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Lit Omnibus Program: A Place for Everything?

Discussion in 'Literature' started by marvelfett11, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. marvelfett11

    marvelfett11 Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 21, 2002
    I have no doubt that, should the Omnibus program continue for a long time, eventually most things will be collected. But are there some things that just don't have a place? I don't mean that they aren't valid, but rather that they may not fit in a themed collection. I'm thinking specifically about the Apple Jacks Droids comic, but here's a list of items that I'm wondering about.

    -Apple Jacks Droids comic
    -Tag and Bink
    -SW Tales
    -Jedi vs. Sith
    -A New Hope adaptation (special edition version)
    -Adaptations of Episodes 1-3
    -ANH, TESB, ROTJ Infinities
    -Han Solo at Star's End (possibly in a "Classic SW"collection)
    -This Crumb for Hire (from "A Decade of Dark Horse" #2)
    -Luke Skywalker's Walkabout (from DHP Annual)
    -The Mixed up Droid
    -The Force Unleashed
    -General Grievous
    -Jabba the Hutt one-shots
    -Podracing Tales (as well as the other online-only strips)
    -The Jabba Tape (why this and the following three are not in SOTE omni is
    -Shadows of the Empire mini comics
    -Battle of the Bounty Hunters
    -Bounty Hunters: Scoundrels wages

    I realize I have left out a few others. Here's why (my own assumptions I know):
    1)I'm going to assume they are waiting for the CW cartoon to end before they
    attempt to sort out the timeline and, therefore, much of "Republic" as well as
    the many mini series that take place in and around this period will be
    omnibused (again, only an assumption)
    2) I assume Dark Empire will get it's own book.
    3) Same for Crimson Empire 1,2, Bounty Hunters:Kenix Kil, and "Hard Currency"
    4) Possibly an omni including "Jedi Academy", "Union" and "Chewbacca"
    5) all mega-series will, hopefully, eventually be dealt with (Empire/Rebellion,
    KOTOR, Legacy, Invasion, Classic Star Wars, or any others I forgot)
  2. Plaristes

    Plaristes Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 2, 2007
    General Grievous will probably be omnibused along with the other clone wars material.

    You didn't mention the Star Wars Kids comics, Lego comics (both the small ones packaged with the toys as well as those published in Lego Club Magazine), Tokyopop manga comics (Black and Silver), manga adaptations of TPM and the OT, or the various photocomics (film and TCW adaptations).

    Might the Ewoks comic-to-color be omnibused with the Ewoks series?
  3. TalonCard

    TalonCard •Author: Slave Pits of Lorrd •TFN EU Staff star 5 VIP

    Jan 31, 2001
    I seriously doubt the LEGO comics will or need to be collected--they weren't produced by a comic company, they have no relevant storyline, etc, etc.

    I am interested in this Ewok comic to color, though. Was there a story there?

    Does anyone really think the Mangas have a chance of being omnibused? I think between the four movie adaptations and the newer Silver/Black books there's enough stuff for a decent sized omnibus. The problems I see are: a. manga doesn't seem to be published in mega-sized collections, b., there may be some legal issues with the original publisher, and c. there seems to be a shocking lack of interest in producing Star Wars manga, (considering how well the universe fits the genre and how much American audiences love manga).

    The problem with a lot of the comics on marvelfett's list is that they would have fit in just fine with some of the omnibuses that have already been published, but early in the omnibus program Dark Horse seemed bound and determined to collect comics based only on the Dark Horse comic timeline. This works well for the prequel stuff (for the most part), but we ended up getting three X-Wing omnibuses without the #1/2 issue and with Shadow Stalker stuck in the random "Early Victories" omnibus instead of the more relevant Shadows of the Empire omnibus that just came out.

    Now it seems that they're more interested in grouping them into themed omnibuses (like the upcoming Boba Fett omnibus), which is good, but it means that they'll have to have more random comics within the themed omnibuses than they might otherwise have had, or risk ending up with a ton of short oddball stories at the end of the omnibus program.

