Science Fiction Origins: Matthew Berger and John Rose

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    Jul 3, 2006
    John Rose
    San Francisco

    "I actually live in New York," Gavin told John. "I don't really have a place here in California just yet."

    John stared at Gavin for a second, and then looked back at Wally. "So you want me to drive from here, to New York, then back to L.A.? I'm gonna need some gas money for that."

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    San Francisco

    "What the hell, kid? Did you think we were going to give you a freaking apartment to live here?" Wally scratched his head. "John go on home, your parents will start bugging if you don't. As for you, Gavin..."

    The ginger looked around at the group. Raven wouldn't allow him to stay at her place, neither would Damage, and Beast Boy's home was small, very small, but fitting for the guy who could be any animal he wanted to be on a whim. He sighed. "You can crash here, I guess. But we're going to be talking about your living arrangements in the morning. He sighed and retreated back to his bedroom while the group disbanded, with Beast Boy turning in a condor and taking flight and Raven getting into Damage's truck and pulling out. She slowed to a stop beside John as he was approaching Wally's car.

    "Don't wreck that thing, Wally's cool, but he loves that thing. Kind of shows how much he trusts you already." She looked him from head to toe. "Yea, we got a lot of work to do with you guys. Be ready tomorrow, I'll be at your house in the morning." Roaring the engine, she threw the truck in Drive and was gone.

    Gavin was left in Wally's living room and might as well make himself comfortable until the morning.

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    OOC: Some godmoding here, I think - tell me if I'm going too far.

    Iron Bat

    Washington DC

    He took a good thirty seconds or so before disengaging the coils, the suit's audio sensors assuring him the sound of both Stone and Luthor's footsteps had faded into the darkness of the Capitol before descending. Still, he did crouch for a few seconds after landing to see if he'd been noticed before moving to the door.

    Entering the office was straightforward enough: Stone, like most of the senators on this level, relied more on the Capitol's exterior for serious security than the interior as such. A good sixty years of lockpick technology had been miniaturised and fitted into the suit's fingertip sensors, and the lock wasn't a terribly good one anyway. And Stone, like most prudent occupiers of high office who had questionable links, was smarter than to keep a CCTV camera on his office. Where there was CCTV, there was the chance someone was watching. And if they were watching, there was every chance they were also recording.
    "Nice place he's got here," said Tony over the link. Any sense of bravado imparted by the booze was drying out rapidly; his adopted brother's tone was brittle.

    The place was an expansive office, as one would hope for a senator. A couple of lounge chairs in one half of the room, an unremarkable set of filing drawers behind a fine rosewood desk. Laptop computer. Glass-cabineted bookcase on one wall. Usual Ego Wall of meet-and-greets with various Presidents and religious leaders. No windows, of course. He might want the corner office, but he wasn't going to have people looking in on who he was seeing. It would take several more years and several more degrees of corruption before he could flaunt his connections to the world at large.

    "Ashes in the tray," said Bruce.
    "Right. On it." The suit's internal readouts were flickering, collecting: a chemical composition was coded up in fairly rapid fashion. "Got a lock."
    "What about a trail?"
    "You're not seriously considering trying to follow Stone through the Capitol, are you?"
    "Not unless it's necessary."

    He looked around the office, again reaching out with the suit's sensors and imaging technology. Sonar reached out, now; ultrasonics tapping on walls, looking for--
    "Got an anomaly. In the bookcase."
    "Nope. Just the opposite." Tony fed the data through as an overlay on the suit's HUD. "Small square of wall that's absorbing a lot more sound waves than the rest of the wall around it."
    He moved across to it, opened the case carefully, found his way to A Brief History of Time in its hardback form on the shelf. Moved it out -- to reveal the small, squat square of a conventional, dial-lock safe. He set to work; some functions the suit could handle for him, others it merely assisted with what he did. When one was listening for the click of tumblers, it helped to have ears that could detect a cough from a good three hundred meters away.

