Phx ** OFFICIAL RELEASE ** FOOL'S ERRAND (Spirits of the Force sequel)

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    June 10, 2006 - Atomic Comics, Mesa, AZ - Tight Stitch Films and Webb Pickersgill F/X are proud to announce the release of the second film in the Spirits of the Force trilogy, Fool's Errand. The premiere showing took place at the monthly Phoenix Fan Force meeting at the Atomic Comics in Mesa, AZ to a standing-room-only of close friends and Star Wars enthusiasts. Please visit our website at to download the 75MB, 34 minute Quicktime file. (Please right-click and save as when downloading to save our bandwidth, thank you)

    We're very excited to have the second film completed, and after a few weeks to let the circulation in my buttocks return, post production on the final chapter Reflections of Evil will begin. Projected release of the third film is late 2007.

    Thanks to the fan film community for their support, enjoy the film!

    -Joel Cranson (Director/Producer)
    -Webb Pickersgill (DP/Post Production)

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    I have been SO waiting for this for like... FOREVER!

    I downloaded it last night and now must watch it...
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