    >-Apple Jacks Droids comic<

    This would have, obviously, been best in the Droids omnibus, but it's too late for that. I suppose it might fit in the eventual A Long Time Ago... Droids/Ewok collection, but that's a bit of a stretch. More likely they could stick it in with a Dark Horse A New Hope omnibus with Luke Skywalker's Walkabout, Darklighter, X-Wing #1/2, the ANH adaptation, the Star Wars Kids stories, and other Rebellion/Empire related tales.

    >-SW Tales<

    I think this series deserves its own set of two or three omnibuses. Tag and Bink could be collected as part of this series, keeping most of the Infinities stories together. (Tag and Bink was, what...four issues and a Tales comic? Plenty of room there.) IMO, the Tales omnibuses can't come soon enough--my TPBs are starting to fall apart.

    >-Jedi vs. Sith<

    Unfortunately, we may have to wait a really long time for this one. The only place I could see it fitting in would be at the tail end of a KOTOR/TOR omnibus series.

    >-Adaptations of Episodes 1-3
    -ANH, TESB, ROTJ Infinities<

    That's a good question. Until the A Long Time Ago series was announced, I'd assumed they'd be putting all the movie adaptations together like the Star Trek movies omnibus. They've already collected most of the prequel related material without those film adaptations. I suppose they could collect Episodes 1-4 as a Star Wars: The Dark Horse Adaptations omnibus, but that's still a pretty small omnibus. Same for the Infinities comics...perhaps it'd be best to do a numbered Infinities series of four or five omnibuses, with Infinities, Tag and Bink, and Star Wars Tales?

    >-Han Solo at Star's End (possibly in a "Classic SW"collection)<

    Probably. They seem to be keeping the retro stuff separate from the Dark Horse original stuff. How many omnibuses would it take to hold all of the Classic Star Wars comics, plus the uncollected bonus issues and the unreprinted Sunday comics?

    >-This Crumb for Hire (from "A Decade of Dark Horse" #2)<

    Possibly a Hutt/underworld themed TPB, with Podracing Tales, the SOTE mini comics, Scoundrel's Wages, the Art of the Deal issues and the Jabba Tape?

    >-The Mixed up Droid<

    Again, the Droids TPB would have been ideal for this...but it could fit chronologically with a New Republic collection.

    >-The Force Unleashed<

    Vader collection with Purge #2-3, TFU II (?), Betrayal, and Savage Heart?

  4. Plaristes

    Plaristes Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 2, 2007
    Not true for all the Lego comics. You're right about those packaged with the toys. However, the comics printed in Lego Club Magazine are genuine stories (if N-Canon). "The Hunt for R2-D2" was a multi-part story that spanned all of the 2009 issues. I'm a completist anyway, so I wouldn't mind the toy comics being omnibused, though.

    As for the comic-to-color, yes, it was a story, but unoriginal. It was an adaptation of part of RotJ. I'd like to see it included in the Ewoks omnibus. [face_thinking]
  5. marvelfett11

    marvelfett11 Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 21, 2002
    The Star Wars Kids stories were all interconnected if memory serves. One of them was reprinted in an issue of Tales. Does that mean that they are all Infinities? If so, they might be included with Tales stories and other stuff labeled as infinities.
  6. ATimson

    ATimson Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 19, 2003
    I can't speak for B or C, but Tokyopop has put out one-volume collections of 3-volume stories (so roughly six or so of the Dark Horse volumes?). There is some precedence. :)
  7. Plaristes

    Plaristes Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 2, 2007
    I just thought of another comic that's never been reprinted in the U.S. (or even translated into English): [link=]Il Potere Della Forza[/link].
  8. marvelfett11

    marvelfett11 Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 21, 2002
    Is that an entire comic or just one page?