    And then, just as quickly, he had it. Opened the safe to reveal a series of files and small folders.
    "Think he's got the number for JFK's shooter in there?"
    "Most of this is Washington related. Honey traps; kickbacks to lobbyists. It won't be all of his laundry." Checking through folders -- one was photographs, another looked like a couple of thin camera memory cards -- and then, as he suspected it might be, the oldest, most battered folder -- with a few sheets in it. Handwritten, a page of phone numbers, and an alphanumeric sequence next to each on one page; what looked to be a short ledger of some kind on the remaining five or so pages, though again alphanumeric sequences featured alongside dollar values.
    "Well, well, well. Brother Stone's a cryptographer by persuasion."
    "Some kind of substitution code. Doubt it'll be a complex key - if he was generating a new keycode every day he wouldn't be handwriting it; takes too much time. I've seen Mob in Gotham that uses this from time to time. JARVIS can tak
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    OOC: Just kidding about my last post! :p Also, next Sunday, I'll be leaving for a week on vacation (yay!), so just fyi. ;)

    IC as Kiara Paige

    Time itself stretched slowly as Kiara fell towards to the ground, yet there was no fear. Not anymore. It was oddly peaceful, but really, that was all she could ask for in her last few moments of living. She closed her eyes and breathed in. Life would finally be over. Her damned power would be over. She wouldn't have to worry about not doing things right. Only rest and peace would be waiting for her. And then reality drew her back. Something grabbed at her ankle and she looked back.

    Kiara's eyes widened when she saw her mother falling with her. She had jumped?! No! What are you...

    Panic settled in the pit of her stomach. There was no way she was going to let her die too! This was her destiny! She was fated to die alone! Her mom didn't care for Why did she jump? Why did she...? And if she thought time slowed then, it seemed to all but freeze, somehow...She narrowed her eyes, thoughts running through her mind. She had to think of something. Anything! She couldn't let her mom die. Not like this. Not now. And then it clicked. She looked up to see where the edge of the overpass was and noted the distance, ignoring the faces of people panicking above and no doubt calling 911.

    Without thinking, she lifted her arm up and her hand shifted into a grappling hook and shot it out at the edge. The wire and the hook flew up and clasped neatly and tightly onto the overpass, shocking those looking down. Kiara reached down and grabbed her mother's hand with her free one, trying to pull her up so that she wouldn't fall and slowly, they were raised up to the top. She pushed her mom up and over the railing first, once she was certain she was safe, she crawled over it as well. There were gasps of alarm when she straightened herself and looked down to see that her hand was entirely gone. Only the hook was visible. Kiara stared and focused on the image of her hand and within a few moments, it shrank and became her hand once more. Squeezing it a couple of times to get the feeling back into it, she breathed out. Never before had she transformed only a part of her body. It had always been her entire self. Maybe this was...growth?

    Realization hit Kiara and she glared down at the form of her mother.

    "Why did you follow me?! You hate me, you never cared! I was never good enough for you! And look! Look at what I am! I'm not normal! Don't you see what I was trying to do? I was going to rid myself from this world! I DON'T BELONG! LEAVE ME ALONE!" She bellowed out, seething anger replacing awe and confusion. Tears streamed down her face, not caring about those watching. "Just leave me alone..."

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    [hl=black]Steve Rogers[/hl]
    Oa, 1941

    Realizing it was time to depart, Steve gave another salute. [hl=black]"Not to worry, Green Lantern Thaal Sinestro. I know I'm the first ever Green Lantern from my planet, but I'm going to do this organization proud. I promise. Alright ring, let's go home."[/hl]

    He hovered up into the air, and took off.

    [hl=green]"Concealing ide-"[/hl]

    [hl=black]"You mentioned something about mandatory concealment only replying to recruits?"[/hl]

    [hl=green]"That is correct."[/hl]

    [hl=black]"Then lose the mask. A man who can't take responsibility for his actions has no reason to serve others."[/hl]

    [hl=green]"Green Lantern Steven Rogers-"[/hl]

    [hl=black]"Another thing. It's Steve. Just Steve. We're partners in this."[/hl]

    [hl=green]"Steve. It is not advised to forsake anonymity at this time. Precedent is lacking."[/hl]

    [hl=black]"First time for everything, Ring. Which reminds me - how come you're so chatty? None of the other rings talked this often."[/hl]

    [hl=green]"Steve displays subconscious desire to hear a second opinion at all times. Desire made manifest by latent willpower. Can cease if so requested."[/hl]

    [hl=black]"No, no, keep it up. You're right - I do want a second opinion. Hate to think that there wasn't a check on the most powerful cop on Earth."[/hl]

    Aside from this, the journey was predominantly silent.

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    [i][b][hl=white][color=blue]Captain America[/color][/hl][/b]
    Germany, 1945[/i]

    Captain America let out a sigh. Of [i]course[/i] the kid was a wreck. Who wouldn't be after all this? He'd been so wrapped up in helping this one boy that he'd lost sight of the big picture.

