O.C, CA OCSWS Holiday Party

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    The Event: OCSWS Holiday Party
    Event Title: OCSWS Holiday Party
    Date: January 15, 2012 its a SundayCall time: 1:00 pm
    Duration of event: Till everyone is bored
    Address: PM for address. It is at a clubhouse of a member who doesn't want the address posted publicly.
    It is on the border of Ceritos, Long Beach and Carson approximately. I will send the exact address to those who want to go.
    Cut off for date for requesting participation:

    What we'll be doing / Why we are there: Just to have fun and socialize with other Star Wars geeks

    Attendees:Everyone is invited
    Requested Characters: None
    Number of Characters: As many as would like to come
    Which Club is controlling the event?:
    Are other clubs invited?: 501st, Mercs, Rebel Legion, other Fanforce
    Wranglers needed? How many?: None
    Can family members/friends come?: Yes

    Additional Details:
    Weapons ok? Yes
    Changing area provided? Not needed but yes if you want to dress
    Food/Water provided? We will be getting pizza. Also feel free to bring a dessert or appetizer
    Parking provided? yes
    Any out of pocket expenses? Only if you want to throw in for pizza. None required

    Any special instructions: Come out and enjoy a day of hanging out with other Star Wars fans and socialize.

    Updates (as needed):


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    If anyone can make it out to this event please post in this thread to let us know. Hope everyone had a great Holiday season.