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    In a Bar.

    Vicar Zeb

    ::proten was a well known Vampire disapline. Lots of vamps used it to sink in the ground. And could use it to tunnel. Zeb Stays under the ground with Nimue?s real body. ::

    Zeb?s Spells.

    1. Proten.




    Nimue Le Fay

    ::Zara's spell had removed the shadow dubel. It was slowing Nimue down any way. Nimue was getting tired of zara?s superior attitude. Still, The fire was doing damage to her elemental form. Nume then used Alchemy threw Thaumaturgy
    Major changes in atomic number turning the water element into wind. ::

    Nimue,? Know that you can?t burn wind. But, wind can change the direction of air. And fire can?t burn with out air. Suffocating fire kills it.?

    ::She then used the wind to pull away all air from Zara. So not only will the Fire have to air to feed it, but Zara wouldn?t be able to breath. She then stood there.::

    Nimue,? Yes continue with the bear hug. See how well it does against the wind. When all I have to do is make it to ware your totally down wind. To ware there?s no air even near you. And since your not ?cursed? you still have to breath. Just be glad I have Thurmatogy and not Vicissitude. Enjoy your moment in a vacuum.?

    Spells used.

    1. Alchemy threw Thaumaturgy
    Major changes in atomic number turning the water element into wind.

    2. She used the elementals powers to pull all wind away from Zara that means air.

    ::She bear hugged Zara back wouldn?t want her jumping away now. ::

    Nimue,? I was going to do the earth change, but that burns to. wind?not so much. ?

    Tag: Zara or any.
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    wrong board please delet post.
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    ATTETION:GM's Note

    All things must come to an end, and that time has come for the OCA. Those who know me KNOW how I feel about being a dedicated GM, and I am not presently able to perform my duties here and in RL. I was also unsuccessful in acquiring a substitute GM, so I am left with no other choice but to close this RP. I want to thank you ALL for your participation. My hope is that all of you got to learn something useful about turn based combat and posting. For the best EXAMPLE of what we were trying to do here, read the Wolverine vs. Envy posts by R_Zion and Sentinel-825. They get a perfect score in my book.

    I cannot apologize enough to those of you who wish for this thread to continue, but all hope is not lost. Interested parties can petition the incumbent mod to open a combat arena of their very own. Especially since this one will be officially closed. Once again, thank you all for participating.

    I must issue a Special Thanks to blubeast1237, DarthSubZero, Ktala and R_Zion for everything they have done, both in and out of game, to make this as close to an ideal gaming experience as possible. I thank you my friends. Without you, we would not have made it this far.

    Good Hunting everyone. Fight with honor and Valor!


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