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So NV Official SWG Thread

Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by JonnyFlamehead, Jun 30, 2003.

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  1. JonnyFlamehead

    JonnyFlamehead Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 30, 2002
    Nice job leveling quick Klarc!

    yeah I'm only 1000s of XP away from Master Scout AND Master Marksman, therefor ALMOST novice BOUNTY HUNTER! =D
  2. Axia_Euxine

    Axia_Euxine Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 25, 2003
    Found this on the galaxies forums and I thought I would post it as a heads up

    A week ago I was in Bestine and there were some Rebels invading the city. Fine I thought I'll go declare and join the fight. I declared and was owned, no harm, I don't mind dying as I have killed more than been killed. I stayed covert after that, figuring while PvP was fun for awhile I don't really enjoy it at this point with one shot kills and all. Now I don't think the one shot kills should be nerfed or anything like that, I like it as it's more realistic. It's just not for me.

    Fast forward one week. Still covert I decided I wanted to go pay for my maintenence fees on my house by Mos Entha. I go and pay then head back to Bestine where I was going to meet up with a friend coming from Eisley and we would go to Dath or the Tusken Village. While in Bestine their were alot of rebels picking off Imps. one at a time. Great hope they are having fun blasting each other. I go to the med center where I was healed by a neutral doctor, then the cantina to heal my BF. All the way through town I am always conning everything, Imove my mouse over a few of the rebels in the large group, cool I think I am still covert, I can't attack them they can't attack me.

    I get to the edge of Bestine, I am still covert and not grouped with anyone. My friend had a corpse retrieval to do so I just decided to meet him later on. I see two Overt Rebels standing there outside of the cloning facility, I move my mouse over them and again I couldn't attack,nor did I want to as I was on my way to grind some exp. The next thing I knew I was surrounded in fire from whatever weapons this guy was using and he killed me.

    After I spawned in the cloning chamber, they are still outside and I can hear them talking. One says to the guy that killed me, how did you do that he wasn't even a red dot on my radar. All his buddy offered for an answer is Imperials are dumb.

    Again like I said, if I am fighting it doesn't bother me to be killed. If I deserve it I deserve it. But I would like to know how an overt can lay waste to a covert when A. I could not attack any of them and didn't want to. B. I wasn't grouped with anyone. and C. If I don't have red dots on my radar and neither did his buddy. Just asking so if I did make a mistake somewhere I'll know better in the future.

    believe there is a device that can be bought with faction points that can "detect" your faction regardless of overt/covert status.

    And.. there is a bug in Bestine that allows this. The detector is a stationary device built around Aligned PA's housing clusters (proto-cities). It will show up on your radar, and can be targeted. be very very careful around them. Especially in an Imperial 'city' where they may have AT-ST's patrolling as well.

  3. Axia_Euxine

    Axia_Euxine Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 25, 2003
    More Galaxies info

    Imperial Perk List as of June 27th

    All Prices are for Humans, please remember racial penalties.

    --- Furniture
    Data Terminal (Cost: 400)
    Data Terminal (Cost: 500)
    Data Terminal (Cost: 600)
    Data Terminal (Cost: 700)
    Imperial Table (Cost: 500)
    Tech Armorie (Cost: 700)
    Tech Bookcase (Cost: 700)
    Tech Cabinet (Cost: 700)
    Tech Chair (Cost: 500)
    Tech Chest (Cost: 500)
    Tech Coffee Table (Cost: 500)
    Tech Couch (Cost: 750)
    Tech End Table (Cost: 500)

    --- Schematics
    DZ-70 Droid Schematic (Cost: 4000)
    R2 Droid Schematic (Cost: 2000)
    R3 Droid Schematic (Cost: 2500)
    R4 Droid Schematic (Cost: 3000)
    R5 Droid Schematic (Cost: 3500)

    --- Weapon and Armor -- note that you can GET it but not EQUIP it unless you are declared.
    Power5 Pistol (Cost: 500)
    E-11 Carbine (Cost: 750)
    Sword (Cost: 500)
    Rocket Launcher (Cost: 2500)
    DRX55 Mine (Cost: 250)
    XG Mine (Cost: 250)
    Stormtrooper Armor: Left Bicep (Cost: 1000)
    Stormtrooper Armor: Right Bicep (Cost: 1000)
    Stormtrooper Armor: Boots (Cost: 1000)
    Stormtrooper Armor: Left Bracer (Cost: 1000)
    Stormtrooper Armor: Right Bracer (Cost: 1000)
    Stormtrooper Armor: Chest Plate (Cost: 2500)
    Stormtrooper Armor: Gloves (Cost: 1000)
    Stormtrooper Armor: Helmet (Cost: 1500)
    Stormtrooper Armor: Leggings (Cost: 1500)
    Stormtrooper Armor: Utility Belt (Cost: 1000)