    Some Green Lantern he was.

    "Excuse me, sir, but we're going to head back to base. This kid needs some grub." A soft green glow enveloped Cap and Erik, and they took off towards the base camp. "Have... have all of the... send them my way for physicals. Ring'll be a lot faster than ordinary checkup."

    [hl=green]"Advisement: power levels at 25%. Suggest recharge."[/hl]

    "Sure thing, Ring."

    Recharge, huh? He looked back at the camp they had just liberated. He realized what had been bothering him about all of these horrors. The awful things the allies "hadn't known about."

    It was the Oath.

    [i]In brightest day
    In blackest night
    No evil shall escape my sight.
    Let those who worship evil's might,
    beware my power:
    Green Lantern's Light![/i]

    God damn that Oath.

    [i]No evil shall escape my sight.[/i]

    [i]God damn me.[/i]

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    May 23, 2005
    Germany, Allied Base, 1945

    The flight was extraordinary and completely unlike anything Erik had experienced in his life. The tears were blown from his face, but somehow the wind didn't feel cold; the green glow that surrounded them seemed also to keep them a comfortable temperature despite the altitude. Erik surmised that it must be the ring.

    But why does it need recharging?

    Erik wasn't even certain what that entailed, and put the thought to the back of his mind. They landed, then, a sudden stop but not jarring, oddly soft.

    "Where are we?"

    The Captain simply smiled and pointed. Erik followed his hand and saw the American flag. He found himself smiling, too.

    They entered with ease - the Captain received many salutes and proud looks. Erik drew little attention next to him, but they came to a door that resembled very much a door he'd seen in the camp - white, cold and sterile - and he became worried, his steps slowing. The Captain stopped and turned when he realized Erik had slowed down. "You okay?"

    Erik had seen a cold, sterile door in the old camp. They'd called the room it led to the "examination room," but no one who ever entered those doors ever came out again.

    These doors swung open, however, and warm faces left, nurses, their smiles becoming grins as they walked past the Captain. Following his gaze, they saw Erik and the smiles grew to looks of deep concern. "Captain?"

    The Captain smiled. "This is Erik."

    The first nurse moved quickly to Erik. "He's so thin! What happened to him?"

    The Captain shook his head. "Later. He's hungry - so am I, come to think of it," he said, smiling at Erik.

    They passed through the doors, and Erik found that they led only to the base's mess hall.

    Before long he'd eaten his fill; it didn't take much, but the cook still gave him a generous second helping that he could barely put a dent in.

    The nurses were speaking to one another, though. "The poor thing, he didn't even eat a full plate..."

    " can they do that to people?"

    The first shushed the second at that, and Erik found himself silently thanking her. He tried to eat a few more mouthfuls but was too full. He realized then that this was what happened when you weren't fed enough.

    Erik put his elbows up on the table. The Captain was across from him, and Erik smiled. "Thank you."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Cletus Kassidy
    Queue Jumping

    [blockquote]Cletus eyed Carnage, as he neared the demon, and then looked back to Horkos. "Deal, old man. Get me and my kin out of here."

    And I'll see how far the rabbit hole goes...

    ... because someone is very interested in us... and that interests me.[/blockquote]

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    IC: Gavin Carlyle
    Location: The Gingers House

    Gavin smiled and accepted the hospitality. John was turning out to be a bit of a smart ass but growing up in NYC had given Gavin some tough armor. Gavin regarded the couch. He had never slept on a couch, he was a trust fund baby. His parents were quite wealthy and in turn gave Gavin a generous allowance, even when Gavin was working and living on his own. He had spotted a rather lofty studio apartment up the street but he would take the speedsters offer to crash, worry about the rest tomorrow.

    Gavin sat on the couch folding his legs, his hands resting on his knees. He took a deep breath and began to meditate, quickly falling into a trance like state, nearly as good as sleep.
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    Sep 29, 2002
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    Raven Jamison
    Los Angeles, Ca - Building Rooftop

    [ul] What the little man did was magic in her eyes and with that very question weighing on her mind she asked the little man if he knew magic. The man laughed. It was a ridiculous laugh, one that felt to Raven that there was an inside joke that she was not aware of.

