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Before - Legends Of Codes, Secrets and Promises Obi/Qui/ OC UPDATE 9/24 COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by TRADMIC, Sep 6, 2005.

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    TRADMIC Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 24, 2005
    Title: Of Codes, Secrets, and Promises
    Author(s): Tradmic
    Timeframe: JA pre tpm
    Characters: Qui/Obi some OC's and appearances by many Jedi Apprentice characters (many later in the story)

    Summary: Qui/Obi go on a mission to find a lost Jedi Master; they find someone else...who is this person and how will he come to affect the future of the galaxy?
    This story leads to TPM, and is a background story for this OC.

    ***kind of a spolier:***
    There will be a sequel, set following TPM.
    Where his future lies, what his power will be used for...
    "Caliun's very being represents the old Code, broken"
    Will tie in nicely, sequel will be set before Raxus Prime and Geonosis, in the time frame that Dooku would be planning CIS, possibly having the idea for weapons (force harvester) for separatist military (could Cali's ability come in handy to the jedi or Dooku in this??[face_devil]

    Angst,Qui/Obi humor, mush, many twists, obi drunk, trouble, Qui Gon's lullaby, and alot of speculation...


    :The Jedi have captured the evil scientist Jenna Zan Arbor, who wassent off to a prison world. After her terrible experiment with Qui-Gon, the Jedi Council are quick to decode her records and investigate for any other experiments she may have had on the Force. Between important missions, Qui-Gon and Obi Wan investigate her previous locations, projects, and contacts to be sure her work has not been continued by anyone.

    There is a record that indicates Zan Arbor had a lab and experiments on the remote planet, Heli-Arn, six years ago. Since it was so long ago, the Council suspects whatever project Zan Arbor had there did not come to fruition, and therefore does not olace the mission on high importance. However, in the notes from Zan Arbor's work on Heli Arn, there is a mention of a slightly force sensitive woman named Laice. The information in these notes warrants an investigation, for the notes are dated just prior to the mysterious disappearance of former Master Renzek Reschat.

    Master Reschat had a secret attachment to Laice. The love they shared was known only to a few. The Council had discovered it. Qui Gon had known only because Renzek had entrusted him with the information. Renzek had gone to Qui Gon for advice and counsel on the matter, preferring Master Jinn?s thoughtful insights over the Council?s. Qui Gon had kept the information private.

    Before Renzek was able to decide upon love or this jedi path, Laice had disappeared. It was sudden, and she left only a letter to Renzek telling him that she did not want to be cause his leaving the Order. Renzek remained on the jedi path, but he searched for Laice when he could, to the disapproval of the Council.

    Over the years he changed, preferring to be alone. Five years later, while on a mission tracking Zan Arbor, he had in fact, contacted the Temple and voiced his intention to leave the order, though he never confirmed it. The location from which he contacted had been investigated with no results.

    Now equipped with this new information- the mention of Laice in Zan Arbor?s notes- it seemed likely that, in tracking Zan Arbor, Renzek had found his long lost love. His communication to the Temple could not (and would not, for obvious reasons) be made from Heli Arn. There was, however, the possiblity that something had happened to Reschat relating to Zan Arbor. In either case, then the mission was one that could provide some long awaited answers about the lost Jedi. :

    Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan learner, Obi Wan Kenobi, strode into the Council chambers. They had returned just days ago from a strenuous, turbulent mission resulting in the capture of the evil scientist, Jenna Zan Arbor. Master Jinn had almost lost his life on that mission. Jenna Zan Arbor was a dangerous person. Every mission of the Jedi that had crossed her acquaintance was precarious, and had always resulted in her escape.

    Finally the Jedi team was able to capture her and bring her to justice.

    JOINME Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 25, 2005

    Ooh, what an interesting fic!
    Renzek and Laice seem very interesting indeed, I can't wait to see what happened with them..
    and why is the Council being so secretive?

    Has it got something to do with Qui-Gon? I can't wait to find out! Please PM me with updates if you can. :D [:D]

  3. Star_Drifter

    Star_Drifter Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 18, 2005
    Obi Wan searched the older man?s eyes. What he had said could be construed as humor. His master had often teased him about the trouble that managed to find them, particularly Obi Wan, on such habitual missions.

    Did someone just say trouble ? :D

    I hear a fic calling my name! [face_dancing]

    More trouble, please! ;)

    TRADMIC Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 24, 2005
    Thanks for reading.

    Qui Gon reentered the Council Chambers, expecting its members to be dispersing for the evening. When he entered, they were very much still debating the mission.

    ?You must let Obi Wan and I take this mission.?
    With all eyes on him, the members did not have to voice their objections to have them known to Qui Gon. The Jedi Master knew their reservations were warranted.

    ?It is better if you send us. My padawan is very perceptive as well as persistent. Your decision not to send us will only propel him to investigate why. If another team is chosen and discovers the jedi?s whereabouts, Obi Wan will soon learn the truth of Renzek?s ... ? the Master thought of how he wanted to say it. ?...choice of path.?

    ?Agree, we do, Master Jinn,? Yoda said hesitantly. ?Go you and your padawan will, to Heli Arn. ?Your padawan holds Master Reschat in very high esteem,? boomed Master Windu. ?Master Reschat did not adhere strictly to the code, it is true. But until his disappearance he chose the jedi path. What is known of his attachment is a minor infraction. Obi Wan does not need to know of it. If you discover Reschat?s whereabouts, then he can explain some things, and Kenobi will hear them from Renzek himself.?

