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Memph, TN Official ROTS movie discussion thread **Spoilers, of course**

Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by Jedi Trace, May 19, 2005.

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  1. Jedi Trace

    Jedi Trace SouthEast RSA star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 15, 1999
    Two viewings of ROTS and 4 hours of sleep later:

    It was...surreal. I was very much a part of the "last Star Wars movie" hype back in 1983 with ROTJ, so it didn't feel like the end of my childhood - BTDT. ;) And I was spoiled for the first time with this one, so knowing what was about to happen throughout the movie was strange.

    Overall, I loved it! But, what amazed me, was that the parts I loved were not the parts I was expecting to love.

    Obi-Wan grated on my last nerve in AOTC, but I adored him in this movie. The chemistry and banter with Anakin were nothing short of brilliant and, honestly, made the movie for me.

    I was not an A/P shipper, per se, but after that first scene where Anakin ran up to Padme holding his arms out to her ...I think I finally "got" them.

    Palpatine. We knew he was the bad guy, but I didn't think he'd be so....scary isn't even the word. Inhuman, maybe? All that feral breathing and hissing and Dracula-sounding voice....stang!

    I thought Yoda would get squashed by the Emp, but that little green guy can bring it.

    Anakin. It took both viewings for me to fully appreciate the subtleties of Hayden's acting, but I thought he played the heck out of that role. It was all in the eyes and voice inflections. The guy telling Padme that finding out about the baby and that it was the happiest day of his life was not the same guy telling her that he'd brought peace to the galaxy on Mustafar. I know a lot of folks will disagree with this and everything else I'm saying, but that's how it came across to me.

    And then suited Vader. Man in Black fangirl that I am, I thought I'd be happy to see him back on the big screen. But the 'operating room' and masking and reveal with that Qui-Gon funeral music in the background....was one of the saddest things I've ever seen. I was too numb to cry or cheer.

    Oh yeah - and Artoo! L-o-v-e-d R2-D2!

    [EDIT] And I must admit that I originally cringed when I heard that suited DV's first lines were asking about his wife, but it worked. Hearing James Earl Jones say Padme was definitely a "circle is now complete" moment for me.

    There were a few things I didn't buy: Grievous (I think I might have dozed off for a minute during the Obi/Grievous fight at the midnight - my second - viewing), the Yoda/wookies relationship (Okaaaayyy...), Padme's death (I knew about the "lost the will to live" thing before going into it and I'd hoped the movie would make it better, but no...still very implausible, IMHO).

    Anyway, those are my initial thoughts. Be interesting to see if they change with further viewings, but for now, I've got the ROTS soundtrack playing in the background and am one happy Star Wars fan. [face_peace]

  2. Qui-Gon Tim

    Qui-Gon Tim Memphis, TN FanForce Chapter Rep star 5

    Apr 1, 2000
    Just got back from showing #3. It keeps on getting better each time!

    Now I'm going to crash for a while. I'll catch you all then to discuss.

  3. rhonderoo

    rhonderoo Former Head Admin star 9 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Aug 7, 2002
    ROTS, my new fave SW movie. I'm tired, and still in a bit of shock. I'm really surprised at the movie I just saw - surprised in ways that I didn't expect to be. Moved at times. Surprised at things which came off amazingly well, what worked, what didn't - but overall, breathtaken.

    There are truly things to bash in this film if one is looking for them, but surprisingly very few, and really overpowered by what is good.

    Natalie and Hayden were real, alive, natural with each other even. Totally comfortable with each other and chemistry was there. They were far better than what critics have said, IMO, and miles improved from AOTC. The scene where she tells him she is pregnant will effect how I view the OT from now on. As will Vader's (JEJ's) "Padme". I wasn't especially thrilled with the Noooo scene, but it wasn't as bad as some have made it out to be.

    Anakin became evil on screen - and it worked. It did, I swear it did, I may be crazy - but it did. Hayden has really come a long way and made Anakin a very believable character. He nailed it according to the more bitter 3SA people and I couldn't agree more. Like Ewan, he had some dialogue that could have been written better, but you could tell he was comfortable in Anakin's skin this time.

    I pitied him. I pitied the Jedi. I pitied everybody.