    In addition to all of the above Overts get:

    --- Uniform
    Imperial Boots (Cost: 100)
    Imperial Hat (Cost: 100)
    Imperial Jacket (Cost: 100)
    Imperial Pants (Cost: 100)

    --- Personel
    Assault Trooper (Cost: 2000)
    Bombardier (Cost: 500)
    Command Security Guard (Cost: 500)
    Compforce Trooper (Cost: 1750)
    Dark Trooper (Cost: 10000)
    Gunner (Cost: 500)
    Private (Cost: 500)
    Trooper (Cost: 500)
    Sand Trooper (Cost: 2000)
    Scout Trooper (Cost: 2000)
    Storm commando (Cost: 2200)
    Stormtrooper (Cost: 2000)
    Stormtrooper Bomabardier (Cost: 2000)
    Stormtrooper Medic (Cost: 2000)
    Stormtrooper Rifleman (Cost: 2000)
    Stormtrooper Sniper (Cost: 2000)
    Swamp Trooper (Cost: 2000)
    AT-ST (Cost: 45000)

    --- Contructions
    Covert Faction Scanner (Cost: 250)
    Minefield (Cost: 250)
    Turret: Small Dish (Cost: 1000)
    Turret: Large Dish (Cost: 4500)
    Turret: Small Block (Cost: 1000)
    Turret: Med Block (Cost: 3000)
    Turret: Large Block (Cost: 4500)
    Turret: Small Tower (Cost: 1000)
    Turret: Med Tower (Cost: 3000)
    Turret: Large Tower (Cost: 4500)
    HQ: Forward Outpost (Cost: 20000)
    HQ: Field Hospital (Cost: 40000)
    HQ: Tactical Center (Cost: 45000)
    HQ: Detachment Headquaters (Cost: 60000)

    Okay so we need a guild hall why? Imagine a detachment headquarters with a bunch of turrets and a mine field with all of us in stormtrooper armor....mmmmmm

    I wonder if my headtails would stick out of the stormtropper helmet hmmmmmm?

    and if you'll notice on this list is the covert faction scanner mentioned in the previous post. This is not cool but I suppose if you build an imperial/rebel outpost you dont want covert enemies hanging around. Still, you cant attack anything covert so why should overts be able to find you and kill you?
  4. JonnyFlamehead

    JonnyFlamehead Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 30, 2002
    Hey, are there any Faction point rich people out there willing to help get me stormtrooper armor in trade for credits?

    I'm not really spending much time on faction missions since the BH proffesion requires that I be a Master Marksman AND master scout, so I'm consentrating on those instead. I know that's MY problem I just thought I'd throw the request out there...

    any takers?
  5. Axia_Euxine

    Axia_Euxine Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 25, 2003
    Well If I got so far up the imperial FP ladder to get stormtrooper armor Id want it for myself but everything has a price hehe
  6. JonnyFlamehead

    JonnyFlamehead Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 30, 2002
    exactly, name your price! =D
  7. Axia_Euxine

    Axia_Euxine Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 25, 2003
    I hit Choreographer last night which includes 2 of the 4 exotic dances. So to recap...

    Corporal Choreographer Axia Euxine, I find it hilarious a female Twilek dancer outranks all of you in the Empire BWHAHAHAHAHA
  8. JonnyFlamehead

    JonnyFlamehead Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 30, 2002
    yeah that is funny actually but I havn't spent ANY time doing faction missions at all.

    I just realized that after I hit Master Marksman I still need 40k combat xp untill I can train in Novice Bounty Hunter so nevermind about me being close to Bounty Hunter, I still have a long while to go... Cobat XP is the slowest XP in the game.