    Also a question. If they do collect the Tales stories and other infinities stories, would you rather they are printed in publishing order or in the order in which they take place chronologically?
  9. Plaristes

    Plaristes Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 2, 2007
    It's a short comic (I just linked to a scan of the cover). As for Tales and so forth, I'm indifferent. I prefer chronological ordering for C- and S-Canon material, but there's no overall continuity for N-Canon stories, so I don't care much how they're ordered as long as they are omnibused in some form.
  10. TalonCard

    TalonCard •Author: Slave Pits of Lorrd •TFN EU Staff star 5 VIP

    Jan 31, 2001
    Interesting! Where does this come from? What's the plot? Do you have more scans? :D (It seems that no matter how well versed I think I am in EU obscurities, there's always something that I don't know about... :D )

    You're clearly a more exacting completest than I am. ;) As an avid Star Wars fan I'd rather not see Dark Horse trying to work these in with the other Star Wars comics. Having once been an avid subscriber to the Lego Club Magazine (back when it was Lego Mania Magazine), though, I'd love to see LEGO omnibus all of its comics. :D Born to build!

    I really don't think so. The story in question was "Death Star Pirates", and it was much less connected to the ongoing storyline than all the previous installments had been. When "Imperial Spy", the previous story left off, Han, Luke, Leia, and a droid named Q-7N had left Yavin on the Falcon. Starting with Death Star Pirates, the art was much more stylized, Q-7N was nowhere to be seen, Han and Leia were in the Falcon, and Luke was in his X-wing. It fits just about as well style, art, and storyline wise in the Goodwin comics as with the previous Star Wars Kids comics.

    In any case, the story was referenced extensively in Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds, with the titular Death Star Pirate getting a mention and his species getting stats. So here's hoping they don't just lump it or any of the Star Wars Kids comics in the Infinities pile.

    Oh, I almost forgot about the last Star Wars Kids comic: Gambler's Quest. I guess one could either put that with the other Star Wars Kids comics or with Scoundrel's Wages in a Hutt omnibus. It has a maze; I wonder if they'll reprint something with a maze...

    That sounds hopeful. I wasn't sure if it was against some manga tradition or not. ;)

    Publishing order for Tales, I think--it's just easier that way. Maybe something like this, numbered the most confusing way possible:

    Infinities Volume 1: Infinities (Infinities: ANH, Infinities: TESB, Infinities: ROTJ

    Infinities Volume 2: Tales, Volume 1 (Tales #1-12, -Death Star Pirates)

    Infinities Volume 3: Tales, Volume 2 (Tales #13-24, -The Revenge of Tag and Bink)

    Infinities Volume 4: The Lighter Side (Visionaries, Tag and Bink: Revenge of the Clone Menace, Tag and Bink Are Dead #1-2, The Revenge of Tag and Bink, The Return of Tag and Bink: Special Edition)

    That makes sense, right? :p

  11. Plaristes

    Plaristes Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 2, 2007
    How about adding to vol. 4 "The Insult That Made a Sith Out of 'Anakin'"? This appeared only in the Hyperspace membership kit comic in 2008 and was Pablo's hilarious homage to the old Charles Atlas ads in comics.
  12. TalonCard

    TalonCard •Author: Slave Pits of Lorrd •TFN EU Staff star 5 VIP

    Jan 31, 2001
    Sure! Toss in those Miniatures comics ads too. Are you listening, Dark Horse? ;)

  13. Plaristes

    Plaristes Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 2, 2007
    I just remembered another obscure item: where might the Contemporary Motivators adaptation of ANH be omnibused?
  14. The2ndQuest

    The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jan 27, 2000
    I think the art could be down-converted into 2D- but then, wasn't it just the SOTE comic sequence above Tatooine converted into a pop-up book? If it's the same art, I don;t think we'd need to worry about it being included separately.
  15. TalonCard