    I loved the Anakin and Obi-Wan banter. There were a couple of times when Ewan was a little bitty bit over the top a time or two, but that could have been the dialogue. To be fair, (even as a Hayden fan I never thought I'd say this) - I think Hayden was a bit more consistent than him, again was probably the dialogue. I really liked Obi-Wan in this movie. And the duel broke my heart. Obi's "You were the Chosen One" speech. Not to mention Anakin's suffering. I had to cover my eyes a couple of times.

    Politics was one of the most rousing scenes.

    Sam Jackson was a bit wooden, and to me, Ian McDiarmind went a bit too over the top also. Crazy as he was. He still had some awesome scenes like the opera. *shivers*

    Yoda was good, but not extraordinary. He had some good fight scenes. I douldn't get into the whole rubbing his hand over his head, and he looked really CGI'd in a couple of places.

    LOVED Anakin and R2's friendship, a nice little nod to his son's affection for him later on. Also, Anakin is Red5, just like Luke. love Could really believe that Anakin loved the little droid and had made him his in this.

    The slower parts were often more intriguing than the action - to me - and the politics, one scene in particular, far surpasses many of the more fast paced sequences. But the action was great, too.

    At times the editing showed brilliance, and to my untrained and not nearly professional eye, seemed much closer to the Original's style. The opening sequence felt very OT. Great opening battle!!

    It is dark and bitter. The action sucked me in for more than I imagined, but the ending felt far more like a checklist than I imagined. But still left me a puddle on the floor when Vader's mask was lowered and the Funeral music played along with Padme's funeral. Very powerful. The hiss was good, too. And Vader on the Star Destroyer??? Cool! cool

    If you want to be completely cynical about it, you can pick apart any movie. And there are moments (the twins birth) which deserve a bit of picking - babies were too big and CGI. But seeing Leia's big brown eyes made up for it. And Luke crying as Padme dies. And the Japor snippet. Wonderful touch. Both scenes it's in.

    I think ROTS is an awesome movie. I cannot wait to see it again!!! Who's up for going tonight? Cordova?:D
  4. DarthMule

    DarthMule Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 6, 2003
    I agree with Lin and Antone about the fact that when Anakin becomes Darth Vader, and he's suited up that he should have been more passionate and emotional about having "killed" Padme, and the whole "I'm a machine" thing. Antone pointed out, also, that there was the moment of fear in Anakin's eyes as the Vader mask came down over his face.

    I felt that the pivotal moment when Anakin decides to follow Palpatine was too quick. Something else should have happened there--unsure what, though. Something more tragic than sending Mace out the window, and something more gut-wrenching than worrying that he'll be killed by the other Jedi. I don't feel that there was really enough to drive him to follow the orders of Palpatine to the point that he would go wipe out the entire younglings of the Jedi Academy (?)...not when he has his own kid on the way.

    I need to see it again (and again and again) to see what else there was. I'm tooooo tired to think of anything else that seemed out of place.

    But, thanks to folks who reminded me that C3PO couldn't connect Anakin and Luke himself by the "Skywalker" name due to memory erasure.
  5. kellrob

    kellrob Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 15, 2004
    Wow! I was completely floored after the 1st viewing. I sobbed when Anakin knelt before Sid and pledged his allegience to him. (sp?) I was crying uncontrollably as he marched into the Jedi Temple. I couldn't even watch the screen when Obi-Wan left him to burn and while he was on the operating table. I knew he would turn to the dark side, but he went from "he has to stand trial" to "whatever you want me to do, i'll do it" in like 2 seconds. I was numb and actually felt sick after the 1st viewing.

    After seeing it a second time this morning, I enjoyed it much more. I was able to watch the entire movie without crying. I didn't even want Robert to wear his dark side jedi outfit anymore after last night. Now, I am determined to make him the best dark side jedi outfit I can. I know Tim is excited to make some more Palpy robes and such, so we will be a good costuming group. I am off work tomorrow and I don't have internet at home, so I will probably talk to everyone Saturday at the Southaven Walmart or here on the boards on Monday.

  6. DarthMule

    DarthMule Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 6, 2003
    I need to add:

    Fight scenes: WOWZERS!

