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NSWRPF Archive Obscure: Dark Bloom

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Climperoonie, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. Climperoonie

    Climperoonie Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 2, 2008
    OBSCURE: Dark Bloom
    Two years ago at Leafmore High, a group of young teenagers were trapped inside their school, haunted by monsters created through biological experiments by the school's manic headmaster, Herbert Friedman. Some of the children survived whilst others perished. In an act of revenge and in order to make it out of the nightmare, the survivors killed Friedman and assumed the horror was over. Now the survivors have picked up their lives and most have an education in the nearby town of Falcreek's university. But all is not right on the University grounds; strange black flowers have sprung up everywhere on Campus. Now the students of the uni have discovered that the flowers' pollen is a new drug that induces strange dreams. But the survivors of the Leafmore high incident don't catch on in the new trend. But when heavy addicts begin disappearing, the group are embroiled in a plot from their terror two years before....

    The concept was developed by me and my friend as a novel we are going to write. We need eight players for this. It is a fanfiction RPG. We need proper spelling and grammar. We do not want posts written like this:
    the man waked towrad the door
    We want:
    Carefully, the man edged towards the locked door.
    After we have all eight, we will begin. Make up your student, but their age must be between 16-18. If this is successful, as it will not be an ongoing RP, I will make part II. I promise this will be a different RPG to ones usually played. Hopefully we will have girl characters in this too. PM me your character's application

    The enemies encountered in the RPG are mainly addicted humans slowly mutating due to prolonged use. Here are the stats for the phases of mutation:
    Red skin, hair loss
    Average strength
    Red skin, hair loss, yellow eyes, sharp teeth
    Fairly strong
    Red skin, hair loss, yellow eyes, sharp teeth, muscles, hunch
    Red skin, hair loss, yellow eyes, sharp teeth, muscles, knuckle-walks
    Very strong

    Character Name:
    Main skills:
    University course(s)
    Addiction to flower: (Yes, No)

    As always with my RPs, here's my app as a sample:
    Username: Climperoonie
    Character Name: Jake Coles
    Age: 17
    Main skills: He is good at working out strategies
    University course(s): English, Biology, Media
    Addiction to flower: No
    Appearence: Tall, skinny, lean-faced, medium length dark blonde hair, bleached fringe, glasses.
    Personality: Nice, kind, geeky, tends to assume leadership in bad situations
    Biography: Jake was caught up in the Leafmore high incident. He was the one worked out that setting Friedman's monsters on the madman is the only way to kill him. In Falcreek, he is strongly opposed against the flowers, which the teachers do not know the students are taking. Is trapped in the school with the other seven Leafmore survivors during the solar and lunar eclipses.
    Sample Post: Jake entered the classroom and sat down in his usual seat. Their teacher was off sick so they had a supply teacher there. His friend Danny Roberts poked him.

    "Jake." He whispered. Jake turned and looked. "Wonder who they've got instead of sir." Jake shrugged. Just then, the door opened.

    "Hello, class, I am Amir Fend. You will adress me as Mr Fend, however. Now then, I hear you are doing Shakespeare." Jake looked at the teacher. And couldn't help noticing something familiar about him. Something about his eyes.

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  2. Climperoonie

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    Sep 2, 2008
    Could a Mod lock this please? There's no interest and I have an idea for a better NSWRPG.
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