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One Man Star Wars Show in Charlotte on Oct. 14th

Discussion in 'Greenville, NC' started by Dal--Intrepid, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. Dal--Intrepid

    Dal--Intrepid Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 13, 2002
    One Man Star Wars
    October 14, 2006
    McGlohon Theatre at Spirit Square

    ?Off-the-wall fun!? ? Chicago Tribune

    It?s a one-hour, high energy, nonstop blast through the first three Star Wars films. The catch is, there's only one cast member. Charles Ross, the writer and solo performer of One Man Star Wars, spent too much of his childhood in a galaxy far, far away ? and adulthood has been similar. Ross plays all the characters, recreates the effects, sings the music, flies the ships and fights both sides of the battles. Spin Magazine describes the show as a ?hyperactive distillation of George Lucas? sci-fi films... the result is a half homage, half satire.? Don?t miss this wildly amusing ride!

    [link=] [/link]

    There are 2 shows:


    Tickets for this range are 17.50 and 22.50.

    If you haven't heard of this before, check out [link=]his site[/link].


    This could make for a decent weekend jaunt to Charlotte. Maybe Discovery Place during the day and One Man Star Wars at night. Just something to think about . . . [face_thinking]
  2. Jada

    Jada Jedi Master star 6

    Apr 20, 2006
    :( [face_plain]

    Just to let you know they have postponed this. :_|

    However, we'll be having a board game night that night so if you all wanted to come down for the Discovery Place thing and then come and socialize with us that would be cool :cool:
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