    Yoda: Screw puppets! He was awesome. If he doesn't get nominated for SOME kind of an award, somethings' wrong somewhere.

    I loved the connection and tension the film has between the characters.

    And to reiterate someone else: I looooved R2D2 in this movie. He has more personality in this film than in any other film, and it shows.
  7. IrishThunder

    IrishThunder Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 5, 2001
    Movie was freakin' awesome. My favorite part was when the mask was lowered onto vader's head. No one should be able to complain about the acting especially in the slower parts. There were some really and I mean really cheesy lines during the whole padme/anakin "You're beautiful because I love you" crap. Good lord. But other than that It was everything I could've asked for. The duel was so fast. Yoda v Palpy was awesome. Palpy was just so awesome, just freakin' laughing the whole time. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was just playing with his "Little Green Friend". The whole deep voice thing during the "knighting ceremony" was pretty weird. I loved the Boga that Old Ben got to ride on during the Utapau sequence. Grievous was cooler than people have said in most of the reviews that I've seen. And nothing beats the whole bursting into flames "i hate you" scene. Overload, Overload, this movie will overload you.

    Did anyone notice the millineum falcon at the beginnning of the movie? April saw it the first time last night and I had to try and catch it at the midnight showing. Seeing it twice in one night was awesome. Tim got to be all lucky to present the movie to the screening viewers. Well here's to the 7:30 showing tonight. Peace out.
  8. Timewalker

    Timewalker Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 27, 2004
    Still at work and swamped, so more later (especially after another viewing - I've seen it once, but that's one more time than I thoght I'd have seen it by now!) but a quick one here

    Padme's death (I knew about the "lost the will to live" thing before going into it and I'd hoped the movie would make it better, but no...still very implausible, IMHO).

    That was the big thing Gina and I were discussing after she got back from this morning's showing - I can understand Padme dying of a broken heart, if she was alone, or if the twins died (or if she thought they died), but as a Mother (and I'm sure the parents on the board can back me up here) those kids would give her the will to live if she was medically ok.

    But all in all - great flick!
    I summed it up a little this morning before my first meeting [link=]here[/link].

  9. melissathealchemist

    melissathealchemist Jedi Youngling

    Apr 3, 2005
    LOVED IT! despite the fact that jar-jar did not die a horrible death. i thought hayden & ewan showed convincing depth, & i loved their dialogue. but, i know the ladies will back me up on this one, wasn't padme a completely changed, pathetic, love-sick character? she didn't even resemble the padme from the last two movies. i guess in galaxies far, far away falling in love makes you a pitiful, whiny senator?!?!?! that was the ONLY critcism our group could come up with at ihop. had a great time in line everybody!
  10. martheus

    martheus Jedi Youngling

    May 19, 2005
    Having read the novel and seeing the movie last night, there were a couple of things that hit me harder because I understood it in another direction,I guess. There will be many critics to the movie, but I could care less. I loved it.

    The relationship between R2 and Anakin was touching. In the novel, it explains that R2 was given to Anakin as a gift from Padme when he completed the trials. It was a special gift because, since he was a jedi and had no worldly possesions to give her on there wedding day, he gave her C3PO. R2 represented Padme to him. And he loved her over all else.

    I love the banter between Anakin and Obi-Wan. It made it all the more heart wrenchng to watch the fight between the two. Anakin's confusion between who was right and who was wrong was justifiable. The Jedi (from his point of view) kept secrets from him. They put him on the front lines (because he was the best) to battle, but distrusted him behind his back. Palpatine was the only one that approached him with an open hand. Never taking anything from him until the end.

    It's funny. Eventhough I knew what was going to happen in this movie, I found myself wanting to change it. "No Anakin! Don't bow to Palpatine!" " No! Don't kill the children." "Damn Obi-Wan! Just do stand there and watch him burn!!!"

    I need to see this movie again.