    "Doesn't everyone?" was the answered he gave. Raven scratched her head and wondered if everyone could do some type of magic. Then she remembered her dad. He had no special gift outside of his love for her. No everyone couldn?t use magic. It just meant that the ones who could are very special.

    As she continued to ponder the question at hand, the little man glanced up at her and asked "What can you do?" She was taken back by this question. Her heart started to beat faster and her hands started to fidget. Her father had always forbidden her to show her abilities to anyone. Though she knew he loved her, he was very strict on what she was allowed to do.

    She looked around to see if anyone was watching. Her heart was beating much faster now. She could swear that the little man could probably hear it. Her head tilted downward as she started at her fidgeting hands.

    What should I do....What should I do. her thoughts were in a bind on what her father would say and the excitement of the little who showed her his ability. She took off her back pack then closed her eyes. Daddy is gonna be so mad at me.

    The wind started to pick up slightly as small funnel surrounded her.

    Then something started to sprout out of her back. Two huge white wings came out from the shoulder blades.


    At the same time as the wings appeared Raven?s hair changed from a light brown to platinum white. It wasn?t the only change. Her bright blue eyes were now glowing fiercely as if cutting right through. Easily hypnotizing those who look upon her.


    She looked like an angel from another world. A sweet smile came on her face as she grabbed the little man?s hand. ?Hold tight.? she said as they lifted off from the rooftop, leaving behind the walking chair.

    Her huge white wings flapping away effortlessly. Flying so high they could see the entire city of Los Angeles and it?s suburban communities. She twirled and looped gracefully a few times before finally setting down upon rooftop, next to the little man?s walking chair.

    She let go of his hand and smiled with excitement. She had not been this happy in a long time. She felt free even though it was only for a few minutes. She felt more alive than she had ever had. Her wings diverted back in to her shoulders revealing to open holes in the back of her shirt. Her glowing blue eyes went back to normal shining an ever bright blue. The platinum hair was now back to light brown.

    She allowed herself a few minutes of fun but now it was time for her to change back. It saddened her but she knew that her father would be disappointed. He had always told her that there were people that would do her harm if they knew that she had abilities.

    Meeting the little man had changed her life. It meant that she did not feel alone in this world. Maybe that was what she needed. To find more people like her. To be accepted for herself. She had a feeling that she was on her way. [/ul]

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    Jan 2, 2003
    ~Darth Vader~
    Jupiter's Orbit, Sol System

    Vader sat where he was in his chambers, his breathing continuing its slow, rhythmic pace. From within his black helmet, he eyed the...boy...apparition, that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. And the boy even spoke to him, showcasing that he or it had been observing the ship and him, culminating in his appearance before the Dark Lord of the Sith.

    He was interesting, was he? The same could be said of the abrupt visitor.

    He attuned his senses through the Force to train on the boy, to see what the Force would tell him what it felt off the person, while he made his reply, eyes narrowed through the helmet.

    "I am Darth Vader, Master to this vessel and in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. Who are you?"

    Normally, he wouldn't deign to answer such a question (most knew him anyway), but there was something odd about this boy. So he answered and as he did, slowly stood to his full height. A small show of intimidation, though he had a feeling that wouldn't work, so it was more of 'preparation for anything.'

    Vader folded his arms across his chest, his focus via the Force honed to pull his saber out at the slightest show of anything...displeasing.

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    OOC: Sorry for the short post, and for the time lapse in doing so, but also want to announce that I will be off on a trip starting tomorrow and will not be able to resume posting until either next Saturday or Sunday. Blu you may take control over Lord Vader amidst the time I am gone, if you will. Thank you!
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    May 4, 2006
    Los Angeles, Ca - Building Rooftop

    Puck's eyes widened to an impossible size as he watched the woman before him transform, seemingly in both physical appearance and spirit. Her wings were beautiful, white as a freshly fallen snow, and her eyes were more vividly blue than anything he had seen before.

    As she grabbed ahold of his hand he did not retreat, and his excitement was hard to contain. ?Hold tight.? Her melodic voice warned. He did just that.

    In just a moment his feet were off the ground and the wind gently caressed his face. Tears of joy and wonder trickled down his cheek. The experience was wonderful, and if given the choice he would stay among the birds all day. As they landed back on the rooftop Puck watched as the woman's form changed back to "normal".

    Unable to contain his excitement any longer he began to jump up and down and clap his hands like a child. Many things he did, the way he reacted and played, were childlike. Innocent. Curious. Happy.

