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Discussion in 'Richmond, VA' started by NekoKaiju, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. NekoKaiju Jedi Knight

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    So upon suggestion I'm going to post a monthly thread on weird or unusual Star Wars topics, images, collections etc.
    First up are the Hebrew Star Wars comics from the 70's...



    What strikes me about these comics is that there appears to be a slightly different inking job from the english versions, very odd.
    Hebrew and Star Wars have other connections also,
    Darth Vader's chestplate even has Hebrew on it, though it translates to nothing.


    Wikipedia even claims that the Ewoks are based on the ancient Hebrew warriors called the Maccabees.

    There are many cultures Star Wars mined from, expect in months to come, I'll talk about Mongolian dress, Native American hairstyles, Japanese bootlegs, and many more. I hope you enjoy my odd star wars stuff....

    oh and here's a bonus weird SW thing...James Earl Jones mash-up with Vader...enjoy but beware some profanity.
    The Vader-Sessions
  2. DERTHH_MAWLZ Jedi Knight

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    Great stuff, looking forward to seeing more like this. Are those purple blasters they have? Darn, now I need to repaint mine to be canon... :)
  3. James3 Jedi Master

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    Awsome idea. This will be really neat as this is the kind of stuff you don't see everyday.
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