    "Darth MAW"
  11. Mistoffelees

    Mistoffelees Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 12, 2005
    the whole movie flowed so well... i must admit that i've been running on such little sleep and i've been at school all day, so i probably won't make much sense, and my movie analysis abilities aren't quite at the level they should be... but overall the movie seems close to flawless.

    sammy's performance as mace was a little underwhelming. i actually expected a lot more from him, he wasn't the same kind of badass he was in the past and in the clone wars series. some of the jedi were exceedingly weak, and that kind of bothered me...

    my only real problem with the movie was obi-wan's weakness... he was strong physically, but weak mentally. it's wrong for a jedi to be overconfident, but i think it's also bad to be underconfident in one's own abilities. a few times during ROTS i caught obi-wan giving off this impression that he wasn't strong enough (sometimes quite blatantly.)

    all in all i was thoroughly impressed... i didn't know what to think about the pregnant discussion when i first saw it, but the second time it was really amazing. ahh... now i need to get a nap.
  12. Dork-Vader

    Dork-Vader Star Wars Sketch Card Artist star 4 VIP

    May 14, 2003
    Ok, after having gotten a little sleep and thought on it some more, I still don't know if I liked the movie or not. I'm not saying it sucked, I just think it wasn't what it could have been.

    The only thing that surprized me was Anakin becoming a human torch while Obi-Wan watched him burn. I'd seen the pics on-line and read the comic so I knew it was coming, and I've been told that in the book Obi-Wan could sense Palpatine and had to haul butt to get himself and Padme outta there. But to watch it was pretty powerful, and so was the 'Frankenstein' scene. I've posted in another thread that I didn't like the scream, and would have loved to see Vader fall to his knees and tear the place apart with the force as he just comepletely loses it and buries what's left of Anakin inside his armor.

    I liked his reaction as he was told Padme was pregnant- a bit of a mix of 'Oh crap!" and "Hot damn I'm gonna be a daddy!" I'm sure most dad's have had that feeling. I do wish when Padme asked him what they were going to do he would have said, "We're going to have a baby!" and follow it up with the happiest moment of his life line.

    I liked that Anakin was just sitting there on the balcony watching Padme, but the dialogue was pretty bad. Sorry, but George can't write romantic dialogue- at least not for these two. I hate they took the Naboo/family scenes that were in AOTC- I think it would have helped their relationship on screen.

    I do think, too that Anakin did turn a bit too quickly, and don't think he would have killed the kids so readily. Maybe turn his back as the clones executed them, or told them to run, but not cut them down. Not a soon to be daddy. Maybe after the suit and a few more kills, but not then. Yeah, the jedi jerked him around, and he wanted to make sure he didn't lose Padme, but I really thought it would be something bigger and more shocking(no pun intended!) to push him to that point. I really expected it to be her death, like his mother's that turned him to take revenge on the jedi.

    I also didn't like the fighting two feet above the lava flow. Sorry, but they both would have burst into flames being that close, and I'm not even going to get into the fumes that must have been there. If Anakin had been on the hill/mountain, had his legs cut off, then slid down and caught fire, ok- I might have let that slide. It just reminded me to much of the droid factory scenes.

    I liked the Dooku fight- although Obi had his butt handed to him too quickly for someone who ends up taking out GenG and Anakin! Anakin was cool in this, and I liked him saving Obi and not leaving him behind. Hade Obi-Wan's leaving him to burn all that more powerful.

    I thought the Jedi were taken out a bit too easily, especially since a yougling took out several before being taken down. Seeing the shots of the clones fighting beside the jedi made me wish there were more shots of other jedi, or just more side by side action earlier in the film.

    CG people...just don't get why they do it when they've got the costuming department, and costumed fans that they do. I liked the CG Yoda (especially the knocking down of the guards and opening one eye), and really loved the landscapes and space battles, but there were some humans that just looked CG- especially some of the clones with their helmets off, or interacting with real humans.

    Did like all the different types of troopers, pilots, commanders, and such, and loved having wookies in a SW film again. Left me wanting to see more, like the Clone Wars cartoons and comics. Hate they can't do more live action like that. Maybe in the TV show...

    The Anakin/Palpatine scenes were great. I like how Palpy manipulated Anakin by being truthful with him! He was Anakin's 'best friend' and helping Anakin advance while the jedi were being condsending, manipulative, and using Anakin whenever it was convenient for them. Mace was very unimpressive, as were the jedi that Palpy took out. They might as well have been wearing red shirts on an away mission. When they denied Anakin his masters rank, I really exp
  13. TrekFan

    TrekFan Jedi Youngling

    May 10, 2005
    I'm speachless, that was even better when you know whats gonna happen!
  14. Kathysum

    Kathysum Jedi Youngling

    Feb 20, 2004
    I just returned from my second viewing of ROTS. I was curious if anyone picked up on the same thing I did regarding Anakin's parentage.

