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    After a good deal of assessment of the situation and much discussion between myself and @Penguinator, we have been forced to conclude that certain rule changes regarding OOC Threads need to be implemented. They have, as of late, become less about their intended purpose - which is to provide a place for plot speculation, plot coordination, and reactions to particularly intriguing plot points - and more about advertisement and providing subtle social threads in isolation. Both Penguinator and myself acknowledge that we have been guilty of this as well, which honestly is all the more reason to deploy these rules.

    1. Unless explicit approval has been granted by one or more RPF moderators, an OOC thread for a game may only be created after the first GM update containing tags. In particular, without explicit permission, an OOC thread may not be created simultaneously with the game's launch, prior to the game's launch, or during initial CS submission. To prevent abuse of this policy, RPF moderators are never permitted to violate the first update rule, and must always restrict their coordination efforts to PM or Jocasta Nu's. This rule is NOT retroactive - OOC threads open at the time of this posting are free to remain open.
    2. All posts should contain content pertaining to the game in question. Discussion of other games, or discussion of unrelated content, is prohibited. Certain leeway will be afforded to accomodate the necessary fluidity inherent in all discussion. Prolonged off-topic discussion will almost certainly result in moderator intervention and, in extreme repeat circumstances, temporary or permanent loss of OOC thread privileges. In particular, the following content is always permissible:
      • Discussion of recent updates and/or plot developments.
      • Speculation as to the direction of the game.
      • Prospective post-launch player Q&A, including whether or not the game is still accepting players.
      • Complementing the perceived quality of a recent post, action, and/or update.
      • Strategizing on future courses of action.
      • Notification of anticipated absences of any duration.
    The second rule has always been in effect, but will be enforced to a much larger degree than it has been recently. If you have any questions about this policy, feel free to contact myself, @Ramza, or @Penguinator.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
Moderators: Penguinator, Ramza
Thread Status:
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