    Qui Gon could sensed the Masters? uncharacteristic uncertainty of their decision. It could only mean that the outcome was vastly clouded.

    Qui Gon informed Obi Wan that they would, indeed, be the team going to Heli Arn. He did not go into much detail about how this decision was reached. The Master hinted of the Council?s concern for his and Obi Wan?s rest between missions. Their last mission had been quite dangerous. Qui Gon had nearly died at the hands of Zan Arbor. Obi Wan was still exhausted. That excuse would have to do if he were to quiet himself for the night. And so he did. For once, this was an simpler task for the padawan than for his Master.

    The Master-Padawan team spoke as they did before any mission. Obi Wan went over the research of the mission; of Heli Arn, with its few moons and its far distance from any neighboring planets.. He methodically announced the details that would likely be of relevance on the mission.

    ?Corruption, indeed, as Master Yoda informed."
    No real government because of the small populace, made up of primarily criminals, refugees, and those looking to hide. No communications. Now there is a characteristic that always proves vital and interesting if one were to say, incidentally lose a ship??

    Qui Gon snickered at the comment. Though it was rare that the Jedi had a ship at their disposal, for this mission it had been granted as appropriate. Heli Arn was not unwelcome to outsiders. It?s inhabitants just assumed visitors were coming to temporarily or permanently hide out, or simply passing through. Most were wary of authority figures, coming to the planet to seek someone out. If the team were to be exposed as Jedi, chaos may ensue.

    An arranged transport would be suspicious. On a planet so far away and with no communications, the Jedi would have had to prearrange a departure time, not at all efficient for an investigative mission. There was a long pause as Obi Wan recalled and memorized some of the other details.

    ?Master,? Obi Wan said thoughtfully, ?I remember hearing that Master Renzek had left the Order. You had taken me as your padawan not long after that.

    Qui Gon looked at Obi Wan. Obi Wan indicated the research datapad.
    ?There is nothing here about him leaving the Order. Jedi who terminate their calling confirm it. They say their goodbyes. Most importantly, they are obligated to relinquish their lightsaber.?

    Qui Gon was quick with his speculation.
    ?Not all, my young apprentice.?
    The thoughtful padawan reminded himself of Xanatos and other fallen Jedi who had turned to the dark side.

    ?Master Renzek could not have fallen to evil,? Obi Wan tried to say it with conviction, but ended up sounding more hopeful than sure.
    ?We shouldn?t conclude anything,? the master
  5. Star_Drifter

    Star_Drifter Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 18, 2005
    I have no connection to the force, whatsoever, Master. I tried and tested it to be sure.?
    Qui Gon looked into his padawan?s eyes. Obi Wan knew what he was doing. His Master was trying to make a Force connection with him. By the look that came to his master?s eyes, that effort had failed. Looking away and glancing back, Qui Gon reached out to the Force.

    [face_dancing] I knew I heard a fic calling my name!

    This is very interesting! :D

    [face_thinking] Why can't they access the Force?

    I can't wait to find out! [face_batting]

    JOINME Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 25, 2005
    ooh and the plot thickens! :D:D

    I'm so glad that poor child turned out okay, for a moment I thought he was dead. :eek:

    and now Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon can't access the Force... oh dear! [face_worried]

    well, I can't wait to find out what happens next! :)

    TRADMIC Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 24, 2005
    Qui Gon heard the strange new acquaintances returning. Not wanting them
    to see his apprentice and the evidence they?d been helping the child, Qui
    Gon indicated to Obi Wan to move in the other direction.

    The more rational of the two was holding a small bag with money. The three walked toward the med room. Obi Wan was out of their view, but still able to see the exchange. Qui Gon quietly pushed open the door. The room was empty.

    There was a rift in the bed where the boy had been. The window was small, escapable perhaps, by the boy, but not for any of the ones seeking him.

    The rugged humanoid attempted to grab the money bag from the other?s hand. But the small one yanked it back defiantly and shoved it to Qui Gon.

    ?Here,? he spurted, ?I?m paying you back so you don?t search me out for it, stranger. Waste though. Stupid. Pay for a med room for a sneaky wretch of a being.?

    With that, the two hurried off down the hall to exit, no doubt in search of their escaped charge.
    Qui Gon tried to calm his mind.

    ?Master, how could this have happened?? Obi Wan pondered. Qui Gon shook his head in disbelief, making intermittent attempts to summon the Force.

    ?Should we return to the Temple? Perhaps it has happened to all Jedi,? Obi Wan suggested nervously. Qui Gon shot him a look that indicated he had spoken far too loudly in his impatience. ?No,? Qui Gon replied, resolutely. ?I believe this is confined to us.?

    ?But you can?t sense anything,? Obi Wan pointed out, irritated. Qui Gon turned to his padawan. ?If this encompasses all Jedi, they will come to us.?

    ?This is absurd and completely without reason.? Obi Wan looked frazzled. ?It?s not the planet. The force was with us when we arrived and up until just moments ago...?Obi Wan reasoned. He waited to see what insights his master would add.

    Qui Gon was deep in thought, walking along side him. Usually the young man found his master?s quiet presence calming. Now it was disturbing. The older man had to turn to his padawan to get an idea of his state since he could not sense him.

    ?There is nothing here we cannot handle without our Force connection.? Qui Gon put his hand to his side, indicating the concealed lightsaber. ? We will not fret over this. We will concern ourselves with it when we have more relevant understanding of it.