    I had read the novelization and the curious remarks by Ian McDiarmid in my copy of the "Star Wars Insider" and had not grasped until seeing them in context of the movie today - what exactly the clues were pointing to. [Or at least what I think they mean]

    If you missed McDiarmid's interview, here is what he says in response to the interviewer's question, "Was his [Anakin] seduction made easier because Anakin is essentially fatherless?"

    McDIARMID - "Anakin, of course, is a man without a father, or if he does we don't know who he is. And Revenge of the Sith doesn't provide any definitive answers, leaving the whole area ambiguous. [Here's what grabbed my attention] There are a few clues dotted around, and if anyone wants to join the dots they probably can."

    At first I thought maybe he was just being flip - but when I watched the movie - his [Palpatine's]conversation with Anakin jumped out at me.

    When he tells Anakin about the Darth Plagueous being able to re-arrange the midichlorians to create life - I began to wonder if Palpatine could have been the apprentice that killed Darth Plagueous and later used this skill to manipulate the midichlorian count in Shmi - to bring about Anakin's seemingly 'virgin birth?' It would follow that he would have had a keen interest in Anakin's development into a Jedi. He may have even been responsible for the sand people's abduction and eventual death of Shmi. That would further alienate Anakin - causing him to rely more and more on Palpatine's friendship and encouragement.

    If this was the case - it would cast an even larger irony on the eventual fight between father [Anakin] and son [Luke] - with grandfather [Palpatine] willing to sacrifice the son - when he refuses to turn.

    Of course, I think the reason I missed it before was because I was so focused on his [Palpatine] telling Anakin he knew how to defeat death - thus providing Anakin with a way to save Padme. The irony here is when Palpatine finally admits to Anakin that 'only one man has achieved that [saving life] - but he and Anakin will study it and he has no doubt they can figure it out.' So in effect he [Palpatine] has tricked Anakin into turning for a Sith skill Palpatine does not possess.

    Anyone pick up on this or interpret it this way?
  15. gooshy

    gooshy Jedi Knight star 1

    Apr 27, 2005
    Yeah, I did. I haven't seen it a second time yet, but I did follow that conversation pretty closely. I'll have to agree with you on Sidious not actually having the skill, but hopefully finding an apprentice strong enough to harness the ability. I believe I heard at least once or twice admitting that Anakin was stronger than he (Sidious), so maybe Sidious wanted to coax him to the dark side by letting Anakin assume he had the power.. when in effect Sidious was just using Anakin to maybe learn it for himself? I also think after "becoming" the Darth Vader we all know and love, Sidious realized that he was not as strong as he hoped (or maybe lost a "full" grasp of the force due to his injuries).. so maybe his plans began to extend into his next choice.. Anakin's son, Luke.

    Just throwing that out there.
  16. Dork-Vader

    Dork-Vader Star Wars Sketch Card Artist star 4 VIP

    May 14, 2003
    I just think Sidious likes trading up for a new and better apprentice.

    After seeing it two times and having some time to mull it over one thing keep going thru my head...what a waste of wookies! We got to see ewoks fight more than that... :(

    I will go see it again just to see if I will like it any better and if it can grow on me, but this movie just made me think, "I waited all this time for that..?!" and not "I waited all this time for THAT!"

    I really like George Lucas, and can respect the hell out of the man, but he told a much better story with less effect and budget the first time around- IMO.
  17. DarthMule

    DarthMule Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 6, 2003
    I thought Palpatine WAS the apprentice to kill Darth Plaguefaceious (or whatever). And I felt, as some do, that he might have been responsible for the birth of Anakin, especially after Yoda mentioned basically that the prophecy of the Chosen One could have been minconstrued!!

    Antone brought up another point while we were talking that Anakin may have been destined to become Vader, but perhaps his 'balance of the force' came in the form of Luke and Leia? I thought that was pretty cool.

