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Discussion in 'EU Community' started by Guinastasia, Jan 11, 2014.

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    Apr 10, 2017
    That isn't what i'm talking about though.

    I'm talking about him being the only human Podracer at the age of nine.
  2. Darth Invictus

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    Aug 8, 2016
    Podracing seemed to be very intuitive based and dangerous. And something Anakin did either to make money or make Watto money. So I'm guessing his abilities were from his inherently great force potential-intuitive sense, a wee bit of precognition, the ability to focus on the moment, etc... His untapped force potential allowed him to win.

    Luke in Legends has an incident when he was six when a power converter or some other sort of device was missing and through intuitive sense figured into was under the sofa.

    Darth Plagueis investigates untrained yet potentially powerful force users such as that gambler for instance.

    So we have legends evidence that without training one is still capable of feats others might not be-a higher sense of danger, some base precognition, a sense of where oppurtunity is, etc..

    Basically raw untapped abilities that manifest themselves and allow the untrained force sensitive to survive or be "lucky" make money on the galactic stock exchange, etc...

    But these abilities aren't the same thing as training and actual work put into it.

    Think of untrained force users like pads of clay-they are raw, untrained and malleable.

    Now think of trained force users-sculptures, tested, ironed in fire, made more sophisticated and complex.

    The difference between an untrained force sensitive and a trained force users is the difference between the mound of clay and the sculpture, the kid who through sheer talent makes it on the football team and the kid who has gone to camp and worked at playing tight end(or whatever sport suits your fancy) his whole life.

    Raw barely tapped potential is not the same thing as training and skill.
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    Nov 12, 2012
    So at 8:36 at the Star Wars show Legends Noa Briqualon (Wilford Brimely from Battle for Endor) gets yet another another shout-out from Anthony and is declared canon on the high seas. It's nautical law! So on seas it counts!

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