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{OFFICIAL-What kind of Jedi or Sith would you be???}LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

Discussion in 'Prequel Trilogy' started by s0Lstar18, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. s0Lstar18

    s0Lstar18 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 26, 2005
    Searched for the topic and it didn't come up,but I came up with the idea after seeing the "Which jedi would you most like to be padawan to?" thread I thought of this,

    what kind of Lightsaber style or form would have??
    What kind of Lightsaber would you have
    if it did who's Lightsaber would it resemble the most??
    how many???
    What Color Crystal(s)
    and what kind of Jedi or Sith would you be???

    The most you can have is 2 to 3 forms mastered or 1,but no 5 different forms or some craziness like that.

    you can have single-bladed,Double Bladed, 2 Lightsabers, a Double that breaks off into 2, a short Lightsaber,or a Single Bladed Curved hilt.

    If you want it to resemble anyones from the Trilogies cool, if it resembles something we haven't seen that's from a book or Comic try to post pics!!!:D

    Don't mean to take a page from KOTOR but state what kind of Jedi or Sith be??-choices-Jedi Guardian, Jedi Sentinel,or Jedi Consular-or-Sith Assassin(ex.Anakin Pre-Suit,Darth Maul),Sith Lord(ex.Count Dooku),or Sith Master/Dark Lord of the Sith(ex.Darth Plagueis,Darth Sideous)
    State what kind of attire you would wear(Ex.Darth Sideous' Robes)and what the color of your Lightsaber(s) crystal(s) would be. your colors are-White,Yellow,Blue,Green,Red,Orange and Viridian.

    last rule if you can post pics!!!

    I start I would have a Lightsaber Style of Form V-Shien/Djem So, mixed with Form VII-Juyo / Vaapad & some Form IV-Ataru.

    I would have and Single-Bladed curved hilt

    Something like that^^^^

    Lightsaber with a Blue or Viridian Crystal

    Jedi Guardian With Clothing like Anakin in ROTS in all Black.Or Luke's Outfit in ESB but in all black.


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