    TalonCard •Author: Slave Pits of Lorrd •TFN EU Staff star 5 VIP

    Jan 31, 2001
    Omnibus #279: Odds 'n Ends. ;)

    Actually, that one might be a lot of fun... :D

  16. Lord_Hydronium

    Lord_Hydronium Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 11, 2002
    Different art, and after the IG-88 battle, it has another part of Boba landing, sneaking into Jabba's palace, and fighting off a Krayt dragon (which is at odds with the whole SOTE version of events, but eh, what can you do about it).
  17. The2ndQuest

    The2ndQuest Tri-Mod With a Mouth star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jan 27, 2000
    :oops: My long-delayed ultimate SOTE screenplay adaptation effort just got that much more difficult :p
  18. Taral-DLOS

    Taral-DLOS Jedi Knight star 3

    Jun 29, 2009
    I was a bit cross to find out that The Jabba Tape wasn't on the SOTE omni, but I guess it could find a home with a Scum and Villainy or Underworld style omni.

    Except there's the strong possibility that Underworld: The Yavin Vassilika will probably be in the Boba Fett omni, so that might argue that an Underworld omni will be different. So who knows?
  19. Rogue...Jedi

    Rogue...Jedi Administrator Emeritus star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 12, 2000
    I was thinking "Omnibus: Miscellaneous" or "Omnibus: What's Left?" :p
  20. TalonCard

    TalonCard •Author: Slave Pits of Lorrd •TFN EU Staff star 5 VIP

    Jan 31, 2001
    Omnibus: Th, Ah, Th, Ah That's All, Folks!
  21. marvelfett11

    marvelfett11 Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 21, 2002
    On another note, if you go to Amazon and look "inside the book" of the Boba Fett omnibus, the table of contents lists ALL of the various Fett one-shots and miniseries as well as "Vasilika" and the 2 "Empire" issues. Unless I'm mistaken this is everything (Dark Horse-wise)except for the "Tales" stuff and, of course, Dark Empire, which doesn't count because it will get it's own probably. This is more than originally expected.
  22. TalonCard

    TalonCard •Author: Slave Pits of Lorrd •TFN EU Staff star 5 VIP

    Jan 31, 2001
    So this means I bought Underworld and the recent Boba Fett TPB for no reason? ;) I can't wait to get it though; it'll be nice to have so many stories all in one place.

  23. Guy-Gone_Weird

    Guy-Gone_Weird Jedi Master star 2

    Jul 28, 2003
    Alright, here's my first attempt at an Omnibus guess for pretty much all Star Wars comics. I'm still relatively new to Star Wars comics (roughly 5-6 years), and I really only follow TPBs, and not so much the individual issues. As such, I wrote this in terms of TPBs for the most part. I didn't include Tales, the smaller Adventures comics or any of the new TCW stuff. I tried to mostly go chronologically, except for the Marvel and Classic Star Wars ones, which i put in a separate section below the others. Also, the Underworld-themed and Infinities Omnibuses don't fit a specific time, like the upcoming Boba Fett one. Please let me know of any corrections, thoughts, or suggestions regarding the order and sizes of the Omnibuses, as I've only read maybe 1/3 of these yet. Prepare yourself for information overload! Here we go:

    Star Wars Omnibus: Tales of the Jedi Vol. 1
    Star Wars Omnibus: Tales of the Jedi Vol. 2

    Star Wars Omnibus: Knights of the Old Republic Vol. 1

    -Knights of the Old Republic: Commencement
    -Knights of the Old Republic: Flashpoint
    -Knights of the Old Republic: Days of Fear, Nights of Anger
    -Knights of the Old Republic: Daze of Hate, Knights of Suffering
    Star Wars Omnibus: Knights of the Old Republic Vol. 2
    -Star Wars Vector Vol. 1, Part 1
    -Knights of the Old Republic: Vindication
    -Knights of the Old Republic: Dueling Ambitions
    -Knights of the Old Republic: Destroyer
    -Knights of the Old Republic: Demon