  9. Inaen

    Inaen Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 17, 2002
    I hae you all know that Im now an Imp Sergeant out ranking all of you!!! Yay!! but at the cost of -2873 reb fac points....yes I am actually trying to become KOS!!!! Bring it ON!!
  10. Talon_Wolfe

    Talon_Wolfe Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 8, 2002
    yeah, well i'll have you know that another name for the soul patch i grew on my chin is:

    An Imperial

    Oooohhh, even my facial hair is Star Wars. Yeah!
  11. Talon_Wolfe

    Talon_Wolfe Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 8, 2002
    Flamehead, you a bounty hunter yet?

    Check this out:

    Greetings peeps.

    Just recently a well known Smuggler by the name of Sau'Rai caused a little stir among the criminal element of Mos Eisley.
    Lady Valarian has had enough of this Twi'lek, and has decided to put an end to his meddling affairs. The Lady Valarian has called upon you to take down this no good, scruffy looking, scoundrel.

    Her bounty price is 15000 credits.

    If you wish to accept the task, The Lady Valarian will give you the assignment for 7 days. If you're unable to complete this bounty within those 7 days, then she will revoke your hunting contract and assign it to another, more accomplished hunter.

    Should you choose to accept this contract, please get in touch with me in game.
    Email: Sau'Rai

    I will send you all the details about this Bounty and the contract.
    Basically there are no rules of engagement. If you find me, you speak to me. I will not run if found. I will not escape. If it comes down to a duel, i will accept. There are no rules when fighting. You fight anyway you can to win. After all, it's not me who stands to earn 15k credits is it
    Upon my death or if you prefer, my incapacitation, i will pay you the 15000 credits owed to you.

    The only request i have is: If you find me in the wilderness, i ask that you do not deathblow me. If you choose to do this, you will only be paid half the credit value on me.
    If i'm in a city, then you have full permission to Deathblow me as proof you have killed me and will be paid in full.

    Why no deathblow in the wild? Well, i'm the one paying you, the bounty hunter to kill me, thus I make the rules.
    If i defeat you in the wild, your life will be spared and I will not deathblow you either. As it could cause severe inconvenience to you if you died uninsured, etc.

    Now if there are any Bounty Hunters on Ahazi who are Mature gamers and enjoy some Roleplay and a good hunt Then contact me in game please.
    If you're a l33t bounty hunter who is just going to say "pwned" etc, if you kill me, then forget it, you will a) not be paid, b) not be employed by Valarian again (via me at least) and c) be added to my ignore list pronto.

    I am seeking real gamers who're not just here to say "I R teh l337". I seek those who know how to enjoy the game and are able to look past the powergaming stuff and leet 12 yr old kiddy name calling and insults. If you're just going to gloat. Forget it. I don't mind losing a fight, but i don't like to be insulted for losing or winning. So only real players apply please.

    And one last thing: The Contract will not be valid until we have spoken in game so i can find out who you are, and gain some sort of character judgement on you to determine whether you're right for the job
  12. Talon_Wolfe

    Talon_Wolfe Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 8, 2002
    Info on powerups someone posted on the SWG Ahazi Boards:

    Power-Ups at Temporary modifications to weapons. They can be made by any artisan (trust me the artisans know).

    I thought I'd make this list up to help some of you sort through what powerup does what without having to check details on every one

    I know alot of those on the bazaar are junk (+2% and such), but powerups can go as high as a +30% bonus to primary stat and +15% to the secondary stat.

    Secondary stat mod is half of the Primary.
    (On rare occasions a 3 stat mod powerup is created but not very often)

    +25% damage or speed reduction can be pretty significant!

    As far as I know, they all have 100 uses.

    NOTE: Some mods have +% penalties. This is not a bad thing! It's a bonus that reduces the penalty by +%. Example: +20% Special Move Action Cost REDUCES the cost by 20%

    Naming: <Primary Mod> <Powerup Type> of <Secondary Mod>
    ex. Hot-Wired Coupling of Overpowering is.. (per below)
    a Coupling Powerup of Maximum Damage bonus with secondary Ideal Range bonus.