    "You have a wonderful gift!" He said excitedly, still jumping up and down. Calming down a bit he asked, "Why doesn't everyone fly? Wouldn't it be more fun than letting those noisy metal horses carry them around?"

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    Sep 29, 2002
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    Thanks for a great experience, and I hope to see you guys around in other games after this month is over!
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    May 26, 2005
    Raven Jamison
    Los Angeles, Ca - Building Rooftop

    [ul] Grabbing her bag and pulling out a jacket to cover the two holes in the back of her shirt, where her wings came out of. Raven felt a little embarrassment. But then the little man started to jump up and down clapping like a child with excitement. She gave a soft smile. It warmed her heart to know that someone accepted her.

    Though she was worried about if she had been seen. She couldn?t risk it. Her father would be greatly disappointed in her if he knew what she did. Still it felt right at the time. She wouldn?t have made a friend like well it just donned on her that she didn?t even know his name.

    Before she could speak he said. "You have a wonderful gift!" she smile at this. "Why doesn't everyone fly? Wouldn't it be more fun than letting those noisy metal horses carry them around?"

    ?I agree, though I don?t think everyone could fly.? she said with a giggle. Then she tilted her head in curiosity. ?Sir, may I ask what is your name?? [/ul]

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    Apr 10, 2007
    [blockquote]Part I of the progression update. Sorry for the wait everyone, I was dealing with personal issues as well as seeking a much needed time off. The next couple of updates will be moving the game forward, rather rapidly, and there will be time skips as well, so if there arises any confusion, please do not hesitate to PM me with questions and ideas. I am also announcing that I am seeking a Co-GM for the game, but will operate a bit differently than other Co-GMs and have a different set of responsibilities. If anyone is interested, let me know. That is all.

    Los Angeles

    With their bellies full, including Paulie, Gambit and Zero made their way to the hotel he had chosen for her to stay in. Gambit, at first looks, was not supposed to have the kind of money that he had shown capable of throwing around, but he had chosen one of the best hotels in the city. At $450 a night, Zero would have access to all the room service and the privacy that she needed for a week. Gambit smiled and winked at her as he dropped the key into her hands.

    ?You got everything you need, lil lady??

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    Washington D.C

    Senator Stone had shook hands and walked away from Luthor, all smiles for the most part. But as soon as he got to the end of the hall he settled and looked out the window at Arboretum. It was then that he checked his watch, grimaced, and began making his way back to his office. As he expected, from around the corner, he could see that, yes, his door was closed, but there were marks on the interior of the doorknob and if that wasn?t enough for a cause of suspicion, glass powder was spilled from the corner of the door hinges.

    Adjusting his tie, he crept to the office, his covert ops muscle memory reactivating. He opened the door and noticed that a dark suit was by his bookcase. He entered his office and closed the door, but did not turn the lights on. A smile slid across his face. ?Well, now what do we have here? This is a surprise.? The mature man made his way to his desk with a youthful prowess that might even impress Bruce. The Iron Bat would not need all of his suit?s optical visions to see that the Senator was smirking, a devious smirk, and lighting a cigar.

    ?What brings THE Iron Bat rapping on my chamber door this night??

    Tag: Saint

    Los Angeles

    Jo looked at her daughter: A monster. But this monster had saved her and needed its mother. It took her some time while she tried to digest what was happening in front of her, but it would be easier if they did not have an audience. She stumbled her way to her feet and grabbed Kiara by the hand and guided her back to the car. She placed her daughter in before going to the driver?s side. The car was thrown in reverse and they were now making their way back the way they came: One because they needed to get away from the crowd, but also to keep Kiara from trying for an encore performance.

    There was silence for a good minute before Jo spoke. ?I love you, Kiara.? She had meant to say something different but nothing else had seemed appropriate to say. She did want her daughter to know that she loved her. They pulled into a diner parking lot once Jo noticed that her hands were shaking. Hands then wrapped themselves around Kiara as her mother pulled her close to her chest and held her tight as she begin to cry.

    ?I don?t care what is going on with you, don?t you ever try to do something like that again. I love you and never want to lose you, Kiara.? Water dropped upon Kiara?s face as her mother continued. ?We?ll find a way, we?ll work through this.?

