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Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by Vesper2112, Oct 11, 2005.

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    Well, shoot! :mad: I'm so used to making sure we have a topic going for the meetings over on [link=][/link] that I forget to mention it here. Anyway, here's a recap of last night's meeting:

    Chattooine Cares
    This is what we're calling our charity event (which seems to change at every turn). Currently, we're looking into partnering up with Hamilton Place Mall on October 29th. With all those people walking right past center court, this will be the most visiblity we could ask for. The thought is we'll raise more money off donations this way than some of the other things we're planning. Speaking of that, we're asking for Star Wars item donations to be auctioned off at the Episode III DVD release on October 31 (or to be more accurate, BEFORE the release). Any other items that we don't auction at the release will be put on eBay with all proceeds going toward Gift Cards for the Hurricane displaced children currently living in Chattanooga. YaYa is organizing all this along with a yard sale to be held in November on Highway 58. If you have any junk in the garage, please let me know (or visit our other boards for details).

    Episode III DVD release party
    On October 31st (yes... Halloween night), we will meet up at Media Play around 11:00pm (maybe before) for the party. It should last until probably 12:30 to 1:00am. Right now, Media Play is planning on setting up the big screen to have some Star Wars video games playing. Not sure if we want to do a tournament yet. We'll also be hosting a costume contest with prizes coming from Media Play (like the Episode III DVD). Pizza and Cokes will also be available. The Dragon Caves will be there doing demonstrations of the Star Wars Miniature Battles game. And as mentioned earlier, we'll also have some Star Wars collectibles up for auction as well.

    Vacuum Form Table
    Eelem (Ben) brought in some samples of the foam molds he's been working on. So far, he has the front chest plate pieces for the Mandalorian Armor. It looks great, although tests need to be done to see if this approach will work when we go to pull the plastic around them. He also mentioned that he's having a hard time finding Clone Trooper plans.

    October 28-30th at the Confort Inn in Chattaooga. During the Episode III premier, we were invited to go. Not for free, mind you, but as support for the local cons. With it being $45 for a membership, we're not going as a group.

    Star Wars day at the Spirit Halloween Superstore
    October 16th (this Sunday), we'll be dressing up in Star Wars costumes (or any costume, really) to help promote the store and our group. We'll be handing our business cards along with trying to attract attention from the cars that pass by. With a Goodwill store right next to Spirit, it would also be a good chance to look for some costuming items. Spirit Halloween Superstore is located in Hixson at Northpoint Crossing. (153 North, turn right (east) on Hixson Pike. Turn left at the first red light).

    Membership ID Badge
    Head shots and "action figure" poses were taken to be used for the Membership ID Badges. Most of us dressed up yesterday for this reason, and I think they turned out great. Eelem will try and put these together (time TBD).

    Membership Dues "Due" date
    We never formally said when membership dues are "due" each year. With so many paying at different times throughout the year, we decided that December through March would be the window for our second year membership dues. After that, we chose our anniversary month of SEPTEMBER to be when our new year will start.

    Next meeting: November 14th @ 6:30pm @ The Rave Theater
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    [face_sick]I may actually be able to make the NEXT meeting...8-}
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