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Fantasy One Piece: Bon Voyage

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by TheManinBlack, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. TheManinBlack

    TheManinBlack Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 1, 2007

    Wealth, fame, power. The man who had acquired everything in this world, the pirate king, Gold Roger!
    These were the last words of Gold D. Roger, king of the pirates, as he was beheaded before a sea of onlookers.

    ?You want my treasure? You can have it. I left everything I gathered together in one piece. Now you just have to find it!?


    His execution was supposed to herald the end of era. His end was to instill fear into the hearts of anyone dreaming to be pirate and roam the sea freely. Instead it brought on the golden age of piracy, most dreaming and scurrying the world for the treasure Gold D. Roger spoke of. Some just inspired by his drive and passion, knowing if they explored the sea as Roger did they would find their hopes and dreams somewhere there as well.

    In any case though there are more pirates in the ocean then there are stars in the sky, no crew has found the legendary One Piece, Roger?s fabled treasure. Many have been stopped by the Marines, many pirates have been stopped by the hands and blades of their own, some are just stumped where it is. All anyone knows is that the One Piece lies at the end of the Grand Line, a hellish and wondrous strip of Ocean that encircles the middle of the world.

    A part of the globe, the World Government guards jealously and draconically and will always do so. For the Grand Line is itself a treasure box in its own little way. Whatever a person could ever dream of lays there waiting for him to take it, if he has the skill and determination of course. Things considered rare and invaluable lay there, things to be impossible. Flowers bloom there that cure any disease, islands that hold supposedly extinct animals, pearls the size houses, and the true history of the world are just the tip of the iceberg.

    But those are things the World Government, the organization that runs most of the world, doesn?t want that to happen. There are dreams that are permitted to happen, then those that aren?t. If someone looked around the Grand Line long enough, they would uncover secrets the World Government wants to stay secret. The truth if uncovered and exposed to the world would be more dangerous than any army or navy possibly raised against them.

    Because of this the Marines where formed long ago. The right arm of the World Government; they are the ones who protect the World Government's interest both in the world at large and in the Grand Line in particular. They are the largest obstacle for any pirate, but they are an obstacle that must be overcome.

    Still this is the place where dreams are possible, a place where adventure awaits!


    Our adventure begins with our newly assembled crew gathering in the North Blue port city of Bishop Shore, a port that's main significance in the world is that its somewhat close to an entrance the Grand Line. There are cities and ports much closer to the Grand Line, like the crew's inevitable destination Lougetown, but as one even gets closer to the Grand Line things get more dangerous, and the necessity of frequent and numerous ports becomes paramount. Still, this is one of a few ports that does not smile warmly on pirates, and the crew decides to lay low and not make to much of a fuss.


    Basic Info about the One Piece world[/b][/u]

    This site has a lot of nice info that will help when crafting a character and flesh out the world will we all be playing in. This is AU so any information about people currently living in the One Piece world is useless, sorry.

    [b]The Blues:[/b] One of the four Oceans of the One Piece world. North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, and West Blue are the normal 4 seas outside of the Grand Line. The each take up an equal amount of space, and are separated a>
  2. BartSimpson-SithLord

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    Jan 24, 2002

    Name: Steade Vaane

    Gender: Male

    Age: 24

    Appearance: Stands at 6'2", usually wears a cream colored suit jacket over a slate gray shirt with cream pants and cream dress shoes. His hair is a vivid cardinal red that he wears short and curly. His eyes are a caramel color. His skin is slightly on the pale side, but works well to accentuate his hair and eyes.

    Crew Position and Skills: Quartermaster, Acrobat, high level dexterity and movement, brilliant tactician, high level charisma.

    Abilities: Fencing Style, Dagger Fighter, Super-human strength, speed, and endurance.

    Devil Fruits: (Left intentionally blank)

    Goals: Join Pirate Crews in order to lead them to the World Government so that their assets can be seized, only needs one more crew in order to be absolved of all prior Piracy charges. (Current). To make it to the New World and reunite with Flora, the daughter of one of the Yonkou and a renowned Pirate in her own right. (Lifelong)

    Personality: He can be slightly self absorbed. He is very friendly to those he views as good people, and is quite understanding of others' situations. He is very charismatic, confident, and seems to be happy most all the time. He does have a serious side, though, and a past that continues to shape his views on the world.

    Bio: Born to a circus family on an island in North Blue, young Steade's early years were spent training in the family business, that being acrobats. His daily training gave him excellent dexterity and strength, which he used to pioneer new tricks and make a name for himself as an artist. This young life was short lived, however, as a raid on his village by pirates left him an orphan and the town destroyed when he was just ten years old.

    That vile group of pirates was at war with a larger group, who arrived to find the town destroyed. Feeling pity for Steade, the captain of the pirates took him aboard his ship as one of his own. Aboard this pirate ship, Steade used his excellent acrobatic skills and strength to make a name for himself and quickly gain duty and importance. It was also here that he met the Captain's daughter, Flora, a girl the same age as he was. The two bonded quickly, and he began to teach her acrobatics as she taught him how to fence and use a dagger in combat. She had dreams of becoming the second in command to her father's crew and helping him find One Piece.

    Six years he spent aboard that pirate ship, helping out and eventually gaining many different skillsets and learning how to keep the books and distribute wealth. He became the quartermaster when the current one died due to illness. Also developing during these six years was his budding romance with Flora. With a powerful father such as hers as they approached Sabaody Archipelago, she began to see anyone interested in her as only wanting to get closer to her father. With Steade it was different. There was a mutual attraction and she knew he only cared about protecting her. This would all come to a head on the archipelago.

    During a resting period while the pirates prepared to enter the New World, a group of slavers kidnapped Flora and took her to the auction house in order to sell her as a slave. The captain and Steade lead a daring assault, but it was too late. Her beauty had attracted the attention of a Marine, who had already purchased her. Steade would not take this, and fought the Marine Vice-Admiral, injuring him and causing him to issue a Buster Call. In the ensuing madness, the pirate captain, Steade, and Flora escaped to their ship and set sail for the new world. Before they could make it out of the archipelago, however, Navy ships caught them from behind. Knowing that it was Steade that was wanted, not his captain, he decided to give himself up. Before he left the ship, however, he proposed to a crying Flora. Telling her not to answer yet, that he would meet her in the New World. The captain told him that he'd always be their nakama. And he agreed. Still, he had the feeling that this was a sign, th
  3. Darth_Vickor

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    Jan 2, 2010
    I am not yet able to private message yet. I need twenty posts or something. May I just post my character profile on the forum? Or should I wait until I am able to private message?
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