San Diego, CA Officer Nominations & Charter Amendments for the 2009-2010 term

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    Please make sure to check on our private boards for the current Officer Nominations and Charter Amendment threads we have going. Officer Nominations will continue until the September meeting. Nominations can either be posted or sent to James in a PM. All nominations need a 2nd to be eligible to run.
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    The poll is closed and the votes are in:

    Winners (are in BLUE):

    President: Rachel Williams 11 votes
    James Floyd 10 Votes

    Vice President: Rachel Williams 11 Votes
    James Floyd 10 Votes

    ***As Rachel has won the presidents seat by simple majority, the VP/Chapter Rep spot automatically goes to the next highest vote-getter, James Floyd.

    Secretary: Emily Stevenson 21 Votes

    Treasurer: Donny Stevenson 21 Votes

    Madam President...the table is yours.

    Congratulations to everyone. :D
Thread Status:
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