    We will meditate on this situation. But for right now, we will focus on our mission. Keep your mind on the here and now.?

    ?Yes, Master,? the young learner tried to sound convincing. He contemplated the words, the supposedly wise and sound advice he?d heard a million times over the years he and his master had been a team.

    They lingered in the city for days, furtively infiltrating conversations and investigating weak leads. The two walked, seemingly without destination.

    ?Do you have a plan,? Obi Wan finally dared to ask.

    Qui Gon replied sternly. ?We must find out more about this boy. The young typically give information more freely. And I haven?t seen any young people here besides the boy we found.?

    Obi Wan thought before adding, ?Criminals and those needing to hide among them do not bring their children along to this planet,? he replied. ?We have no idea where he may have gone.?

    Thinking, Obi Wan posed a thought, ?He may go back to that place we found him, in the cavern. But that pair searching for him may go there as well.? ?To be discovered seeking him out would compromise everything,?

    Qui Gon agreed with a nod. ?Still there has to be some way of knowing the goings- on in such a small population. The girl at the desk seemed to know the young boy. I would guess being the soul youngster in such a place makes him stand out. We need a place where people accumulate and talk. Where we can fit in easily and hear conversations.?

    Obi Wan?s eyes lit in thought. ?Nightlife...the thing that gathers all types of species and scum,? the young one muttered. He looked at the sun, shining brightly in the sky. ?Nightlife

    TRADMIC Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 24, 2005
    Pytialas and his Bothan partner stood at the sideline of the fight. Each time a contender came up, he put three bills on the small table. The Bothan did the same. This was the money for the boy?s part in the fight. He was now engaged with an ugly, reputably aggressive species. The timer indicated he had less than a minute left to fight. The pig-snouted opponent was trying to circle the boy, who kept a defensive, moving stance. The bulky creature?s green skin was glistening as it circled cautiously. It was clearly gaining composure and gathering its anger.

    It suddenly came full force at the boy, paunchy arms out and purposeful to grab the child?s neck. Caliun blocked the arms, maneuvered his head, and lowered himself all in one seamless motion. The portly being was flipped backward as they boy swiped its legs with one of his own. On the ground now, the infuriated challenger tried grabbing the boy?s leg and missed as the kid jumped up and back. Only a small tip of the challenger?s claw nicked him.

    The boy was quick and skilled, but his technique was nearly entirely defensive. He evaded the blows of his opponent until the time ran out. When that happened, the humanoid scooped the money off the table and added it to the large wad in his hand.

    ?The man is the boy?s owner,? Qui Gon guessed.

    ?Fergrawli,? the alien shook his head no. ?He just keeps control of the money, for a fee. A small one, of course. No matter who puts up Taran?s money-himself, his boy, or those two, it all goes back to Taran.

    ?His boy,? Qui Gon picked up.

    ?Yeah,? the alien?s gold eyes glared. ?Caliun is his boy,? it said.

    There was something about the way he said it that made Qui Gon think the boy was not Taran?s in the way of a slave.

    ?Where is the mother?? Qui Gon spurted out without thinking it through. He hoped his new informant wouldn?t question it.

    ?Laice,? the being said lightly. Qui Gon?s heart skipped a beat at the name. ?She was a good one. Kept to herself and looked after her boy. We like her?

    Qui Gon was thinking of a way to ask what happened to her without seeming to care much.
    Luckily, the informant rambled on.

    ?What she saw in Taran, who could guess. We didn?t know him well before, and just know of him now. He?s a scientist of some kind. They say he gone mad with experiments! We think poor Laice got caught up in them too- for Taran though, not gone mad. Girl should?ve had more time, to die so young. That?s how it goes here many time ,? he shrugged.

    ?Taran was always a gambler and a fighter. Once Laice gone, he bring the boy with him. He put him up in fights and end up making a fortune on him, especially with all the new, naive passer-throughs to Heli Arn. They like to gamble, see the kid and put up lots of money. Like you. Lucky we tip you off before you go spending all your travel money, huh??

    Qui Gon noddded and passed the informant some coins for the tip, as it seemed to be hinting. ?Here?s one more,? the being said, hoping to score a few more coins he nosily eyed in Qui Gon?s hand. ?If you do think you fight an? win, an unspoken rule, don?t break anything on the boy. You break something and he can?t fight awhile, Taran be sure you know the rule. Many newcomers find out the hard way.?

    Qui Gon gave him a good handful of coins. There was a sound and the next contender was up. A much more formidable contender, tall and thin but with a shredded muscle tone. It had a snout like a batha, and ugly as one too. Money slapped on the table, shouts, betting, and obscenities were among the uproar.

    In this place, one could easily lose their view of the fight in all the chaos. The master skillfully maneuvered and looked up just in time to see a gangly onlooker try to grab the boy as he fought off the new contender.

    The boy swung around at the attempt, keeping a stance that allowed him to keep eyes on his opponent. The long, flexible fingers continued to grab for Caliun.

    Another spectator, apparently in league with the seemi

    TRADMIC Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 24, 2005
    The young padawan walked into the line without thought. He emptied his mind. He filled it with trivial details- the number of contestants before him, the waiting for the boy?s words, indicating he was still conscious, the feel of the money in his hand, feel of the key in his pocket, his own breathing...

    There has to be another way, he thought.