    Then again, it seemed that things were just fine until Qui Gon brought the rug-rat home to the Jedi Temple.

    I also think that in his guts Mace knew that Ani was trouble from the beginning and that's why he never trusted him.

    And, what was up with the over-acting and the big duck-lips on Palpy in the Mace fight scene, "No! Noo! Noooo!" That was weird, not creepy at all, and made me chuckle in spite of how that scene was supposed to make you feel.

    Yeah, I'm definitely going to see it again!

    Oh, and Ben leaving Anakin to his ruin, even by fire, is the fact that he says for the better 'good' you have to seperate yourself from affection, etc; and in this case, he already realized that Anakin was no longer who he used to love--it was someone else now. Anakin was now Vader laying there with only one arm and a torso.

    I agree with Lin, too: That close to Lava, Jedi or Superman, and your ass is toast!
  18. Timewalker

    Timewalker Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 27, 2004
    When he tells Anakin about the Darth Plagueous being able to re-arrange the midichlorians to create life - I began to wonder if Palpatine could have been the apprentice that killed Darth Plagueous and later used this skill to manipulate the midichlorian count in Shmi - to bring about Anakin's seemingly 'virgin birth?'

    Yes, Plageius was Sidious' Master. Mentioned in the novel Labyrinth of Evil.
    I too wonder if Sidious or even Plageius manipulated Shmi's pregnancy.

    Of course, there's always the thought that she just got too drunk in the cantina one night and ran into a too-drunk Jedi knight.... gosh that Qui-Gon was cute. ;)

    Oh, Kevin, Gina has the VCR set for Muppet Wizard of Oz tonight.

  19. Dork-Vader

    Dork-Vader Star Wars Sketch Card Artist star 4 VIP

    May 14, 2003
    Ever since the jedi mentioned 'bringing balance to the force' I kept thinking two things-

    1) The Sith always kept it balanced- one master, one apprentice.

    2) The scale was tipped pretty heavy in their favor- any balance would have meant an increase on the dark side to me.

    As far as Mace or anyone not trusting Anakin- did anyone go out of their way to help guide the chosen one? No, they gave him to Obi-Wan who just lost his master and wasn't ready for that responsibility yet, and they kept either throwing Ani to the wolves or sending him to his room so to speak. As far as them not wanting to train him to begin with- hello, we just found out the sith still exist! Do you really want to just send someone that young out unprotected, especially someone who might be the chosen one..?!

    Hate to say it, but every time Mace put Anakin down he just put another nail in his own coffin! He made an enemy out of Anakin, not an ally. Same for Yoda. He was supposed to be one of the wisest and most powerful. Shouldn't he have done more, especialy when Anakin was a youngling?

    And what's this BS about Qui-Gon being one with the force and not showing up like Ben or Yoda, or Anakin?! DId the Emperor teach Anakin that, and if so why didn't he ever become a ghost...or did he? I know he had himself cloned.

    I'm so confused...
  20. DarthMule

    DarthMule Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 6, 2003
    I think the business about Yoda and Ben at the end "I will train you to talk to Qui Gon's ghost" might be a tie-in for the TV series somehow. It felt like something that was just thrown in there, and that's the only reason I can think.

    CNN.COM sez
    Spoiling for 'Star Wars'
    The plot twists that didn't make it

    The whole Iraq and Star Wars thing is storied about here on CNN.COM (I discussed this SOME at the premiere night).
  21. Timewalker

    Timewalker Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 27, 2004
    Ever since the jedi mentioned 'bringing balance to the force' I kept thinking two things-

    1) The Sith always kept it balanced- one master, one apprentice.

    2) The scale was tipped pretty heavy in their favor- any balance would have meant an increase on the dark side to me.

    That's kinda what *I* thought too. And he did bring balance - at the end of Ep 3, two Jedi and Two Sith.

    But someone said that Lucas has said (maybe on one of the DVD commentaries, I'm not sure) that when the Dark Jedi who left the Order and moved to the Sith homeworld left, that caused an imbalance in the Force. And Anakin was the only one who could restore balance, by killing the last of the Sith. And he does that. Eventually. The logis is that only he could Father Luke, who could in turn still see the good in his Father and make him turn on the Emperor. If Anakin had not turned, or even been picked up by Qui-Gon, Sidious would have had another apprentice (maybe several over time), and there wouldn't have been that family connection to cause the eventual downfall.

