O.C, CA Officer Nominations

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    Nominations threads are up on the OCSWS forums.

    Voting for the next year's Officers will take place at our August 15th Meeting.
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    Thanks Lori,

    The current nominees are...

    As of 7/27/2010... Here are the current nominations.

    Phil (Running)
    Grif (not seconded)
    ENebholcpas (not seconded)
    Valerie (not Seconded)

    Vice Pres
    James (Running)
    Phil (Not Sceonded)
    Grif (Running)
    Shades (not Seconded)

    Srgt at arms
    Shades (Running)
    Freddy (Runnig)
    Mo (Running)
    Lori (Running)
    Grif (Running)

    Don (Running)
    Minda (Running)
    Jaguar (Running)

    Lori (Running)
    James (not yet accepted)

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