    One did not come to him as he bristled up the line. Of all the missions, all the times Obi Wan had fought, never in his life had his master asked him to do such a thing. Obi Wan almost shook as his doubt pulled on him.

    What if I simply cannot do it? Obi Wan had another stunning revelation.

    He was surprised at how much his focus, his gathering, calming of his mind, relied on his force connection. His thoughts were everywhere, he realized, unfocused and in a panic.

    He moved up until only a few contenders were before him, close enough to see the boy. His breathing was crisply audible. He still made the call of no knockout by indicating the ?next? contender.

    Obi Wan didn?t look at him. He was in plain view of the audience now. He could neither look down, afraid, suspicious. The short walk from the line to the boy seemed in slow motion. Obi Wan?s legs felt like lead.

    He would do as he was asked, do his duty as always...

    He looked away to a Trendoshan spectator, laughing loudly at the contenders, especially Obi Wan. Obi Wan focused on it?s face. He would pretend he was hitting the Trendoshan. That would give him the strength and focus he needed. He couldn?t look at the boy.

    In his peripheries, though, he saw the swelled face and his eyes moved to it involuntarily.

    He wished they hadn?t.

    The boy?s eyes were slivers, but he must have recognized Obi Wan. He took a labored breath and mouthed, thank you.

    Obi Wan felt himself crumbling rapidly. He would fall to pieces, blow the jedi?s cover, and...he closed his eyes, loosely swung his arm backward, brought it forward and connected. He had opened his eyes just enough to make the aim exact.

    And the face he saw was not the Trendoshan?s.

    Obi Wan fell to his knees with the impact and the sight. Wails of victory reached the jedi?s ears and his eyes began welling. He quickly covered them with his loosely hanging sleeves, and proceeded to turn the gesture into one of wiping sweat from his brow.

    He stood quickly, raising his hand in the air in triumph, shouting a victorious sound as the audience cheered loudly. Fegrawli grabbed Obi wan?s raised arm, keeping it in the air.

    After what seemed an excruciating eternity, the humanoid finally let go. It took a huge wad of rolled up bills and slapped it into Obi Wan?s hand. The noise was still loud. The Bothan spoke into Obi Wan?s ear.
    ?Taking?? he asked. Obi Wan nodded in approval.

    ?Tell him to be back, three days,? instructed the beastly humanoid. Fegrawli pulled a key from his pocket and climbed onto a movable structure.

    ?Hang on to him..? The Bothan motioned to Caliun. Obi Wan put one arm easily around the small boy as the furred beast released the small hands from the cuffs. The unconscious boy slouched forward. Obi Wan caught the light weight.

    Playing the part, he lifted the boy over his shoulder carelessly. The humanoid gawked at the gesture.
    ?And don?t break anything,? he warned.

    The knock out must have been the final big event for the night. The entire place seemed quieted down a bit, its guests satisfied to settle into intoxicated passivity as Obi Wan made him way out.

    He focused on the exit as he made his way to it, halted only slightly by yells and congratulatory slaps on the back.

    He made his way to the hidden gravsled. The young jedi was anxious to get out of there, but he did not go through this only to be caught. He focused and used extreme caution, checking and rechecking to be sure he was not being followed.

    He must remain focused, he knew. It would be difficult to manage the gravsled and hold on to
  10. Star_Drifter

    Star_Drifter Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 18, 2005
    Qui Gon looked directly into Obi Wan?s terrified eyes. He cupped his hands over the young man?s ear once more.

    ?If you don?t do this, this Fegrawli, or whoever the winner is, will take the boy. With us he will at least be safe for the rest of the night and we can get answers. He is the link, Obi Wan, I just can?t explain it all right now. You must trust me,.? the master urged.

    [face_thinking] Hmmmm... And, Caliun is Laice's son...

    [face_dancing] This just keeps getting better and better! You are a terrific writer! You have a wonderful sense of humor that is so true to Obi and Qui!

    Answers I need! Post more, you must! Please? [face_batting]


    TRADMIC Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 24, 2005
    The jedi took the gravsleds back to the ship, pushing them to full speed. Qui Gon took the control unit from his belt and released the protection shields. They took their lightsabers and other necessities quickly.

    Qui Gon put a strong, age worn hand on his padawan?s shoulder. Their eyes locked, a wordless exchange. The master and padawan team started the ship towards the center.

    Closer to the city, closer to breaking a promise.

    They assumed they may find Caliun along the way. He had to have been trekking through the hot dusty area. The jedi would tell him their concerns and explain the need to break the promise.
    They hadn?t found him.

    The jedi had never even see Taran. The most logical way to find him would be through Caliun. The most logical place to find Caliun was going back to the cavern.

    The jedi had hoped the cavern would be empty. They hadn?t enough knowledge to know often these events took place. Obi Wan had remembered Fergrawli?s warning to tell Caliun to return in three days. Had it been three days? They couldn?t remember.

    Obi Wan brought the ship down far enough from the cavern to be hidden. Outside the ship, Qui Gon put up the protection shields and clipped the control unit onto his utility belt.

    Striding up and coming upon the cavern, the jedi saw that in fact there was another event in progress. It didn?t matter if they would have to fight. It didn?t matter that they didn?t have the Force.

    Not much. They were still greatly outnumbered, but they had their lightsabers now. In their many missions together, the jedi had had countless battles in which they were vastly outnumbered and faced unimaginable perils.

    ?Weapon check,? belted a snaggletooth being. In reply, the jedi activated their lightsabers simultaneously.