    Tag: Spacey

    New York, 1942

    It had been months of meetings and training sessions with Sinestro accompanied by the army missions and its training sessions for Steve Rogers. No doubt, a very tiresome time period, but Sinestro had not contacted him in a week, which was strange as he seem to have the omniscient ability to know whenever Steve was not busy to call him to action. Combined with this, after his last p
  16. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Mary 'Zero' and Pauly
    Los Angeles

    Zero barely felt like she could move. She had not enjoyed such a good meal in what felt like ages. She giggled, looking over at Pauly, as he leaned back on the seat, looking like he wished he could burp. With their bellies full, Gambit Zero and Pauly made their way to the hotel he had chosen for her to stay in. Zero's jaw dropped when she saw the hotel that they were heading for. THIS place...she heard about this place. Not the Ritz Carton, but was expensive. Then again, by the roll of money he had tried to give her earlier, she blew out a soft whistle.

    He had chosen one of the best hotels in the city. At $450 a night, Zero would have access to all the room service and the privacy that she needed for a week. A WEEK!! Zero could barely container herself. They made the way to the room, so she could get a peek at the place. She gasped as she opened the door, and let Pauly find himself a perch to sleep it off. She would never have to leave the entire week! Room service and everything!! The 14 year old tried not to gush as she ran about, looking at all the different things in the room. Amazement went to shock, as Gambit smiled and winked at her as he dropped the key into her hands.

    "You got everything you need, lil lady?"

    She turned, grinning from ear to ear as she looked around her. She didnt know what to say. Finally, she looked over at Gambit. "OH THANK you, thank you!" she told him giving him a huge smile, as she gave him another hug. She then pushed back, and looked down at her clothing. She chuckled softly and looked back up, giving him a wink. "Now, that I know at least ONE person can see me...guess I should update my clothes..." she said with a chuckle.

    She then grew serious as she looked up at him, as he looked like he was about to leave. "Will...uh..Will I see you again, Gambit?" she asked him. It was nice to have another friend. Course, he probably had girlfriends aplenty. But maybe... he wouldnt mind just saying hello every now and again...?


    Mary tugged on her jacket, as she bit her lip, waiting to see what he would say.

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  17. Saintheart

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    Dec 16, 2000
    Iron Bat
    Washington DC

    "I hope you know what you're doing," whispered Tony into the suit's pickups.
    It was a fair enough observation; with the suit's sensors attuned to the audio spectrum, he'd heard the footfalls outside the door, but hadn't done the obvious thing of preparing to coldcock whoever came in. Some things you couldn't prepare for, one of them being that Stone might have doubled back to his office. Either way, either knocking Stone out or making a more dramatic exit wouldn't have been ideal, and would certainly have cottoned Stone onto the fact there was something wrong.

    So, instead, he stayed.

    Stone had moved across to his desk. There was a liquidity in the Senator's movement that tripped a memory: Stone's history included a military stint, which certainly gelled with the particular movements he was making.
    Right-handed, he thought. And expecting karate.

    The suit's harmoniser distorted his voice, sent it into the basso spectrum, including subharmonics (Tony having once related to Bruce, somewhat inebriated, that the reason most people found chainsaws so disturbing was because of a particular harmonic their operating sound made, twanging on the same instinctive responses that had once been activated by the roars of lions) designed to intimidate.
    "Why did you meet with Lex Luthor?"

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    May 23, 2005
    Brazil - the place, not the film

    Beneath his mask he whistled. It sounded funny through the mask, so he announced that he was whistling to clarify things.

    "I'm whistling. FYI."

    He stared for a moment, but realized that couldn't be conveyed through the mask either.

    "Look, I'm just trying to say that that's a very small amount of money and I like bigger amounts of money. I mean, if these guys were just hoods, sure, but presumably they're not hoods, man. They're a gang, because I distinctly remember you saying that."

    He leaned back in his chair.

    "So let's alter the deal, man. Show me the money! SHOW ME THE MONEY! More money, please and thank you - let's not forget I'm a psychotic nutbar with A View to a Kill stuck on endless loop in my MP3 player thing. iPod. Skull - head, that's the one!"

    You should kill him and his associates before dispatching with the gang. They're nothing, worthless dregs that I have no use for.

    Yeah...and I could take all the money they have! Gee, thanks, voice in my skull! What do I call ya?

    But there was no reply.

    That voice in his head had sounded imperious - a word he'd read on Jeopardy while learning Trebek's facial tics - and downright mean. He kinda liked it, in a masochistic, die-to-live sort of way. Kinky.

    "So money - let's discuss. That ain't a lot of cash for a few stiffs, buddy."

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