Horror On The Precipice of Madness

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    On the Precipice of Madness
    Arkham, Massachusetts on the evening of October 31st, 1924.

    The repetitious thump of the water pelting the glass sounded to Charles Atwell as if he was back in the Argonne Forest during the war, the sounds of the rifles firing like rain hitting so many windows. He shook his head, the throbbing rumbles and pulsating flashes of blinding light distracting him from his search. He was in this attic, this rustic attic that smelled of mold and dust and several unknown metals that Charles Atwell feared to discover. He had found a tome in a German post and, being a man of science before a man of war, he did not deign to put death over knowledge. The tome mentioned terrible things, unknown things, words without meaning, without structure, without terrestrial origin. The only name that spoke to Charles Atwell was Arkham. It had taken him years to pinpoint the tome’s origin to this rustic, dusty, unspeakably putrid attic in Massachusetts.

    Charles Atwell pushes aside a crate with effort befitting one desperate for something, anything, resembling a truth. The wood scrapes against the ground and lets forth a terrible screech as the storms fall silent. What’s left is a hole, a dark, foreboding, terrible hole that seems to go down to eternity. Charles Atwell reaches his hand forward, instantly pulling it back as it’s beset by a grimy, slick, fluid like that of viscera yet with the color of watered down milk. And there was something else, a throbbing appendage that he had barely struck, that had flinched at his touch as he to it. Charles Atwell reaches his hand forward again when a low and terrible rumble shakes the building as a worm the likes he has never seen rears up through the hole and levels its viscous form at him. At this moment Atwell knew all that he was searching for and despaired.

    Two years later, an arcane stone finds its way to the site where Atwell’s grail once stood and upon its face was inscribed in bronze:

    In the year​
    Of our Lord​
    Créer Pipi​
    This Land​
    The Game

    Some things that dream should never be disturbed, some things that exist should never be known, some things that are can never be. Welcome to the world of H.P. Lovecraft and all that followed and expanded upon the Eldritch horrors to be found within this game. I shall be your keeper on this journey as you join me through madness and terror.

    The year is 1926, the time is early November. The place is the Miskatonic Region of Massachusetts. Disappearances have grown over the years in the region, strange creatures can be seen in the night, whole villages gather together for weekly rituals deep into the night, and a traveling exhibit has brought the wonders of Ancient Egypt to the campus of Miskatonic University. You play the role of everyday citizens of the late 1920’s. Ordinary citizens thrust into the extraordinary either by choice or circumstance. Some will survive unscathed, others will succumb to wounds or madness. Only you shall find the answers to the mysteries that plague the region. Only you can keep the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods at bay.

    The game’s unique element shall be maintaining your character’s Sanity. As you progress through events, encounters, mysteries, and the like you will be set upon by that which should never be known or witnessed by mortal eyes. Strange forces will begin to interact with your characters and influence them. Fights and puzzles can be solved through role play, but loss of sanity is a matter of will. And even the mightiest of wills can falter at the sight of the Eldritch. Therefore, we shall be using a dice based system in order to determine sanity. Each character sheet will include two parts:

    Will Score – A value representing 2 – 6, this is the strength of will of your character. This is the value that will be rolled against each time I deem an encounter was arcane enough to warrant a test of will. I will roll a d10 on and post the result and tag your character in the next Keeper update. If the roll is below your character’s will score, then you are safe from taking sanity damage. If it is above, then your character will lose one sanity point. There will be artifacts and other special items throughout the game that can both decrease and increase Will Scores.

    Sanity Points – This is a value from 1 to 15 representing how your character’s sanity. Take in mind your character’s age and history when assigning sanity points. If I see too many 15s I’ll decline the characters. Only the strongest of minds in the Lovecraft lore are rewarded 15s. This value will decline as the game moves forward. When it reaches 0, your character goes insane and either perishes or is confined to Arkham Asylum. However, just like with Will scores, there will be some chances to heal sanity within the game.


    Character Sheet

    Firstly, no one will start as a cultist or any other antagonistic being except for me. Only I need initially know the mysteries surrounding each location and person. That isn’t to say, as a character begins to lose sanity, they don’t turn from investigator to puppet. You just can’t start as an antagonist. Please PM me your characters sheet for approval.

    Will Score: (0 – 6)
    Sanity Points: (1 – 15)
    Short Biography:

    1. Obey the TOS.
    2. PM your CS to me, the Keeper, for approval.
    3. No God Modding.
    4. Keep OOC to a minimum. If needed I will create a OOC talkback thread in resources.
    5. Try to post within a couple days of a Keeper update.
    6. If you cant, try to let us know.
    7. Keeper (GM) word is law.
    8. Long (96 hours after Keeper post) periods of inactivity will result in character being lost in time and space.
    9. Most of all, Have fun!
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    Name: Elspeth Charlene Talmadore (Elly)
    Age: 27
    Nationality: American - European
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and pale skin. Thin build, but she is much stronger than she look.

    Occupation: Bookstore Owner, wealthy
    Will Score: 4
    Sanity Points: 12

    Short Biography:

    Elly is not what one would consider mainstream. Born into a moderately wealthy family, Elly, despite the tongue-twisting long name her mother decided to grace her with, was not one destined for Cotillions. She sees herself as a bit of a rebel. Even with her hair, which she wears long, even thought the current styles is chopped short. She does not follow the mindless throng of masses. The middle child, and mostly ignored, it freed her to take up her own pursuits, a trait she gained from her father, who died when she turned 20.

    Even though she has access to the family's wealth, she wanted to prove that she could make it on her own, so much to her families chagrin, she runs a small bookstore. It is there she is the most happiest. She likes to travel, but her family frowns on, saying that a young single LADY should not be gallivanting alone. So she reads books, dreaming of places she wishes she could go, and has learned three languages because of it. Useful, when ordering rare books from various countries, and with the families main business. She also understands Latin, but dosent get a chance to show off her skills as much as she would like.

    Right now, her life consists of fending off leeches, trying to use her as a way to get into the family fortune, and wishing for a bit of adventure, as she losses herself in the various stories that surround her.


    English, Spanish, French - Speak and write
    Latin - written
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    GM approved

    Name: John Klein
    Age: 42
    Nationality: American
    Appearance: [​IMG][​IMG]
    Occupation: Insurance Agent / Investigator
    Will Score: 5
    Sanity Points: 7
    Short Biography: John is a man who never had a plan for his life. He just followed the waves. A World War and a divorce later he found himself a policeman, only to realize whatever his plan would have been, that wasn't it. Alcohol and a rather relaxed code of morality did not fit too well with the force. He quit, earned some money as a private eye, mking use of his decent skills as an investigator.

    Only a chance-encounter at a bar in Bastow, California turned his life around. An insurance agent told him about how his agency uses private eyes to investigate cases of fraud. An epedemic problem that had come up in the age of the growing insurance market. John took a chance when it offered itself . . . alcohol always makes him believe in destiny . . . and applied for the job. He turned out to be good at it. Without a family or any real friendships he easily went through the whole country, investigating damages and covered-up suicides of people who tried to get insurance money they did not deserve. Everybody lied. No collateral in a world of guilty . . .

    Loneliness and alcoholism had a toll on his mental stability over the years though. And even as his will is unbreakable, he feels he looses time and sometimes forget the reasons why he does things.