    ?Jedi!? The guard screamed the warning as he yanked a blaster from his side. The jedi were quick to deflect the bolts. Qui Gon inched closer. The green glow neatly cut through the blaster, rendering it useless. The guard took cover.

    The commotion caused the rest of the guards to rush to the scene. Obi Wan impulsively thrust out his arm to force push them back. He quickly corrected himself and poised for the attack. The two jedi deflected the peppering bolts, lightsabers aglow with constant motion. They disarmed the guards quickly and efficiently.

    Hollers of fear and warning reverberated as guards and guests fell back and retreated.

    The echoed warning had trickled into the cavern and the place erputed with chaos. Scoundrels and beasts alike cowered and tore past the jedi attempting to flee.

    Qui Gon?s acute sight caught that of Fergrawli and Pytialas. The small human was pulling Fergrawli?s overcoat, urging him to get out. The fur of the audacious Bothan was black with anger as he saw the two familiar faces. He stood his ground for a moment. The two jedi advanced on them unyieldingly. Still a far distance and coming against the crowd, Fergrawli judged they would easily escape the jedi, and reluctantly turned to escape.

    The two ran off in the direction opposite everyone else.

    The jedi were in immediate pursuit, weaving between the retreating dregs. They were running against the crowd and even slowed by the occasional one or gang of cockier fighters.

    They were farther back in the cavern now, where many were still unaware of what had been the cause of the turmoil. Obi Wan saw Fergrawli cut a corner up ahead. He came out pulling Caliun, who looked like he?d been fighting.

    At seeing the pursuing jedi, his face twisted with surprise, terror, and anger. Fergrawli?s enormous arms pulled at the small boy to escape with them.

    Not quite resisting but staring down the approaching jedi, he screamed out at them. ?You promised! You promised me! Is this the reverence of a jedi promise!? Caliun?s eyes showed an unimaginable terror, but they teared. ?Liars!?

    By the color of his fur, the Bothan was clearly getting more angry. Instead of pulling him, the hairy arm swooped around C
  12. Star_Drifter

    Star_Drifter Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 18, 2005
    ?I?m sorry,? Caliun?s voice whispered innocentl

    Qui Gon started to say something.
    Caliun?s hands shot up simultaneously, one in his padawan?s direction and one at him.

    That was the last thing the jedi remembered.

    :eek: Oh, oh! Just who's side is Caliun on anyway?

    I suspected that he had been the cause of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon losing their use of the Force, and I was right! [face_dancing]

    This is such a great story! Wonderful update!!! =D= =D= =D=

    Can't wait to find out what happens next! [face_batting]
  13. JOINME

    JOINME Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 25, 2005
    Oh my gosh!


    what a terrific story!

    I didn't understand why Taran would ask Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon to use the Force if he had stolen it...but it was Caliun all along! I admit,you caught me by surprise there..although I only had the faintest inkling..

    This was so wonderfully gripping!

    What's going to happen next? oh dear.. [face_worried]

    I can't wait to find out! Please PM me if you can with your updates, because I don't want to miss them. :D

    TRADMIC Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 24, 2005
    Qui Gon?s eyes blinked wearily.

    It took some time for him to recall what had happened. He lay, confused. His eyes drifted and took his surroundings.

    I am on our ship, he realized.

    How did I get here, he pondered.
    He sat up, startled at his confusing situation. His body felt heavy with exhaustion; he was nearly lethargic. He held his head in confusion.

    Where is Obi Wan and Caliun?

    Caliun, he remembered, puzzled.

    The big blue eyes searched the area for his padawan.
    Obi Wan was laying on the floor not very far away. Qui Gon got up in haste and went to him, checking him for injury.
    He laid peacefully. He was knocked out cold, but otherwise all right.

    The jedi master instinctively reached to his own belt. His lightsaber was there. How did it get there? He recalled how he had relinquished it. He remembered it hanging in the air above Caliun's arms.

    Qui Gon looked outside, startled again. He did not recognize the surroundings.

    It was darker.

    So we are not on Heli Arn, he concluded.

    He paced to the exit ramp of the ship, and touched the power panel.
    Nothing happened.
    Now he noted the energy glow outside. The protection shields were up. The protection shields are up and we are inside the ship.

    Qui Gon searched his utility belt and pockets for the control unit.

    It was not there.

    He moved to the ship?s controls. They were locked under the protection of the shields, but they appeared undamaged.

    Were they being held hostage?

    The master pondered how he could have such confusion and yet so placid with fatigue.

    He suddenly noticed something upon panel.

    He picked it up.

    It was a datapad, with a note attached to it. He picked it off and settled his weary body into the pilot?s seat.
    He looked at the closing first.

    The note was from Caliun.

    Qui Gon?s felt his mind focus a bit. He welcomed the feeling, and felt it gather. It was the Force! He had his Force connection back! He breathed. The Force nor lightsabers could break through protection shields, but it was nonetheless comforting. It put the master slightly more at ease with his puzzling situation.

    He read on.

    Caliun clarified many things. As the jedi well knew now, it had not been Taran that had taken their powers, but Caliun. He was able to absorb the jedi?s force connections. Taran did, in fact, have the ability to harness any Force connection power that was put out.

    But that power was limited. That?s why he was never a great threat to the jedi, and would not be a threat now.

    The note went on
    The rest of your answers, for your investigation - the link between Zan Arbor, Laice, and I suspect, you are investigating Master Renzek.