    Ported (Special Move Health Cost)
    Smoothed (Point Blank Penalty)
    Taper-Bored (Wound Chance)
    of Alignment (Ideal Attack Bonus)
    of Concentration (Maximum Damage)
    of Condensing (Ideal Range)
    of Dampening (Special Move Mind Cost)

    Hot-Wired (Maximum Damage)
    Quick-Charge (Attack Speed)
    Short-Circuited (Minimum Damage)
    Tweaked (Special Move Action Cost)
    of Compensation (Special Move Mind Cost)
    of Overpowering (Ideal Range)
    of Searing (Point Blank Penalty)

    Ergonomic (Ideal Range)
    Fitted (Ideal Attack Bonus)
    Hair-Triggered (Attack Speed)
    Lightening (Special Move Mind Cost)
    of Aiming (Minimum Damage)
    of Reckoning (Wound Chance)
    of Steadying (Max Range Penalty)

    Muffled (Special Move Mind Cost)
    Polished (Wound Chance)
    Scattering (Max Range Penalty)
    Tuned (Maximum Damage)
    of Flaring (Point Blank Penalty)
    of Focusing (Max Range Penalty)
    of Braking (Special Move Health Cost)
    of Sighting (Minimum Damage)

    Calibrated (Max Range Penalty)
    Powered (Special Move Mind Cost)
    Precision (Minimum Damage)
    Ranged (Ideal Attack Bonus)
    of Targetting (Attack Speed)
    of Pin-Pointing (Wound Chance)
    of Tracking (Special Move Action Cost)

    Anti-Jitter (Max Range Penalty)
    Balanced (Ideal Range)
    Reactive (Special Move Health Cost)
    of Dissipation (Max Damage)
    of Accuracy (Ideal Attack Bonus)
    of Cushioning (Special Move Action Cost)
    of Loading (Attack Speed)

    Balancing (Special Move Health Cost)
    Barbing (Point Blank Penalty)
    Compensating (Special Move Mind Cost)
    Extending (Ideal Range)
    of Control-Enhancement (Attack Speed)
    of Accuracy (Ideal Attack Bonus)
    of Precision (Minimum Damage)
    of Wounding (Wound Chance)

    I may have missed a couple but it's pretty random when you make em. You can pick grip but there is no choice as to whether its Hair-Triggered or whatever.

  13. JonnyFlamehead

    JonnyFlamehead Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 30, 2002
    Thanks for the info on the powerups. I was confused as to what all of them did. Now I'm straight.

    I'm going to contact that smuggler and see if I can find him and earn a good 15k
  14. JonnyFlamehead

    JonnyFlamehead Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 30, 2002
    Hey what do you guys post as on the main SOE boards?

    My name is Shantok. Like I said I didn't come up with that and I don't know how to change it. =(
  15. Axia_Euxine

    Axia_Euxine Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 25, 2003
    Mine is ver clever on the SOE boards...ready?.... Axia Euxine
  16. JonnyFlamehead

    JonnyFlamehead Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 30, 2002
    For those of you who want to make money quick!!!

    On Dathomir look for Baz Nitch missions, sometimes they pay 9k each! All you have to do is get close to the lair, hit burst run, and just keep shooting the lair while your burst running in circles around it. When it explodes keep running to your next mission, or you can let the Bazs kill you so you can respawn with burst run ready to go. Assuming you clone ofcourse.

    Hurry before the Devs fix this we need everyone to do this so we can get enough money for our PA hall!!!

    GO NOW!!!


  17. Inaen

    Inaen Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 17, 2002
    HA!!! Ive been doing the same on Lok, but with the Droidekas...sometimes they dont even attack you.....I was actually able to give one a
  18. JonnyFlamehead

    JonnyFlamehead Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 30, 2002
    Good we should have enough money for the PA hall next week!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Talon_Wolfe

    Talon_Wolfe Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 8, 2002
    To the tune of 'Physical' by Olivia Newton John

    I wanna get Pistoleer, Pistoleer,
    I wanna get Pistoleeeeeer, (everyone's a pistoleer)

    Let me learn that Body Shot, Body Shot
    Let me learn that Body Shot 3!!!

    Started the game with Point Blank 1
    And a D18 Cer-ti-fi-cation
    Getting Combat XP is really hard
    For Ranged Support Abilitieeess.....

    I wanna get Pistoleer, Pistoleer...
    I wanna get Pistoleeeeeer, (everyone's a pistoleer)

    Let me learn that Body Shot, Body Shot
    Let me learn that Body Shot 3!!!

    [sorry. I don't know what came over me]
  20. DarthDarkstar

    DarthDarkstar Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2002
    first: as an aspiring pistoleer, that was a funny song... speaking of, I got my first box in that, i chose grips and stances and I got a new shot, disarm shot... yay

    But more important than that..

    Klarc Darkstar is now a MASTER SCOUT and a NOVICE CREATURE HANDLER!!!!!

