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Story [Original Fiction]Galia~ of the Eras Short Story Collection... One-Shot?

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Overboard4aFel, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. Overboard4aFel

    Overboard4aFel Jedi Knight star 2

    Aug 16, 2010

    This story was originally a part of a short story collection I was going to write, but never could seem to get the gumption to finish... But I really liked the intro to the first story, and it seemed able to stand on it's own... for the most part :) So here it is: Hope you enjoy!!


    Title: "Galia" from the Eras Short Story Collection
    Timeframe: about 400 BCE in Ancient Greece


    After the Great Theologians left, most of the crowd did too. Most had come to the Areopagus to hear people like Socrates and Plato speak about their revolutionary ideas. The majority of the others had come late in the game, due to the fact that they had not come to hear the speakers, but to go about the daily business in the marketplace, and had gotten caught up in the discussion. As this crowd dispersed there were few who lingered behind. As with uncanny precision, a traveling bard seemed to magically appear on the mound and clear his throat- he was clearly preparing to share a story with his audience. Those lingering shared grins and glances- this was what they were waiting for. A few retreating backs turned around at the sound of the bard. While the bard seemed disappointed by the size of the crowd- it was a great deal less than it would have been just a few years ago- their enthusiasm made it worth the effort.

    At long length, he began to speak, telling a story about a young woman by the name of Alea. Born into a wealthy family, she knew nothing of how to care for herself. When adventure struck- as adventures usually do- she was completely unprepared. As she fought many evils- from spiteful gods and goddesses to dragons and hydras to members of her own household- he followed her every footstep. The bard finished with a warning; "For every hero there is a villain, and for every right there is a wrong. Not everyone seeking adventure will find it, and not everyone seeking peace will have it. Thereby, watch your path, but keep an eye on your won feet, for not every ending is a happy one."

    With that the audience broke into cheers and applause while the bard bowed and then took his leave. It had grown late into the night, for the sky was lit only by stars and fire. Below the hill, the city of Athens spread out like a glittering and smoky web laid out before any and all observers. The bard's tale had taken nearly all day to tell, for he was not rushed. However, young Galia was. While she had been enthralled with the story, it had ended, and her stomach protested loudly about being forgotten. And while her stomach may have proclaimed itself quite proficiently, its arguments weren't the loud complaints she was worried about...


    "Once again, Galia, you have managed to shirk your duties laid upon you, and miss supper, at that, for another story!"

    Galia couldn't help but snicker. She knew her mother would hear her, but it was already too late by that time.

    "I heard that! You seem to care more for your book, scroll, or traveling bard, than your own mother!"

    Galia had stolen away some of the leftover food and was stuffing it in her mouth, trying to calm at least one source of scolding. Her mother she couldn't do anything about. Meanwhile, trying to prove her point from every angle, her mother had reached yet another complaint.

    "And it's not ever scholarly things, like theology or mathematics! Its things such as the Odyssey, the battle of Troy, Jason! All this fighting and swordplay, games,-" Now her mother had picked up a utensil, and was swinging it about as if in a mighty duel with an invisible opponent. Suddenly, with a flourish, she flicked her transparent opponent?s sword away and said in a harsh voice, "There! I have you! Move again, foul beast, and I shall take your head from your shoulders!"

    At that, Galia, while laughing, picked up her own 'sword' and stated back, "Ah, but first you would have to defeat me!" And the swordplay continued until they had both grasped at their knees to catch their breath which seemed to run away with laughter and exertion.


    Please l
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