    This is his datapad. Though it is jedi-coded, I have kept it hidden for years. You have your answers, for your mission now. Now you must leave and finally make good on your jedi promise. It was an honor to have known you Master Jinn. Take care of Obi Wan.

    Qui Gon was disheartened by the message.

    And he was still disturbed at the magnitude of Caliun?s power.
    Taran could exploit it. He could seek out the jedi with Caliun and do terrible things!

    Master Reschat?s datapad contained a multitude of information.
    He had been tracking Zan Arbor. He had discovered a connection, her professional partnership with Taran. He investigated Taran, tracking him to Heli Arn.
    Reschat had located files of Zan Arbor?s experiments. He investigated the files for information on Taran?s involvement in the experiments.
    He discovered the experiments on the Force, trying to harness it.
    He discovered the Force subject was Laice.
    He discovered Zan Arbor had left and abandoned the project due to its unsuccessful results, and the unexpected death of the subject, Laice.
    Since Zan Arbor is gone, Renzek investigates Taran?s involvement with Laice, and any connection to her death. In investigating Taran, he had discovered Caliun.

  15. JOINME

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    Jul 25, 2005
    Oh no!

    :_| :_|

    Caliun can't die! He's going to kill himself isn't he? [face_worried] he was Renzeks child. I suspected it!

    Great update Tradmic.

    Caliun made a connection with the master. //Take care of Obi Wan//
    Then he made a connection with Obi Wan. //Take care of Qui Gon.//


    :_| :_| I hope he'll be alright... anyhow I can't wait till the next post. :D

    TRADMIC Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 24, 2005
    Obi Wan held onto his master, to comfort him; and to use the sturdy body to steady and comfort himself.

    There was nothing to do. Obi Wan?s mind raced. His heart broke with helplessness at the thought of what happening.
    What the jedi could do nothing to prevent.

    Caliun had left Taran and his benefactors at the jedi?s temporary shelter.
    He cruised over it, searching.

    He knew it would take them longer to recover than the jedi team. But he also knew he had wasted much time in conversation with the jedi and the trip here in the rather slow ship.

    They were already congregating.
    Caliun flew the ship low, overhead the rancorous group. He circled and slowed, watching for Taran?s acknowledgment. Taran looked up in vengeance at the small ship. He recognized it. It was his.

    Taran?s vindictive eyes found those of the small pilot looking down at him. Caliun locked his gaze with the icy eyes. He headed toward the cavern, quickening the ship to the denouement.

    Caliun pulled the small ship alongside the cavern. The boy?s heart beat steadily. He walked into the deep cavern that enclosed his life, housed his secret for harrowing years.

    He was prepared to fight.
    He knew Taran would make him, not for the greed of money now, but for power.
    He would not use the Force, he would never let Taran have that power.

    But he would fight.

    He would fight Taran and captive him with anger, keep gim away from the jedi. Sure as Taran was with him, the man could not get the jedi and use them as leverage to get his evil hands on the dangerous power.

    And I will die with that certainty, Caliun accepted.
    With that, he heard echo of angry boots shuffling into the cavern.

    Obi Wan could no longer discern whether the shaking body was his master?s or his own. He did know that when the protection shields went down, he would find Taran and bring him to justice.

    He knew once he found Taran, Caliun would already be dead.
    The boy had planned it wisely.

    Yes, he would find Taran and the rest of the vile beings that ever laid a hand on Caliun. He only hoped for the will and strength to do it in the jedi way.

    Caliun bravely faced the diabolical rush.
    The attack was instantaneous and unforgiving.
    Caliun fought defensively, determined to exhaust his assailants.

    He saw Taran striding up to them with evil confidence. The boy allowed himself to be taken, enduring many pommels and strikes while being restrained. Taran?s disciples held the boy?s arms.

    ?I knew you were his,? the dark face hissed. ?I knew when he started training you to fight. I figured your...jedi tendencies,? he spat the words, ?helped you fight so well.?
    He mercilessly pelted Caliun across the face.

    ?But this,? Taran?s teeth showed. ?Power. You managed to keep it from me.? Taran fumed with anger and hit the boy even harder.
    Caliun?s lip bled.

    Taran cackled loudly. ?Where are your jedi friends now,? he sneered inquisitively.

    ?I took them back, er...they tried to take me back,? Caliun said sadly.

    Taran looked at him scornfully.

    ?I had to come back,? the small voice explained. ?They know my power too.? Caliun paused thoughtfully. ?I am...a threat,? he rasped, tears coming to his eyes. ?They are looking for destroy me,? he lied.

    Caliun glanced at Taran warily.
    Taran had believed him.

    He was infuriated by the loss of that strategy. He would not be able to use the jedi as hostages to lure out Caliun?s power.

    The jedi were after Caliun too.

    They would destroy him, destroy the power Taran and Zan Arbor had worked so hard to get.

    The boy could be lying. Taran?s anger amassed. I can?t take that chance! He must use the power now! I must harness that power now! I must have it!

    Taran held up his arm. He put up his hand, palm facing Caliun, in anticipation of harnessing the power.

    ?Use it!? He screamed angrily. ?Give it to me now!?

    ?No,? whispered Caliun.
    The young eyes bra

    TRADMIC Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 24, 2005
    Qui Gon walked the center of the Council Chambers and bowed to the Masters. All eyes were on Qui Gon, taking him in.

