I started to think back on what I used to like about Star Wars. Then in March, during my time off from Uni I was bored one day, turned on the tv about midday and saw Cartoon Network showing The Clone Wars and since there was nothing else on I thought 'well I may as well see what its about' and it turned out to be the Series 2 episode 'Landing At Point Rain'. I caught the end half of it and I LOVED it. Then they showed the next episode straight after and I loved that too. After that I started to research more about the series, found out there was quite a few seasons and based on what I'd seen of on only one and a half episodes promptly bought the blu-rays for all three seasons and when they arrived devoured them within a few days.

    I'd always wanted to see The Clone Wars on screen and for me it delivered - though I am aware there are those not happy with how its gone but I enjoy it, its fun to watch. I like seeing Obi-Wan in it and I like that they do explore the Anakin/Obi-Wan dynamic which was sorely missed in the prequels. And that show brought me back to fandom and here I am.

    As some of you are aware I do write fanfiction - my main project is 'A Mother's Love' which I will be posting in the fanfic section just as soon as everything is fixed (i.e posts being cut up... I don't know if its cutting up newer posts which are quite lengthy and my chapters are long and its not something I wish to risk) and I am also looking forward to hopefully finding some good stories here that go in depth into the Obi-Wan and Anakin dynamic really well, as that is my interest (though not slash). There is a particular story I am looking for that I remember reading years and years ago and I know it was posted here and on FF.Net but I can't find it on FF.Net and I am hoping it may still exist here though it would be one of the older fics and might be difficult to find if it is still around. I know it was probably never completed but I'd still be interested in finding it again if its still on these boards somewhere.

    I hope to be quite active on here and join in on some of the discussions and maybe get to know everyone a little better! :)
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    @hlc88: describe the fic; someone here might know it.

    As to the new posts - I can assure you they are not being cut off. I posted a new chapter of my story without any issues.
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    Official welcome Heather! Good to see you here! :D
  19. serendipityaey Force Ghost

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    I'm happy to hear at least the new posts aren't being cut off, I was worried about that!

    I would also to take another moment and just say that Obi-Wan is very, very attractive. In many different ways :D
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    Inside and outside match - both gorgeous. Let's face it, Obi-Wan would be great even if housed in a less attractive body, but I'm not totally sure that even Ewan could make us fans of an unlikeable, cold-hearted Obi-Wan that was only attractive on the outside.
  21. serendipityaey Force Ghost

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    So very true! It's definitely more his insides that I like! :D *Obi-Wan* is what made me fall in love with Ewan. I saw Trainspotting soon after it came out, when I was 16, and he's not very attractive physically for most of that movie, but I actually loved the movie and I loved his performance in it, but it didn't make me fall in love with him. Without Obi-Wan I don't think I would've started down the path of loving Ewan.

    There's something about Obi-Wan, he's sooo self-less, with so much capacity for love with the perfect touch of wry, dry humor - it's just brilliance.

    And he's really smexy.
  22. Valairy Scot Chosen One

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    TPM was my first taste of Ewan, then Down With Love, but ROTS sealed the Ewan love (mainly because a lot of his movies prior to that were not my cup of tea).

    I've always gone for the noble, striving to be perfect man. Lancelot, not King Arthur. Obi-Wan, not Anakin. Would-be perfect, except for being human and therefore never perfect.
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    Valairy, I'm with you on this. I love Arthur too, just as I try to like Anakin, but it's always those who

    "[...] are the music makers,
    And [...] the dreamers of dreams,

    Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
    And sitting by desolate streams;—
    World-losers and world-forsakers,
    On whom the pale moon gleams:
    Yet we are the movers and shakers
    Of the world for ever, it seems."
    (in the immortal words of Arthur O'Shaughnessy)

    who strive so hard to do what's best for the world and for people in general, even if they fail, who really capture my heart.
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  24. Valairy Scot Chosen One

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    Those who try to live right and do right, and often are overlooked by others (although Lancelot did have his share of fame).

    Nice poem, too, I don't believe I've read that before.
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    Phew, that's good! I'll probably start posting within a few days then.

    The fic I'm looking for, it was an AU of AOTC. Obi-Wan remained Dooku's prisoner at the end of AOTC and Dooku tried to turn him to the dark side and if I'm remembering correctly he does succeed. I don't tend to read those type of fics but that one just stood out for me. Very bare details I know but it was 7, perhaps 10 years ago, that I read this so it wasn't anything posted recently, though if there is a similar story out there now that follows the same premise then I'm happy to try them. I know there is one called The Shadow of Vader but that's set during ROTS and was written recently though.

    Hello!! :D

    It's strange really because I did used to fancy Ewan and that was probably why I liked Obi-Wan, but now I don't find Ewan attractive but I still like the character. So perhaps originally it was Ewan that dragged me to the character and now the character itself is more appealing then the actor if that makes any sense.