OKC, OK October 2003 Costume Contests!

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    This month is our annual October Costume Contest, which will be held individually at the Thursday and Saturday meetings, so there will be winners at each one!

    • Adults (13 and older) will compete in two categories: Star Wars and Non-Star Wars. The winner of each category will receive a $25 Target Gift Certificate! (If no one dresses "non-Star Wars", the gift certificates will be given to the top two adult costumes).

    • Kids (12 and under) will each receive a little something for participating in the contest.

    • Adult costumes will be judged by 3 impartial club attendees (2 attendees and 1 Council member) based on the following criteria:

      1. Overall Appearance

      2. Originality (uniqueness of costume)

      3. Complexity (time and effort)

      4. Craftsmanship (best use of materials)

    • Each of these will be rated 1 to 10. Each judge's vote per person will then be totalled and averaged for their final vote for that person. Then each person's votes will be totalled and averaged for a final score. The person with the highest score in their category wins!

    You may discuss there here, or at our own website [link=http://www.jediokc.com]JediOKC.com[/link]!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.