    ?Doing better the boy is,? Master Yoda started. The little old master had asked to be kept informed, though very little went on that he did not know about. ?Pleased we are at his progressing health.?

    ?Well, he isn?t out of the woods, yet,? Qui Gon remarked. ?But at least he is resting.?
    ?Yes,? the green one agreed. ?Tales of big Master Jinn, coddling a child and sleeping, out they are,? Qui Gon looked at Master Yoda.

    ?The younglings and padawans,? Mace added shortly.

    Yoda nodded. ?Spectators, they were.? Qui Gon looked closely at Yoda. He could?ve sworn he almost saw the small master smirk.

    ?I should hope you defended my reputation,? Qui Gon stood taller and crossed his arms across his chest.

    A silence passed. It was time to get down to business.

    ?Master Jinn, where is your padawan?? Master Windu inquired.

    ?I left him in the recovery room with Caliun,? Master Jinn replied.

    ?Present, he should be, for these discussions,? Yoda reprimanded.

    ?He doesn?t know yet, Masters,? Qui Gon answered. ?He didn?t read the datapad.? Master Jinn stalled, expecting a reaction. ?We have been occupied with Caliun,? he said truthfully. ?His emotions...?

    ?We must tell him,? one of the Masters demanded. Qui Gon didn?t know who had made the comment.

    ?I will tell him,? Master Jinn commanded. ?Obi Wan handles the truth better when he discovers it for himself. I will bring him to that conclusion easily.? Jinn looked at the other Masters.

    Unsure if the Council members agreed with this, he urged, ?It is in Obi Wan?s best interest to hear it from me.?

    The Masters exchanged looks of agreement and nods.

    ?Agree with you, we do,? Yoda said finally.

    Silence again.

    Mace Windu shifted in his seat and pressed his hands together in front of him.
    Now what, thought Qui Gon.

    As if reading the big man?s vexed thought, Yoda relied.
    ?Decide, we must, on what to do about the boy.?

    Qui Gon dropped his arms to his side. He was not ready to discuss this. Not yet. The expressive posture and look on his face must have conviced the Council that it was not the right time.

    ?Decide we will,? Master Yoda informed, as if knowing the rogue jedi?s thoughts again. ?When told and present for discussion, your padawan is.?

    Master Jinn should have been relieved with the the decision. But he still felt a faint prick of annoyance tickling at him. And a perfect opportunity to refresh my reputation as rogue, argumentative, Big Bad Jinn, he thought.

    ?The boy is barely recovered and we want to discuss his fate??

    The Jedi Masters regarded Master Jinn.

    ?That is all,? Master Jinn submitted, bowing respectfully.
    He turned and walked out in his usual, stormy way.

    The council door closed behind him just as his new com unit sounded. It was Obi Wan.
    ?Master, the Council contacted me and told me you needed to speak with me. ? Obi Wan?s voice sounded nervous ?Is everything alright??

    They didn?t even wait until the door slammed me in the...

    ?Yes, Obi Wan. How is Caliun,? he distracted.

    A short silence came.

    ?He is restless again, Master.? Obi Wan?s voice sounded strained. ?He wanted back on the bed. He motioned to it. I got the idea that he didn?t want to burden me with his restless shifting. I told him I was fine, I...?

    ?I?ll be right there,? Qui Gon interrupted, shutting off the unit and placing it on his belt.

    He walked quickly down the hallway. He was unsure if it was his worry for Caliun or his annoyance with the Council that caused his usually long stride to move him even faster.

    I must heed my own words to Obi Wan. I let go and center myself.
    He reached out to the Force.
    As if the Living Force was answering him, the Master suddenly saw it. The had almost walked past it. The doors to the veranda had been left open, and the dwindling sunset cast a brilliant light into the
  18. Star_Drifter

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    Jul 18, 2005
    ?I?d pick you up and put you in your bed,? Qui Gon told him. ?My heart broke the day I tried to lift you from the sitting couch and couldn?t,? he recalled. ?I had to accept that you were grown.?

    Awe"... [:D]

    And Qui Gon finished the song alone.
    ~ Someday I?ll be gone, I haven?t a choice
    But listen to your heart and you?ll hear my voice
    You?ll know in spirit I?m there by your side
    The Force remains, only a body has died ~

    :_| Noooooooo!

    ?How long have you been standing there, Obi Wan??

    He pulled up a chair next to his master, smiling.
    ?Long enough to see the sunset melt my tough master into a mound of pillows for a little boy.?

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] That is such a funny picture!!!

    ?Well, it wasn?t me really who stopped him. It was Healer L?Arae. She gave the medic full reports on both of our histories of being ?less than perfect? patients.?
    Qui Gon could not stifle a laugh, though he kept it as quiet as possible.

    ?Though I must say I am offended at this reputation. I feel I?ve been burdened with this reputation by default as your padawan. I was never that stubborn. But when you come in requiring treatments, I have witnessed the healers drawing straws to determine who gets stuck with you.?

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh] I can just imagine "Big Bad Jinn as a patient!!!

    Tradmic, this is a wonderful story!!!

    And you are a wonderful writer! =D= =D= =D=

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    Dec 31, 2001
    I am having a lot of fun reading this. It is sweet and sad at the same time, but shows a great sense of humor :)
  20. Ani-maniac

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    Jul 5, 2005
    I just began reading this, and I must say that I am enjoying it!