    Star Wars Omnibus: Rise of the Sith
    Star Wars Omnibus: Emissaries and Assassins

    Star Wars Omnibus: "Quinlan Vos"
    -Star Wars: Twilight
    -Star Wars Republic: Infinity's End (4 issues)
    -Star Wars: Darkness
    -Star Wars: The Stark Hyperspace War
    -Star Wars: The Devaronian Version (2 issues)
    -Star Wars: Rite of Passage
    -Star Wars: Honor & Duty

    Star Wars Omnibus: Menace Revealed

    Star Wars Omnibus: Clone Wars Vol. 1
    -Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 1: The Defense of Kamino
    -Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 2: Victories & Sacrifices
    -Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 4: Light & Dark
    Star Wars Omnibus: Clone Wars Vol. 2
    -Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 3: Last Stand on Jabiim
    -Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 5: The Best Blades
    -Star Wars: General Grievous
    Star Wars Omnibus: Clone Wars Vol. 3
    -Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 6: On the Fields of Battle
    -Routine Valor (single issue)
    -Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 7: When They Were Brothers
    -Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 8: The Last Siege, The Final Truth
    -Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 9: Endgame (except Purge)

    Star Wars Omnibus: The Dark Times Vol. 1
    -Star Wars Purge
    -Star Wars Purge: Seconds to Die
    -Star Wars Purge: The Hidden Blade
    -Dark Times Vol. 1: The Path to Nowhere
    -Dark Times Vol. 2: Parallels
    -Star Wars: Vector Vol. 1, Part 2

    Star Wars Omnibus: The Dark Times Vol. 2 and Beyond
    -Dark Times Vol. 4: Blue Harvest
    -Rest of Dark Times...
    -The Force Unleashed

    Star Wars Omnibus: Droids

    Star Wars Omnibus: Empire
    -Empire Vol. 1: Betrayal
    -Empire Vol. 2: Darklighter
    -Empire Vol. 3: The Imperial Perspective
    -Empire Vol. 4: Heart of the Rebellion

    Star Wars Omnibus: A New Hope
    -Luke Skywalker's Walkabout (Dark Horse Presents Jr.)
    -Star Wars: A New Hope ? The Special Edition
    -X-Wing: Rogue Squadron 1/2
    -Star Wars Droids: Apple Jacks Special One-Page
    -The Rebel Thief (Star Wars Kids)
    -X-Wing Marks the Spot (Star Wars Kids)
    -Imperial Spy (Star Wars Kids)
    -Death Star Pirates (Star Wars Kids, Tales Vol. 2)
    -Star Wars 3-D ??

    Star Wars Omnibus: Early Victories

    Star Wars Omnibus: Rebellion
    -Rebellion: My Brother, My Enemy
    -Rebellion: The Ahakista Gambit
    -Rebellion: Small Victories
    -Star Wars: Vector Volume 2, Part 1

    Star Wars Omnibus: More Empire Stuff
    -Empire Vol. 5: Allies and Adversaries
    -Empire Vol. 6: In the Shadows of Their Fathers
    -Empire Vol. 7: The Wrong Side of the War

    Star Wars Omnibus: Shadows of the Empire
    Star Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Vol. 1
    Star Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Vol. 2
    Star Wars O
  24. marvelfett11

    marvelfett11 Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 21, 2002
    I think it wold take 2 omnibi(?) to do the CLassic SW stuff: One for the Goodwin/Williamson run, and one for everything else.

    Also, I wonder if the Clone Wars volumes would include the digest-sized tales as well as the recent (I know it's being reprinted as digests)12-issue series. Once the TV show ends I would love to see these all printed in whatever the "NEW" chronological order will be.
  25. Darth_Duck

    Darth_Duck Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 13, 2000
    Republic #78 Loyalties would fit in with Dark Times, Vol 1.
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