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October 10, 2003 Meeting Minutes

Discussion in 'Idaho Falls, ID' started by Ariadnae1, Nov 14, 2003.

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  1. Ariadnae1

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    Apr 15, 2003


    OCTOBER 10, 2003

    Fan Film Festival. It was a success. We raised 150 cans of food and it was taken to The Haven. Thoughts for next year were mentioned. Using 2 rooms, one for movies and one for workshops. Advertising was a problem, think of solutions for next year. Anyone with pictures, e-mail or give them to Doug to be put on the website.

    Episode III update. There are spoilers on TFN, that are most likely real. Revenge of the Sith is a bogus name for Episode III. The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels is new and updated. It has stuff to reference all the movies out so far. Jedi Academy, according to Erik, is better than Jedi Knights II.

    Bowling for Kids Sake. Erin would like to thank Laura, Jessica and Valerie for showing interest. Unfortunately since Valerie broke a toe, it was just Erin, Laura and Jessica. The three of us managed to raise over $300. Since we seem to be a service club, this is very good exposure, and something that looks good on resumes. I hope we can get more people for next year. Two teams of 5 would be awesome, and we could always have club T-shirts made for the event.

    Underage Dues. Under 18 years of age, it is $2/month. A year is $24. Ages 15-18 don?t need a parent at every meeting. If I remember correctly, the $2/month also includes the parent that must accompany the younger person.

    Christmas toy drive. It was just mentioned, to get everyone thinking about it. It is requested that $10 or less be spent on toy(s) and they need to be unwrapped. More discussion at the December meeting.

    A road trip to Boise was mentioned, to help them with a screening of Attack of the Clones in IMAX. Is there an update?

    Halloween party. It was a fun, warm time for such a cold night. It was good to see so many people dressed up in Star Wars garb. Doug and Michelle?s sister took pictures and they are posted on the website.

    Star Wars Jeopardy. Levi, Alan and Neil we up this time. Alan prevailed with answering 14 questions right, Levi had 11, and Neil had 1. Jaiden and Neil then played, and Jaiden had 6, Neil had 3. Way to go guys!!!!!
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