    I haven't had time to catch upon all of it yet, and it is getting very late...:( But I will read the rest of it tomorrow! [:D]

    And you don't need to be nervous about posting. Your writing is wonderful, and I am sure that anyone reading it will love it! [:D]

    I look forward to reading more!

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    Jul 25, 2005
    my gosh, that was such a treat!

    very gripping, I was so engrossed...

    the suspense nearly killed me! :_|

    Poor Caliun... I really thought he was dead...

    his relationship with Obi and Qui-Gon is so sweet, such a brave little kid.. :_|

    and the bit where Qui-Gon sang the sweet and sad, the end bit... :_|

    I love it! Im glad Caliun has recovered. [face_love] [face_dancing]

    Beautiful story!

    TRADMIC Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 24, 2005
    Star_Drifter: Thanks for your support The parts that you liked were also my favorites to write. Your posts are always so encouraging. Hope you continue to like the story. It's going to get more humorous now, among other things...

    PadawanKitara: Sweet sad humor and more to come; hope you back for more

    Ani-maniac: Thank you as always. You reading it is a compliment to me. Your thoughts on it are important to me. Glad you're reading.

    JOINME: Thanks! Hope you keep reading...

    You know there are still things left unsaid....

    TRADMIC Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 24, 2005

    TRADMIC Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 24, 2005
    Though Caliun appeared well healed, his tests had indicated that he still required time to heal internally.

    It was decided that he would stay in the creche. He would room temporarily with Qui Gon and Obi Wan. Though he shared their quarters, Caliun was not one for sleep.

    The instances of him disappearing became more frequent, much to the disliking of Obi Wan. Qui Gon reminded him that Caliun was perfectly safe in the creche. But the boy?s whereabouts, particularly in the night hours, brought Obi Wan feelings of uncertainty.

    Uncertainty. Obi Wan contorted his face at the word.
    Qui Gon caught the expression..

    ?Why couldn?t the boy be more...? he searched for the right words.

    ?Like you?? Qui Gon asked.

    ?No,...well..? Obi Wan pretended to be insulted. ?Would that be such a bad thing, Master?

    ?Of course not. You respect the code, follow the rules...? Qui Gon trailed off a moment. ?You are a perfect padawan,? he finished.

    Obi Wan made a face, being called ?perfect?. Then he thought of the perfect rebuke. ?It?s just that he?s too much like you.?

    Obi Wan thought about it. Caliun was very much like Qui Gon.
    Like him, not so much disrespecting or breaking the rules, just having a life energy that simply didn?t allow him to consistently comply.

    Where does he get that?

    And so Caliun wandered the creche.
    Sometimes that irritating feeling of uncertainty got the better of Obi Wan, and had to go looking for the boy. He found him in the library, the gardens, anywhere and everywhere.
    It seemed the boy didn?t go to the same place twice.

    Once when he thought he?d searched everywhere, he found Caliun by the garbage bins, rummaging through metal scraps. The kid asked if he could have some of the junk. Obi Wan had no idea why until, on another investigation of his whereabouts, he found him with Garen.

    Caliun had asked Garen if he could borrow his tools, which he proceeeded to use on his collection of metal junk collection. Garen had informed Obi Wan that he?d checked on Caliun and found he?d been using the tools and scraps to build toys for the children. He found pieces and usable parts in the junk heaps and made them into functioning toy ships and robots.

    It wasn?t so much the boy?s day wanderings as the night ones that troubled Obi Wan. The young jedi was able to function on little sleep, but he did need some.
    So he slept.

    Tonight it was Qui Gon?s turn to not be able to find sleep.

    Perhaps I am unable to take my mind off the Council, pressing me relentlessly to tell Obi Wan things he is not ready to hear.

    He looked around the quarters. Caliun wasn?t there as usual. Obi Wan had fallen asleep on the sleep cot, a strategic spot to hear the boy if he did come in.
    Sleep must not have found Caliun tonight either, he surmised.

    He crept past Obi Wan and out into the quiet corridor of the Temple.

    He walked his familiar route, ending at the cafe?s kitchen. He got out a plate. Opening the steel door of the frig, he peered in, and began picking a little of this and that. Sitting himself at the small table in the dark, he sensed a presence.

    ?Master Jinn, is that you??

    ?Yes, Cali, it?s me.?

    Caliun walked into the kitchen slowly.

    ?Haven?t been eating well?? Caliun asked, looking at the heaping plate of food in front of Qui Gon. Maybe he is too busy worrying about me to eatCaliun thought guiltily.

    ?Were you looking for me? I just don?t seem to be able to sleep. I don?t want you to be disturbed by it. I?ll come back up to the room,? he offered.

    ?Sit down, Cali.? Qui Gon motioned to the seat across from him. He tilted his plate a bit, offering to let Caliun pick something from it.

    Caliun nodded a refusal.

    ?I wasn?t looking for you,? Qui Gon said. ?You have simply stumbled onto one of my little secrets.?

    Caliun looked at him.

    ?Midnight frig-raiding,? Qui Gon admitted ina whisper.

    Caliun?s smiled at the thought.

    Qui Gon c
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    Jul 25, 2005
    great update!

    That was funny Obi acknowledging that Cali was too much like his Master...and the recording thing... [face_laugh]

    I loved that! [face_laugh]

    Qui Gon looked into the eyes of his lost friend?s child.

    awww....that was kinda sad.

    I'm glad the tension has loosened! Can't wait for more, you wonderful writer, you. [face_dancing]
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