San Fran, CA OT Screening in Santa Cruz - Fri Jan 15

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by Taeriel, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. Taeriel Jedi Master

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    I'm sorry for the extremely short notice, but I just found out about this myself this afternoon.

    The Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive In is showing the Original Trilogy this evening, Friday Jan 15. The start time is listed as 6pm, though I don't know if that is movie or activity start time. The following is copied from their website:

    Friday January 15th, 6:00pm
    SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave
    Downtown Santa Cruz

    Please note the early time! Come in costume!

    STAR WARS. What more can we say? The three good ones, before George Lucas turned into a corporate droid. Come in costume so you can prove you are the bigger geek than anyone else. Bring your Star Wars action figures for the participatory shadow puppet show.

    PLUS fantastic shorts, a shadow puppet show, and a star wars disco dance party.

    BRING pillows, blankets, Star Wars action figures, and snacks to share. Donations are greatly appreciated and directly support the project.

    SANTA CRUZ GUERILLA DRIVE-IN is an outdoor movie theater under the stars that springs up in the fields and industrial wastelands. Beyond showing great movies and bringing a broad community together, part of our mission is helping reclaim public space and transforming our urban environment.

  2. Harlock415 Jedi Padawan

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    Aww smeg. Missed out on it.
  3. skye_solo Jedi Youngling

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    Wow, too bad I missed this too. That sounds like a lot of fun. :)

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