    I dunno what I think of all that, though.

  22. blackdogotaku

    blackdogotaku Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 14, 2004
    i had spoiled myself silly, so when i went to go see the movie i thought that sidious was plagius' apprentice. so when palpy said "we can find the power i was shocked" i was waiting for palpy to say something along the lines of "im plagius' apprentice, i killed him, i kno his power", then anakin would get crazy on mace....but that didnt happen :(
    i was very disappointed that it seem lucas "ran out of time" with the whole qui-gon thing. in the comic yoda has a conversation with qui-gon and it explains the whole force spirit thing. in the movie, yoda's all "oh yeah, i talked to qui-gon, but we couldnt get liam to say anything so im just gonna mention it."
    but now that the force spirit has been explain, how does anakin gain this? qui-gon teaches yoda. yoda teached obi-wan how to talk to qui-gon. does qui-gon reach out to anakin??

  23. IrishThunder

    IrishThunder Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 5, 2001
    Going for number 4 tonight, 10:30 screen 14 showing, there are still tickets if anyone would like to join us.
  24. Mistoffelees

    Mistoffelees Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 12, 2005
    well the whole time the force was out of balance in the light side's favor, as i saw it. i didn't really understand why qui-gon would want to train anakin when by balancing the force it would either mean killing or turning jedi to sith, or training more sith to equal the jedi.

    and i thought of a few more things that bothered me... they used the same sound for the ship that obi-wan got in to meet up with bail and yoda as they did for the vader masking - i'm sure it was intentional but i didn't quite see the logic. also in the scene where c3p0 walks over to padme, i think when anakin is at the temple doing his youngling slaying business - but maybe it's some other part of the movie, the motor sounds and his walking are horribly coordinated and he looks almost as if he's floating a little bit... the shadow was messed up at his feet, i think.
  25. Qui-Gon Tim

    Qui-Gon Tim Memphis, TN FanForce Chapter Rep star 5

    Apr 1, 2000
    My ONLY complaint....

    It should've been longer.

    The youngling slaughter bothered the crap out of me, and I had trouble believing Anakin would do that...


    I was sitting in my floor this evening adding more stuff to my new computer when this decent-sized house spider came crawling towards me. Now, this is just a spider going about his spider life doing spider things. He's not hurting me- he's just being a spider. He eats bugs that I really hate- therefore he's beneficial. So I crush him. Why? It's not like I'm an animal rights activist, or even a fan of spiders or insects. Really, I do it because my wife is terrified of the blasted things. When it comes to making her happy, and keeping her safe, the friggin spider means nothing to me. It's expendable. It can be killed without consequence, almost without remorse.

    This brings me to my point: When it came to keeping his wife safe and happy, the Jedi- both young and old- were expendable to Anakin. His mind was pretty much made up before he showed up to Palpatine's office during the confrontation. He knew what he had to do try to keep his beloved alive- Jedi be damned, galaxy be damned. I cannot say I'd not have done the same thing. I'll kill a spider to keep my wife from screaming. Would I kill someone if I thought it would guarantee her safety? I cannot say I wouldn't.

    One thing you miss in the movie that is in the novelization is that Anakin and Padme do have a Force-bond or some sort. That's what the sunset scene was all about where she's in her apartment and he's alone in the Council chamber. (I'm now extremely glad I did read the book first. Thanks, Rhonda!) She dies when Anakin "dies". It's a lot like when there's an old married couple and one of them dies, then the other dies not too long after. Also, I think she was destined to die. It was the will of the Force. Back to the sunset scene there: The sun was setting on Anakin and Padme- They would both die: One figuratively, one literally.

    Loved the nod to Karloff in the Birth of Vader scene.

    Palpy owned everone. Ian so totally rocked in this movie, as did Hayden and Ewan. Natalie was better in this one than she has in any of the others.

    A few small annoyances about the audio, but we're talking Ben Freaking Burtt again and his over-use of sound in some places where it wasn't necessary. Nothing that affected my overall feelings towards the film.

    I'm jonesing to see it again. It's been 36 hours.

    36 hours too long.
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