San Diego, CA [Off Topic] David Faber, Holocaust survivor, to lecture at UCSD tonight 8-10pm

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by Miana Kenobi, May 14, 2007.

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    I know this is last minute, and I'm sorry I didn't put it up sooner, but I thought I'd share this anyways, if anyone wanted to come:


    Dear students,

    I would like to invite you to a very special lecture tonight. For the past three years, Mr. David Faber,
    Holocaust survivor, author, San Diego resident, and internationally honored speaker has been giving a
    two-hour talk to my Humanities 5 class. There are very few Holocaust survivors left, and in a few years
    there will be none: to see and hear Mr. Faber is a chance of a lifetime that no one after you will ever have.

    Mr. Faber is no scholar, and in a sense he is just a regular person who got caught up in one of the most
    horrific chapters of history. Yet he is also a brilliant, impassioned speaker, who always moves his
    audiences. He spends all year traveling to speak across the country, and he never charges a fee for his
    lectures-he simply wants to bear witness to the reality of the Holocaust and transmit his message of
    tolerance to a new generation.

    As an adolescent in Poland, Mr. Faber watched while the Gestapo brutally tortured his brother to death; he
    hid in a secret room while his father, who was caught outside, was grimly axed to death; and he was later
    saved by the falling bodies of his mother, sisters, cousins, aunt, and uncle as they were machine-gunned in
    their living room. Then he went to the concentration camps, surviving seven of them, including Auschwitz,
    Buchenwald, and Bergen-Belsen.

    If you come to tonight's talk, you will never forget it. It is something you will be able to tell people
    about in 50 years-and that's exactly why I bring Mr. Faber to campus.
    After his talk Mr. Faber is always delighted to meet students, display his memorabilia, and sign copies of
    his book, Because of Romek. A Holocaust Survivor's Memoir.

    Please come. I promise you an unforgettable experience.

    We had to read his book this weekend. It's very sad and incredibly powerful.

    If anyone is interested in attending, please come! If you need directions, call me. (951) 852-3280.
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