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Amph (Oh Hell No) Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Discussion in 'Community' started by DantheJedi, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. DantheJedi

    DantheJedi Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 23, 2009
    [link=]They're not going to be mutants in their next live-action outing[/link]

    What are they thinking? This has stupid written all over it.
  2. FamousAmos

    FamousAmos VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 9, 2003
    Given that Michael Bay will be involved, I think it's fair to say this will be pretty bad. I also don't like the idea of the turtles being aliens.

  3. Kiki-Gonn

    Kiki-Gonn Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Feb 26, 2001
    Well it's not he has much room to lower the bar on this one so there's that.
  4. DarthTunick

    DarthTunick SfC Part IV Commissioner star 10 VIP - Game Host

    Nov 26, 2000
    Michael Bay has made some decent to very good movies................unfortunately, the last one came out in 1998.

    [hl=purple]Los Angeles Lakers: Drama, guaranteed. [/hl]
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  5. Darth Guy

    Darth Guy Chosen One star 10

    Aug 16, 2002
    Oh no, he's going to ruin the integrity of a merchandising-based franchise about surfer-talking, pizza-eating anthropomorphic reptiles named after Italian Renaissance artists with a giant rant as their mentor and Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince as their nemesis.
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  6. DarthTunick

    DarthTunick SfC Part IV Commissioner star 10 VIP - Game Host

    Nov 26, 2000
    Hehehe, you got it right, Guy. TMNT is about as sacred as the Grimace or the Taco Bell chihuahua.

    [hl=purple]Los Angeles Lakers: Drama, guaranteed. [/hl]
  7. Cushing's Admirer

    Cushing's Admirer Force Ghost star 7

    Jun 8, 2006
    I'm seriously wondering why no one can leave well enough alone. :rolleyes: I like the animated Turtles, thank you.
  8. Aytee-Aytee

    Aytee-Aytee Jedi Master star 5

    Jul 20, 2008
    First Transformers, now THIS....

    I swear, Michael Bay has been ******* more childhoods than a kinky priest.
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  9. Juliet316

    Juliet316 JCC Game Winner star 10 VIP - Game Winner

    Apr 27, 2005
    And people ask me why I don't like remakes.

    This would be why.[face_plain]
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  10. Spider-Fan

    Spider-Fan Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 15, 2008
    While the merchandising certainly helped with the meteoric rise in popularity of the franchise and solidified its future for a few years, it existed unto itself as an indie comic for a few years before the toys or shows were even dreamed of.

    As for the "OH NOES MICHAEL BAY" he will have about as much input into this as Spielberg had in Transformers. Not to mention he may not entirely be aware of what he is saying.

    While it certainly sounds like he means they are aliens, I can't help but wonder if by "are from" he is referring to the fact that the Turtle's mutation is due to radio-active materials produced by the transmat device used by the stranded alien species known as the Utrom (the visual inspiration for Krang, though not the same species at all) to get back to their homeworld. Sure that assumption may be a stretch, but I wouldn't get bent out of shape just yet.

    After all, the Turtles have been re-imagined so many times by now, and each incarnation has their own take on the two are consistently the same.

    Heck the new IDW series so vastly different from anything that's come before that its actually a little refreshing and more than a little fascinating for an old Turtles fan like me.

    Plus if the movie isn't your taste, and you don't want to pick up the current comic, or the reprint classic comics, there is a forthcoming animated series as well. There is more than enough Turtles media to satisfy your needs. Or go back and watch the old school series if that's your preference.

    Its silly to get bent out of shape about this as they have never exactly been a mark of sacred high-art in any incarnation (though some are better than others).
  11. ApolloSmileGirl

    ApolloSmileGirl Jedi Knight star 8

    Jun 18, 2004
    Yeah, I think between transformers, this, and that Star Wars pron that came out recently, we can give Lucas a pass on the whole raping our childhood argument.
  12. somethingfamiliar

    somethingfamiliar Jedi Knight star 5

    Aug 20, 2003
    maybe he thinks they already are aliens, they are little green men after all and he might not look too close at stuff like this, "oh, they're robots what turn into cars, sure i could do it" "oh, they're ninjas from mars, yeah great"
  13. Juliet316

    Juliet316 JCC Game Winner star 10 VIP - Game Winner

    Apr 27, 2005
    Dear George Lucas,

    You are hereby formally forgiven for the prequels.


    Most fans.
  14. Rox

    Rox Administrator Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 24, 2000
    Die Michael Bay, die seriously.
  15. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    The problem is not the franchise.

    The problem is that Michael Bay can still get work. Damn the moviegoing public to hell.
  16. Kyle Katarn

    Kyle Katarn Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 10, 1998
    Perhaps we could all pool our money together so we could hire a terrorist to rig Michael Bay's car to explode when he's driving in to work or something. Seriously, this man needs to be stopped.
  17. MrZAP

    MrZAP Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 2, 2007
    No. He might thinkit's a cool way to go.
  18. TrakNar

    TrakNar Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 4, 2011
    This harshed my whole day. Not as if today was super-spectacular, or anything. But, still...

    Though, his statement is rather vague, so I'm gonna err on the side of caution. I'll believe it when I see it. No sense in getting totally worked up now. Best put that energy toward removing Bay from the populace in the most undignified way possible.
  19. Goodwood

    Goodwood Jedi Master star 5

    May 11, 2011
    *snarls with rage*

    As if the ending to Mass Effect 3 wasn't traumatizing enough...
  20. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    OK, I am serious here.
    We need to put together a collection.
    The money will go to hiring a former Spetznas.
    For $1million and a first-class ticket from Russia to the US, he will kill Michael Bay.

    Considering the Transformers abominations and the plans for this movie, I believe the actions are totally justified for preserving culture.

    And yes, I'm the guy who was arguing anti-death penalty.
  21. KissMeImARebel

    KissMeImARebel Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 25, 2003
    As long as they are still raised in the sewers by Master Splinter and taught ninja skills I don't really mind some of the details of their origins being tweaked.

    That being said, I'm guessing the whole alien thing IS going to be more than tweaking.
  22. HL&S

    HL&S Magistrate Emeritus star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Oct 30, 2001
    the **** is this...
  23. darthtenbiscuits

    darthtenbiscuits Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Sep 7, 2001
    As long as there's at least one vaguely racist stereotype character, I'm fine with this
  24. Eternity85

    Eternity85 Jedi Knight star 3

    Jan 24, 2008
    The first Turtles movie (1990) was pure epic!
  25. VadersLaMent

    VadersLaMent Chosen One star 10

    Apr 3, 2002
    And yet people shunned Megan Fox for her words on how big a jerk Bay is. SMH.

    ANd btw, I read the original b&w TMNT comics. Even the cartoon and later on the film were a travesty in comparison.