Tidewater, VA October meeting min.

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    We were hoping more of us would have been able to come to the meeting today there was allot to discuss, mostly the up coming joint events between the TA and the HRR.

    First up The HRR invited us to come to there fund raising event for CHKD, called the change bandit. We show go to the parking garage to change so you would be wise to wear most of your costume. This is Dec 10th. They ask that people put donate as much as they can spare, you don't have to break the bank. The is a joint event to raise money for the CHKD. They do some fantastic work with these kids and they need all the support we can give them.

    The TA Holloween party ... is CANCELED. No participation for what date to make it or were.

    The TA Christmas party can only be either December 10th or the 17th Pleas post intentions of attending and which day is conducive to our schedules. It will be held at Dawns house.

    This is the like the the XMAS SHOEBOX DRIVE

    The TA website dues will be coming up soon in march it is 10.00 for the domain and 107.00 for the site. This is allot of history to just throw away. Last year I paid for it myself which was not easy. If we all pitched in a little to cover it for next yr. I would greatly appreciated it.

    Next Meeting ind Nov is at the Cheeseburger in Paridise In Newport news at 5 pm. More to come on that latter.

    Starting in November I will be contacting our venders and fan groups for Galacticon. I do not want to wait for March to plan this, we need people to give us there input on things to improve the con. This is allot of work folks Its a community event, it's our chance to reach out to them and welcome in to the galaxie far far way. The kids that came out in costume was amazing. I'll be talking again with channel 10 to give us coverage for our next one. We are on a roll with this and it is going to be bigger next year because of the tv stuff. So lets all get together on this and make it the best ever.


    WE ALL AGREE to support this project.
    collection week is approaching fast NOVEMBER 14-21.

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    Wow...no annual TA Halloween Party...

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