    Yes thats right, I got them both last night (thanks Inean for the help on Lok) it was a great great great day.... tomorrow is the start of my creature handling training days.....
  21. JonnyFlamehead

    JonnyFlamehead Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 30, 2002
    Congratz Klarc!

    yeah that was pretty funny Talon!
  22. Inaen

    Inaen Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 17, 2002
    YAY!!!!! GALAXIES!!!!!!!

    Yes it was a great galaxies day yesterday.
    I want you all to know that Naima is now a master marksman nad is halfway to both novice commando and novice teras kasi!!!!

    Im SO ready to kick the booties of rebel scum everywhere across the galaxy!!!!
  23. JonnyFlamehead

    JonnyFlamehead Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 30, 2002
  24. Inaen

    Inaen Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 17, 2002
    Ok this is pretty discouraging as a commando. It was sent this morning from the commando correspondant, the guy whom the devs should be working with.

    ....Is anyone a squad leader yet?.....

    "Letter was sent this morning.."

    First, I would like to start off by saying that I am a little disappointed. After the first weeks letter, its took 2 weeks to get a response. We've not gotten a response to the 2nd letter, and I've delayed sending the 3rd because we've been waiting for the updates that were promised. We have no way to log onto the TC and pick up a flame thrower and test it, we cannot use the HAR or beam rifles due to unrecognized weapon certs, and people keep asking me to say the same thing over and over. So I am sending this 3rd letter, as my final submittal. I'll relay the responses I get from the 2nd and this final issue, but I think you should select a new correspondent, as I am seriously considering leaving SWG. Why has it taken 3 weeks to fix the weapon certifications?

    Here are the 3rd letter topics.

    1) Clarification on Ideal Range settings on all HW's. Also the range modifiers. These are intended or out of wack? All heavy weapons have an ideal range of 0.0, which means? either no ideal range, or its really 0, which is suicidal. Also the range modifiers are horrendous, 0,-57,0 for the flame thrower, which still misses far too much for amount of skill points it takes to acquire the weapon. We?d also like a clarification on the Beam Rifle's fate. Is it going to be removed from the crafting tables, or are we going to get a cert and how's it going to work.

    2) Grenades. Ham cost on the action pools are over 100, the blast area will most likely do more damage to the user than the target. Ppeople still miss alot. The cost to craft these weapons, makes it impracticable to buy and they offer very little utility. Most people believe the grenades should do AOE damage, but at the moment they don't. They can only damage multiple targets if the targets are aggressively attacking the thrower, and are standing directly ontop of each other, and of course, the user is also considered a target at 5 to 8ms. The delay to recover from a throw is also a concern. Grenade stacks are also a problem, for the amount of materials it takes to craft one stack of cyrbans, you can make a decent intermediate pistol. Except the grenades do less damage, have higher ham cost, and can only be used 5 times, of which you will miss 50% of the time.

    3) Improved Cannon and Rocket Launcher damages. If we're going to have charges, these weapons need to do more damage than body shot 2. Otherwise, the thought process on charges needs to be reconsidered. Such as, an option to "recharge" the weapon. We've been playing with the heavy particle beam cannon. I've personally fired it 7 times, 5 were misses at 30m and 2 were decent hits of 690 to 700. For something that has 75 to 160 uses and cost an arm and a leg to craft, this seems unbalanced. Rocket Launchers are even worse. You have to craft proton grenades to make this weapon, which drives the cost way up, and is without a doubt the most complex weapon to craft. For the limited usage that does no more damage than the heavy particle cannon, this seems insanely imbalanced. Unless you seriously intend to make this 1000x more affective, then its totally useless.

    4) Commando is the only hybrid class that receives next to no defense mod bonuses. Commandos should have some range and melee defense stats that are on par with Bounty Hunters. Also, Commandos are the only hybrid class that lacks any stall or knockdown move. We all know, SOE intends to make the special moves do super damage, but to be honest, unless its several thousand pts, its not going to be any more affective than a good FWG5 using body shot 3, except they (the pistolier) can knock you down with their "melee defense move". People are really frustrated that they spent all that time, and tied up all those skill pts to get a profession that is both less affective than marksman, and far less playable than any other elite cl
  25. JonnyFlamehead

    JonnyFlamehead Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 30, 2002
    I told you the whole commando proffesion was bugged. Just be patient it'll all get fixed.
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